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Mother, Father, and all of my brothers had been quite surprised by how much I ate at dinner.

I easily scarfed down three times as much as I usually eat!

And perhaps thats the reason why when I get back to my room afterwards, a huge wave of tiredness washes over me.

Ive had a long day and a huge meal and now I really just want to go to bed….

but I have to do my training regimen first.

I start with the sit-ups and to be honest…… theyre pretty intense.

Having no physical strength to speak of, even just 50 would have been quite difficult to do, let alone doing twice that amount.

But theres no way I can just give up here.

Having determination and mental fortitude are both things that a villainess cant do without.

So I continue to pant and struggle and eventually I am able to get through all 100.

Since I had such a big meal right before this, Im starting to not feel very good, but since I only have some push-ups left I think I should be able to finish everything that Brother told me to do.

Not wanting to waste any time, I get down into the proper push-up position and start.

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Hah! Haah! Agh! …….By the 10th one, my arms have already started to shake.

I wonder if I have particularly weak arms Or if its because a 7-year-olds strength is next to nothing

By the 23rd, my posture crumbles and I fall flat onto my stomach.

My arms are refusing to hold me up anymore.

But as I lay there, breathing hard and shaking, I think about my dream.

This is just one of the many trials I need to overcome in order to become a splendid villainess.

I have to finish this.

I pump myself up by imagining my future of villainy, and although painful and slow, I somehow manage to finish all 50.

With that Ive successfully completed all of my assigned sit-ups and push-ups for the day.

I never would have imagined it could be this hard! But I did it….

I finished todays training!

After working out, Im no longer feeling tired, so decide I to practice some back handsprings before bed.

Since my body is so lightweight right now, I feel like I should be able to do them pretty easily.

I do some light stretches first and then I just go for it.

I fling myself backwards, feeling my hands lightly touch down on the ground, and then in an instant I am back on my feet again… A perfect back handspring! I even stuck the landing.

Elated by my success, I look around my room.

Since its pretty big, after a quick calculation in comparison to my height, I estimate that I should be able to do 3 consecutive back handsprings without running into anything.

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At the thought, all my fatigue seems to wash away and Im once again full of energy.

I stand at the edge of the room and as I ready myself, I almost feel like I can see the gymnastics mat in front of me.

Its been such a long time since I last felt like this, and I feel great! Without hesitation I turn around, bend my knees slightly and push off the ground.

One flip, two flips…., three flips….! I did it!

The last one might not have been the most beautiful back handspring Ive ever done, but even if my form sucked I was still able to do it!

This is awesome! It seems like Im still able to use the skills that I drilled into my body during my previous life without much effort.

Hmm, what else can I do right now to help pave my way to becoming a villainess… Oh, thats right! How about working on my demeanor and diction I should start coming up with some cutting remarks! And practice saying them with a wicked expression!

……But just what kind of expression is that, exactly

I walk over to stand in front of my mirror and try out a variety of expressions, but they all look more comical than fierce to me.

I scrunch up my eyebrows, bug out my eyes, and try to force my mouth into a frown but….

I just end up looking ridiculous.

This isnt even close to the malicious expression that Id been picturing in my head.

Hmm, now that I think about it, werent the villainesses from my games usually smiling when they were bullying someone

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That must be it! I just have to look as if Im enjoying myself while bullying others.

That means as long as I practice smiling a bunch, Ill be fine.

Looking back at my reflection in the mirror, I slightly raise up the corners of my lips.

The effect is certainly elegant but…..

I dont really look like Im having fun.

This time, I try smiling as hard as I can until my cheeks start to hurt.

……Is it because Im still only 7 Cause this just makes me look really stupid.

A villainesss expression needs to look more profound….

I never realized that just smiling would be so hard! I wonder if I keep practicing this from now on if Ill be able to get better at it

But I think thats it for me for today.

Im getting really tired.

I turn towards the bed planning to go to sleep, but before I take even one step forward I realize that I had forgotten something super important.

I never practiced my cutting remarks!

That was close….! I almost neglected one of the most crucial aspects of being a villainess.

I turn back towards the mirror and start pondering about what a typical villainess would likely say.

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“You cant even manage this much”

“Youre an eyesore.”

“Do you know just how awful these lowly sweets of yours are”

Was it stuff like this

I just have to pay attention to the flow of the conversation and make sure to interject with some sort of malicious comment whenever the opportunity arises

…..That should be easy enough.

Ive been dreaming of becoming a true villainess for so long, if its just saying a few lines, Ive got that much in the bag.

Satisfied, a natural smile blooms across my face.

I really might become a villainess who will go down in history!

Alright, time for bed.

I had a really productive day today.

Ill have to wake up early and continue to do my best to improve tomorrow as well!

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