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T/N: Today Id like to thank my two repeat Cookie Donors, Anthony and Rich! Thanks for the sweets, guys~!

Why did Duke-Sama come into my room

Hes literally the last person that I wanted to see me like this….

Ive been moaning in pain for a while now… Theres probably no way he didnt hear any of it, right Somehow, it feels kind of like hes gotten ahold of my weakness.

I must look terrible right now too.

I was so confident that I would be able to become an amazing villainess! But look at me now….

My throat is still unbearably sore.

And its so hard to breathe that Im sure anyone in the same room as me would notice.

Plus my body hurts so much that I cant move even an inch.

“Alicia, here.

Drink this,” Duke-Sama says, handing me a cup.

Or at least, he tries to pass it to me, but I dont have enough strength to lift my arm and take it from him.

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How am I supposed to drink this exactly I cant even sit up straight.

Duke-Sama draws back the offered cup when I dont make any motion to grab it.

Im really sorry, Duke-Sama.

I hope you understand that its just too painful for me to move right now.

I dont hear any footsteps, so I know he didnt leave, but hes also not saying anything… I wonder if hes mad

The only sounds that can be heard are my labored breathing and gasps of pain.

I have no idea what sort of face Duke-Sama is making right now either.

But just as Im thinking that, I feel Duke-Samas hand sliding behind my neck.

And before I can even feel surprised at his sudden touch, his face appears directly in front of me.

Even though my eyes are just barely open, seeing his face from this close I notice how unbelievably attractive he is….

Mmm, and he even smells great.

Then his face is drawing even closer and his lips are pressing against mine.

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Hm– As we stay in that position, I feel a cool liquid entering my mouth.

I try to make sense of the situation, but Im so shocked that my mind doesnt seem to be working properly.

What is happening right now

I swallow the liquid, and slowly my body starts to feel more comfortable.

Even my breathing is starting to come more easily now.

Josiah really does work fast.

Now that Ive felt its effectiveness firsthand, I can appreciate just how amazing it is.

…..And, now that Im feeling better, lets think about what just happened.

He put his soft lips onto mine….

and then fed me mouth-to-mouth

Does this count as my first kiss

…..Nah, it was on the same level as CPR… Just a lifesaving procedure, right I mean, I was practically on the verge of death just now!

And if you consider my age, Im still only 10 years old, you know.

And Duke-Sama is 15.

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Theres a whole five year age gap! So theres no way Duke-Sama would have had any of those sorts of thoughts while he was feeding me the medicine.

Im sure he was just being nice.

He was just trying to help a little girl who was too weak to move take her medicine….

But… what if Im wrong I need to think this through calmly and rationally.

Theres nothing more annoying than dense and thickheaded girls, so I cant let myself fall prey to that inclination.

Im not some facetious heroine after all.

So, lets think.

I dont think he would have saved me using that sort of mouth-to-mouth maneuver if I was someone he hated.

Plus, if he hated me, he could have gotten a servant to bring me my medicine instead of coming here himself in the first place, right

So, does this mean that Duke-Sama actually likes me

But, probably not in a romantic capacity, right

…..If he really does like me platonically though, that would be a disaster.

I mean, Duke-Samas supposed to fall in love with the heroine! Thats part of his character setting!

So, if he likes me as a friend and still treats me well even after I start bullying her, then that would just be me bullying the weak!

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And no matter how much a villainess enjoys harassing people, she would never lay her hand on someone weak and defenseless for no reason!

Speaking of which, the heroine should be attending the magic academy now, right

By this point, Duke-Sama should have met her already!

I wonder if hes fallen in love with her yet

Though if he has, he probably wouldnt have fed me using mouth-to-mouth, right

My mind keeps going round in circles, questions popping up one after another.

Since none of the guys ever seem to talk about what goes on at the academy, I have no way of knowing whats happening right now.

“Are you feeling better now” Duke-Sama whispers, softly stroking my head.

Eek! I feel like Im dying for a whole different reason now.

If he keeps acting like this, I feel like my heart is going to leap right out of my chest.

But somehow, this time I manage to maintain my presence of mind.

…..And my fully functioning, no longer fever crazed head finally remembered something.

Noble boys are purposely exposed to low level poisons and bacteria when they are young so that they can develop antibodies for the weaker viruses and such that they are likely to come across.

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So it was no wonder they werent worried about catching whatever I have….

By suffering a little when they are young, once they grow up they can take it a lot easier and dont have to worry as much.

As Im thinking about this, my attention once again is drawn by Duke-Samas proximity.

Hes so close, right next to me.

When exactly is he planning on leaving, anyway….

And I may not be sleeping at the moment, but I still have my eyes closed.

Im basically making a sleeping face!

I really, really dont want him to be observing my sleeping face.

And the side effect of the Josiah is slowly setting in, making me feel sleepy.

It seems that quick acting medication also has quick acting side effects.

And as Im thinking that, I fall back into sleep once again.


T/N: Good old Alicia.

There she is.


Having breathing problems.

But she can still take the opportunity to smell a handsome man when he draws close to her XD I also love how she can think clearly and rationally about their sort-of kiss and still come to the wrong conclusion! Nope.

Shes not dense at all~

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On an unrelated note, thanks for all the congratulations in the comments section!! You guys are so sweet ❤


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