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T/N: Today Id like to thank my Cookie Donor, Wilder! Thanks for the sweets~! ❤

“If theres anything that we can do for you in return for your service, you may say so now,” Johan-Sama says when Im about to get ready to leave the room.

…..Anything that they can do

Ah! Thats right! How could I have forgotten

“Please allow a boy named Gilles whos currently living in the impoverished village to attend the academy with me.”

Everyone in the room aside from me stiffens.

Oh, come to think of it, they probably hadnt known anything about my regular trips there up until this moment….

“The impoverished village!”

“Alicia! Youve been going there”

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Father, please dont make that sort of scary face.

A smile is really the expression that suits you best.

Also, as for the rest of you, please dont look at me like that.

Youre acting as if Ive committed some unspeakable crime.

“Only at night.”

I cant let myself be intimidated at this point.

After all, Im a villainess.

“You go at night”

“Yes, since its safer at night.”

“For you to know that means that you must have gone there during the day as well then.”

Hm Have I, perhaps, just dug my own grave

But, theres really no reason for him to be mad.

I mean, theres no law saying that people arent allowed to go there or anything.

“Father, I dont understand why you are being like this,” I say straightening my back and glaring at him self-righteously.

“And Gilles deserves to be allowed the opportunity to attend.

Although he is only 9 years old, hes more intelligent than I am.”

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Thats right.

Gilles is extremely smart.

Once hes learned something, hell never forget it.

And above all, his understanding and critical thinking skills are astounding.

Without a doubt, hell become one of the most outstanding minds of this country in the future.

“Do you remember when I spoke previously with His Majesty of the dire conditions that the impoverished village is in”

“I do.”

“At that time, I still didnt know the truth of what I was talking about.

And there was no way I couldve known, since I hadnt been there before.

Thats why I decided to go, to see its current conditions for myself.”

The kings eyes widen a fraction.

“In reality, the inhumane conditions of the impoverished village are many times worse than the books describe them to be.

Its like a living hell.

Everyone there is in a shocking state of destitution to the point where its hard to tell if they are dead or alive.”

At my words, no one seems capable of keeping their mouths shut.

Even Father no longer looks angry anymore.

“And Gilles, whos parents have both been killed has even lost his desire to live while suffering under those conditions.

When I first saw him, he looked like a pile of rags that had been used and discarded.

He was only this tiny, 5-year-old boy but a huge man had been pummeling him with an iron bar.”

“What happened to him….

after that” Derek-Sama asks with a heartbreaking expression on his face.

“He was on the verge of death, but he was able to pull through in the end.

At such a young age, hes had to overcome so much.

Hell definitely grow into a man who can shoulder the burdens of this country.

So please give him a chance.

Get him out of there,” I entreat to the king, a slight tone of desperation leaking into my voice.

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I had promised him at least this much.

I told him that Id take him to a place where he can finally stand in the sun, and Im going to do it.

And I cant afford to fail here.

Failing to protect ones promises is automatic grounds for disqualification from being a villainess.

With a furrowed brow, the king lets out a small sigh.

“What do you think of having him be your assistant at the academy”

“That works,” I reply quickly.

“Ill see what I can do.”

“Thank you,” I say as I drop into another deep curtsy.

I wonder if I should take this opportunity to ask about getting Grandpa Will out as well…..

But, does he actually want to leave Next time I see him, Ill have to ask.

“Alicia, when and how have you been getting to the impoverished village” Father asks me with a strange expression on his face.

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Its probably best if I dont reveal anything more on that subject at this point.

“Its a secret,” I reply while smiling sweetly up at him.

Father gives me a dissatisfied look.

And, seeing his face, I get the feeling that Im forgetting something.

Oh, thats right! I still havent asked about that yet.

Since Im going to be attending the magic academy early, it should be fine to ask about that now too, right

“Father, can I ask one last question”

“What is it”

“Why did you refuse to let me take the sword skills exam”

Fathers shoulders stiffen momentarily, but then he relaxes and smiles softly at me.

See I knew that rather than looking angry, a smile suits you better.

“Its because youre too outstanding, Ali.”

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……Somehow, I feel reluctant to accept that as a plausible reason, but since he praised me I guess Ill let this one go.

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T/N: Lol, a 9-year-old is going to attend an academy for 15-year-olds.

Makes me think of Young Sheldon hahaha.

I can just imagine him telling teenagers off for being stupid and then wondering why no one wants to sit with him at lunch XD Also, hes not a noble, so he cant use magic, right That means he wont actually be a student….

I wonder what an assistant is supposed to do at the academy.

Is it like bringing a servant along to handle all your day-to-day necessities


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