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“Um, I have one question.”


“What is it”


Vian looked at me curiously.


“What happened to your previous caretaker”


“He quit suddenly.

I didn’t know why.”


I wonder if Victor was behind it.

He would do something like this.


“I see….

I’m going to be your caretaker starting today.

I look forward to working with you.”


I said while bowing.


I’ll be polite just in front of him, since I couldn’t do it in front of Victor.


“You must be the kid who fought with the lion back then.

You did well even though you were blind.”


Come to think of it, the first prince was standing next to the king in that arena as well.

I remember thinking what a beautiful family they were.


“Thank you.

I am very honored to hear such words.”


When I said that, Vian had a puzzled look on his face.


What Did I say something funny I was sure I didn’t say or do anything rude.


“Um, what’s wrong”


Vian was startled by my words.

Then he smiled again, with the same gentle expression on his face as before.


“You look very different from that time in the arena….

Besides, you were chosen to be a member of Victor’s expedition, right”


I wondered how much he knew about it….

That smile seemed a little scary right now.


Vian slowly approached me.

In his elegant walk, I could sense the dignity of royalty.

Everything about him was the opposite of Victor.


“There’s no need to be so nervous.”


I wondered if the previous caretaker was truly removed by Victor’s hand.



“You can relax more if you like.”


He stared at my face seriously.

As he got closer, I noticed that he was taller than Victor.

Like a leading model.


If he knew I worked for Victor, he must be aware that I was sent here by him….


Even though it was not hot, a bead of sweat ran down my forehead.

I almost feel crushed by a strange sense of urgency and eeriness.


This was similar to how I felt when Victor and I first met.

I miss that annoyance now.


“Slender body, voice too high for a man, sweet smell like a woman.”


He said the words in a slightly low voice without touching me.


…stop right there!


He was just like Victor when it comes to this subject.

My instincts told me that even if they were two different people, they were certainly brothers.


I wondered if the first prince was better than Victor.


I guess there was no point in hiding it.

He already knew I was playing a character, so maybe it was time to let it go.


“What’s wrong with me being a woman”


“You’re revealing your true colors so quickly.

I wouldn’t mind you being a polite boy.”


Vian mumbled, not amused.


“Wouldn’t it be hilarious if I was the only one acting desperate when you know, anyway”


“That’s certainly true.

I haven’t seen a woman with such a strong heart in a long time.

I put a lot of pressure on you earlier, but you didn’t even tremble with fear.”


I knew that he was putting me under pressure.


“How did you figure out that I was a woman”


“You probably thought us royalty were stupid.”


“No, it’s just that I prided myself on my perfect male attire….

I didn’t expect you to recognize me so easily.”


“That’s indeed quite a skillful disguise you have.”


He said this admiringly, but it didn’t make me feel any better.


I sighed, in my mind.


I wondered if I would be able to work with him from now on….


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