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“Um… Henry-Oniisama”


“Why are you in my room”

“Do you dislike me being here”


Henry-Oniisama frowns and stares at me, dissatisfied at my instant reply.

But I’m sure this is just more acting, right….

“Why are you okay with Gilles being here but not me”

“Because I’m Alicia’s assistant,” Gilles replies quietly without bothering to look up from his book.

“Come on, guys… Can’t you just trust me” Henry-Oniisama whines as he accosts me with a pitifully lonesome gaze.

He’s acting like poor little puppy who is being callously cast aside.

But, I won’t be fooled by just this.

“Henry-Oniisama, you just don’t know when to quit, do you Don’t you think your acting is a little over-the-top this time” I ask him.

His expression crumples.

“Ali, you know I never put on an act with you.

I’ll always be on your side.

I don’t have to pretend for that.”

“Saying that you’re on my side doesn’t really hold any benefit for me.”

“Ali, I don’t know what sort of person you think I am, but I’m a man who won’t hesitate to kill someone that displeases me.

I can definitely be of use to you,” Henry-Oniisama tells me adamantly.

What I definitely wasn’t expecting to hear something like that.

“Have you killed someone before, Oniisama”


I’m so surprised that I just stare at him frozen for a moment.

Gilles seems equally shocked as well since he’s finally stopped reading.

He’s now openly eyeing Henry-Oniisama with a disbelieving gaze.

I’m having trouble believing it too.

I never would have thought that he’s killed a person before.

But, he doesn’t appear to be lying….

“Who did you kill”

“That’s a secret~” Henry-Oniisama taunts, grinning slyly at me.

Saying it’s a secret….

That’s one of the things I hate hearing the most.

I certainly have my fair share of secrets myself, but I hate being kept in the dark by other people.

Could it be that Henry-Oniisama has already done far more villainous things than I have Are you telling me that my true rival should actually be Henry-Oniisama instead of Liz-san

“If you tell me what you’ve been plotting, I promise I’ll tell you who I’ve killed~”

Ah, so he’s using this information as a bargaining chip….

Well played.

However, there’s absolutely no way that I can reveal that I’ve been tasked with monitoring Liz-san….

but shouldn’t it be fine to tell him about my goal of becoming a villainess There’s really no reason that I can’t…..

and if I do, then he’ll tell me who he’s killed.



“Huh You’re seriously fine with that” Henry-Oniisama asks, his eyes going wide.

Henry-Oniisama, this was your suggestion in the first place.

Should you really be that surprised

“I’m aiming to be a villainess.

I want to become the most wicked woman this world has ever seen.

That’s why I’ve been trying so hard to bully everyone’s beloved little angel, Liz-san.

And also the reason I’ve been sharpening my skills, since I need to make sure I’m at least on equal terms with her.

Though, I’ve pretty much succeeded in being able to stand on the same stage as Liz-san now.”

If he had looked surprised before, he looks absolutely astonished now.

Though, I suppose that is to be expected this time.

It’s not every day that you find out your little sister wants to be evil.

“So that’s why you said you wanted to become stronger,” Henry-Oniisama murmurs as if something had just clicked in his head.

Oh, come to think of it, I do remember saying something like that when I first started learning swordsmanship.

How nostalgic.

Wait… did he just completely ignore the part about me wanting to become a villainess Personally, I had wanted that to be the biggest revelation here.

“But what did you mean by being able to stand on the same stage”

“Oh, I just meant that since I reached level 80, she won’t be able to beat me in magic so easily anymore.”

“What!” Henry-Oniisama exclaims.

There’s no need to be that shocked, is there… You better hope your face doesn’t freeze like that, Oniisama.

It’s not very becoming.

“I started being able to use magic when I was ten, so being at this level is only to be expected.”

At this additional remark, Henry-Oniisama’s face somehow manages to look even more amazed.

So when a person is way beyond surprised, they make this sort of expression it seems.


get the feeling I won’t be surprised by anything else after this.”

Somehow, I doubt that….

Is what I’m about to say, but then I think better of it.

There are much more pressing matters at hand here… Henry-Oniisama needs to hurry up and tell me who he’s killed.

Since I divulged a very important secret of mine, I’ll have him pay in kind.

“So Who did you kill, Henry-Oniisama”

He still seems quite dazed, but at my question, Henry-Oniisama manages to snap himself out of it, his expression turning serious again.

Then he slowly opens his mouth.


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