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“Gilles, what do you think after reading this”

“I can tell her head’s full of nothing but rainbows and flowers, that’s for sure.”

“Seems that way.

And this topic! Of course she’d choose something like this.”

“Methods to Improve the Conditions of the Impoverished Village….”

After obtaining the essay, we headed off to Gilles’s room to carefully read it over.

And after a single perusal, I can tell that it was extremely well-written.

The theories are explained remarkably well, and her logic appears sound.

Certainly, I can tell that this deserves a good grade.

The only problem is….

there’s no way any of these methods could be put to practice.

She doesn’t seem to know a thing about how the world really works.

When you add in the context, forget bothering with corrections, it would be easier to just rewrite it.

If the grades for this were based off of realistically being able to follow the instructions, I would give her a 0.

And that leaves me with a huge dilemma.

How am I supposed to correct a person who is this far off the mark

“Will we go visit Gramps today”

“I don’t think we’ll have time.

It’s more important that we start brainstorming ways to guide Liz-san onto the right path, away from all this idealistic nonsense.”


We’ve really got our work cut out for us.”

We read through her essay one more time.

Seriously, this is why I find the heroine so hard to deal with.

If bettering the conditions of the impoverished village were this easy, then it would have been done already.

There would be zero reason to keep pondering the subject.

Her assumptions are all just too far-fetched.

The backbone for this whole paper is operating under the assumption that human beings are fundamentally good creatures.

So all of her theories are based on the fact that humans don’t move due to their own desires and greed, but rather with the purpose of bettering mankind.

She really is the complete opposite of me.

It’s certainly a novel idea that deserves thought in passing, but to think that it can be put into practice is way too naive.

“It looks like tomorrow I’m going to have to show her just how terrible a person can be.”

“Yeah, I don’t think there’s any other way.”

We both nod our heads in agreement.

The battle is about to start for real.

It’s finally happening.

I steel myself, bringing all of my wits and emotions into order, and then I start off to find Liz-san.

Since today’s the academy’s tea party day, she should probably be in the rose garden at this time.

“Isn’t this academy a bit too extravagant” Gilles remarks, glaring at the entrance to the rose garden.

“Yeah, probably.”

“And just how much does it cost to maintain all of these roses”

“I have no idea.

Too much, I’m sure.

Honestly, what I want to know is why an institution whose sole purpose should be education needs to have a whole day dedicated to tea parties anyway” I tell him, a bit exasperated.

“But anyway, let’s just head in.”

We walk into the rose garden side-by-side.

From here on out, my goal is to completely ruin this little party.

I feel a bit apologetic to everyone here who are currently enjoying themselves, but this is something I have to do in order to spread my notoriety….

I mean, in order to correct Liz-san’s way of thinking.

The moment we enter the garden, everyone’s eyes are all drawn our way.

“Ali,” Albert-Oniisama says, walking over to me.

I’m sorry, Oniisama.

I don’t have the time to chat with you.

Completely ignoring his greeting, I walk right past him.

And even without turning back, I can tell that his posture has become rigid.

Of course it would.

Ignoring him like that is not only rude but probably hurtful as well, but I don’t have a choice.

Liz-san has to remain my top priority right now.

Without sparing Albert-Oniisama a second glance, I walk straight towards her.

As usual, all the typical members are present as well.

The heroine truly does have a propensity for surrounding herself with knights in shining armor.

Duke-Sama is looking my way as if he can see right through me.

I wish he wouldn’t look at me like that.

It’s like he knows exactly what I’m planning to do.


“Liz-san, I’ll get right to the point.

Do you really think that everyone is created equal” I ask, cutting her off.


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