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“That possibility is a new research, just watch as the parasite starts eating that persons body and use it as power” Chu Yuechan said to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen changed more clearly, he could see that this mans body was being eaten and turned into power.

“If it continues like this, then he will die” Ye Chen said to Chu Yuechan, Ye Chen saw that the CEO of the Jinz Group would die if it continued like this.

“The parasite has completely fused with this persons body, it is quite difficult to destroy it without killing it” Chu Yuechan said.

“I will try to get rid of the parasite, I hope it works well” Ye Chen said to Chu Yuechan, he would try to destroy the parasite.

Ye Chen stepped forward, himself using his profound fire to destroy the parasite that was in the body of the CEO of the Jinz Group.

With the profound fire, the parasite in the body of the CEO of the Jinz Group started to freak out.

“Gahhh .


.” The parasite started to put up a strong defense to withstand Ye Chens attack.

“damn it, I will kill you” even though his body has been completely taken over by the parasite, the CEO of Jinz Group can still tell Ye Chen, he can still control his body like normal.

“He still has consciousness, this is quite interesting, I think his whole body has been taken over” Ye Chen was quite interested, he thought that the CEOs body would be controlled, in fact it wasnt his body was not controlled and he could still carry out attacks towards Ye Chen.

“feel this, Flame Axe Slash” CEO used his attack towards Ye Chen, he used his fire ax attack to beat Ye Chen.

Ye Chen used one finger, he resisted the attack that was directed towards him, by using just one finger, Ye Chen could easily block the attack launched by the CEO.

Its attacks also strengthened, it seemed the parasite only strengthened ones strength over a period of time.

Ye Chen now knew the power of the parasite that the CEO had just used , the parasite would add strength to the user, this might be a little cheating, but the price to be paid was enormous.

“feel this” The CEO used countless attacks on Ye Chen, he was apparently a cultivator who was quite competent in combat.

It was a pity that the difference in their strength was too great, so it was impossible for the CEO to beat Ye Chen.

“I cant play around anymore, I have to get rid of the parasite in that persons body immediately.” Ye Chen couldnt play around anymore, himself moved and started trying to get rid of the parasite in this mans body.

Using an extremely powerful profound fire, Ye Chen started to burn the parasite that was in the CEOs body.

“argh .

., this hurts” the CEO screamed, he screamed when Ye Chen used hot flames on his body.

The parasite in the CEOs body immediately rebelled, it rebelled and tried to escape.

The power used by Ye Chen could be said strong, so it wasnt strange that this parasite was quickly destroyed.

In just a matter of 30 seconds, Ye Chen had destroyed the parasite stuck to the CEOs body.

Ye Chen solved everything, he had solved the problems in the CEOs body.

The current CEOs body looked dry, he looked more like a corpse after the parasite was destroyed by Ye Chen.

“damn .


.”CEO could still curse at Ye Chen, he could still curse at Ye Chen who hadgone to great lengths to save him.

“Its lucky that there was still time, otherwise he would have died” Ye Chen still had time to help this person, if only Ye Chen let this person stay any longer, then it was certain that this person would die and disappear from this world.

“what happened” Su Wansen who just came down immediately asked Ye Chen, he immediately asked Ye Chen what happened.

“It seems like he used something like a parasite on his body, it sucked his body and gave him strength” Ye Chen told Su Wansen, he told what he found from the CEOs body.

“I see, I see, it seems to be some kind of parasite, I heard several cases about this in several places, I didnt expect that he would use this kind of thing” Su Wansen said to Ye Chen.

Su Wansen received some reports about this matter, himself had gotten some reports about using a parasite to increase strength, this gave the user a terrifying power, but the side effect was that the user would die after using it.

“I wonder who is responsible for this matter” Ye Chen asked Su Wansen, most likely Su Wansen knew about who was responsible for this matter.

“Most likely this is the work of one of the old members of Chaos Bridge, he was a mad scientist and currently developing various things that make the world go into chaos, I am on a mission to hunt him down” Su Wansen told Ye Chen.

“Is that so, I want to help, but right now I have business, when my business is done I will help to investigate this matter” Ye Chen said to Su Wansen, he will help to solve this problem.

“thank you very much” Su Wansen thanked, as long as Ye Chen intervened everything should be fine.

“husband, are you okay ” Su Mengxin went down, herself asked Ye Chen.

“Im fine, how about you yourself, are you okay too” Ye Chen asked Su Mengxin.

“Im fine” Su Mengxin said that she was also fine.

“Grandfather, Ill leave this persons business to you, youd better investigate this company, they might be involved in this matter” Ye Chen told Su Wansen to investigate Jinz Group, they looked quite suspicious.

“After this incident, I will do it, they will not be able to escape from this matter” Su Wansen said to Ye Chen, Su Wansen would not let these people, he would not let these people

just leave, after all they have to take responsibility for what happened.

“Come with me, lets settle the matter here first, we postpone the meeting.” Su Wansen said to his men, he told them to send people and investigate this incident, they couldnt let go of the opportunity to investigate the Jinz Group.

“ready” bodyguards immediately move, they call for help to assist in taking care of the problems that exist in this place.

“Lets go” Su Mengxin invited Ye Chen, the affairs in this place can be handled by his grandfather,

Ye Chen understood, he and Su Mengxin immediately left this place, the two of them went to meet Lin Rouxi and also Ling Yin.

“how, did you guys succeed” Lin Rouxi asked Ye Chen and Su Mengxin.

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“Of course, we succeeded” Ye Chen told Lin Rouxi that they managed to get the plane, although they had to do a bit of fighting to get what they were looking for.

“Very good, then we just have to look for flight attendant clothes” Lin Rouxi said to Ye Chen, right now they only need to find flight attendant clothes.

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