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Everyone has gathered in the parlor,” I hear Rosetta call from the entrance of the library.

And just when I had gotten to the good part….

I place a bookmark in the book I was reading.


“A lady has come along today as well.”

A lady

I wasnt exactly under the impression that my brothers had gotten close to any girls recently.

The only one that even slightly comes to mind is…..

Liz Cather! Liz-san has come to my house

To think that Id be able to see her without even having to go to the academy.

I think today just might be the best day ever!

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This is practically offering me the chance to bully Liz-san on a silver platter.

And right in front of my brothers too.

Ahh, I cant wait! This is going to be so much fun~!

Ill get to debut for real as the villainess.

Ill finally be recognized as the evil villain that I aspire to be!

With a happy spring in my step, I head off towards the guest parlor.

“Hello,” Liz-san says, walking over to greet me as soon as I enter the room.

Looks like she finally found some manners.

“So Alicia-chan, you were Alberts little sister” she notes, meeting my eyes with a cheerful smile.

A dazzlingly radiant smile as always, I see.

“Thats right,” I say, answering her smile with a full-faced smirk of my own.

Unlike Liz-sans expression though, mine doesnt glitter.

On the contrary, it bodes highly of ill-will and malice rather than a bubbly good mood.

“Ali-chan, today youre looking as cute as ever.”

“And Curtis-Sama, youre looking cool today as well.”

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To be able to say such frivolous things so nonchalantly, Curtis-Sama really is amazing.

With that face, saying such sweet words….

or maybe not so sweet Well, either way, the destructive force is unbelievable.

“What brings you all here today”

“Ah, we are making pamphlets for the academys school festival,” Albert-Oniisama tells me with a smile.

Thats right.

Since my brother and his friends are part of the student council.

And that being the case, I can understand they why they also invited Finn-Sama, Eric-Sama, Alan-Oniisama, and Henry-Oniisama as well but…..

Why have they called for me too They couldnt possibly have intended to make me help, right

I frown and stare at him suspiciously.

“Dont make that face.

We just wanted to ask for your opinion on some things,” Albert-Oniisama adds, his smile wavering slightly as he hands me a piece of paper.

『Magic Academy Festival — Production by the Student Council』


is an event from the game.

Its designed to give Duke-Sama and Liz-san that chance to become intimate in one fell swoop… And they want to hear my advice on it

Ive said this quite often already, but Im only ten you know

…..I mean, sure, age means nothing to a villainess, but still.

Considering my position as the villain, theres no way Id willingly let those two act all lovey-dovey together at the festival, let alone give them my assistance to do so! No, my role is to verbally abuse Liz-san after shes had the audacity to act so lovestruck in public.

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Ill mock her for her pitifully low social status…… No, wait, thats no good.

Its shameful and cowardly to berate her for that.

Plus, she was able to enter the magic academy based purely on her exceptional natural talent despite that handicap.

I would look ridiculous trying to mock her with that sort of logic.

Though I cant just let her be after she has her fantastically romantic date….

But what can I possibly say I cant seem to find the right words to insult her with….

“Alicia Why does your expression look so complicated”

“Whenever she has that look, you know she isnt listening to us anymore, right”

“Shes completely lost in thought.

When she concentrates like that, she cant hear a word were saying.”

“In a certain sense, its quite the amazing talent.”

I dimly recognize that my brothers and co.

are still talking around me, but the topic doesnt register since I am so focused on my current train of thought.

As Liz-sans rival, what can I say to condemn her sickening lovey-dovey display

…..Wait, oh yeah! I can declare that I am the one who should be with Duke-Sama.

That I obviously suit him better than she ever could.

Thats the perfect retort!

This content is taken from lig_htn_ovel_world._com

The only problem is whether or not Ill actually be able to say such embarrassing lines….

They kind of make it sound like Im confessing to Duke-Sama or something.

And so out of the blue!

Ill need to have courage and be bold.

But thats to be expected.

I cant become a splendid villainess without such bravery and nerve.

In any case, Duke-Sama is already destined to abandon me regardless of what I do, so I might as well go all out here.

Im willing to do whatever it takes to become the ultimate villainess!


T/N: You do that, Ali-chan.

Confess your feelings for the sake of being evil! What a truly wicked plan.

(Though forgetting the sarcasm for a moment, those words probably would hurt Liz-san the most XD It seems being misguided can sometimes still lead you down the right path haha.)


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