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1243 Drew The Designs On Xuan Island

The butler looked at Xia Cheng in front of him and said in a cold tone, “Chairman Xia, you still dare to deceive me even now Everyone in our Luo family knows that the designer is Madam Xia Yunqiu.

Now, you still dare to say that its Xia Ji”

Xia Mengyans face was pale.

She mustered her courage and walked forward.

She said while trembling, “Mister, youve misunderstood.

The designer has always been my father, but his designs were snatched away by Aunt Yunqiu.

Qiao Xi is Aunt Yunqius adopted daughter.

She has always thought that Aunt Yunqiu is the real designer, so…”

“Miss Xia, I dont think I was talking to you, right Moreover, what does this have to do with Miss Qiao” The butler glanced at her sharply.

Xia Mengyan was so scared that she lowered her head and did not dare to speak.

“Chairman Xia, our Luo family never believes in others when discussing business.

We only believe in ourselves.

Before we collaborate, we naturally have to understand our business partners.

Miss Qiao didnt tell us the identity of the designer.

It was said by the young master and the family head.

Are you still going to question our family head and young master”

Xia Chengs eyes were filled with surprise, and he was so scared that his face turned pale.

The head and young master of the Luo family both knew that Xia Yunqiu was the designer Where did they hear that

After the butler finished speaking and before Xia Cheng could react, he bent slightly toward the young man at the side.

“Young Master, youre here.”

Everyone widened their eyes.

This was the young master of the Luo family, Luo Qing

Xia Cheng suddenly looked up.

Coincidentally, Luo Qing was also sizing him up.

Their gazes met, and in an instant, Xia Cheng felt as if he had been electrocuted.

Half of his body was numb, and sweat trickled down his forehead.

His lips trembled.

“Y-Young Master Luo”

“Chairman Xia, I wont beat about the bush with you.” Luo Qings voice was cold.

“24 years ago, when Madam Xia Yunqiu was recuperating on Xuan Island, she drew a total of 64 designs.

She gave a total of 21 designs to my Luo family.

She took the rest of the designs with her, but now, 18 designs have been claimed by Xia Ji as his own.”

Luo Qing slowly looked up, his blue eyes filled with coldness.

His voice carried a trace of killing intent.

“Chairman Xia, can you explain why”

The entire venue instantly fell silent.

Luo Qings voice still echoed in everyones minds.

24 years ago, Madam Xia Yunqiu had drawn a total of 64 designs on Xuan Island.

She had 43 in her hands, but 18 of them had become Xia Jis

Xia Chengs pupils suddenly constricted, and his vision turned blurry.

The corners of his mouth twitched slightly.

The uneasiness in Xia Mengyans heart instantly turned into fear that invaded her heart.

Her body could not help but tremble.

Luo Qings words stunned everyone present.

Their burning gazes landed on Xia Ji and Xia Cheng.

No one said anything, but their gazes were enough to explain everything.

Xia Ji was shocked and afraid.

He lowered his head and did not dare to look into Luo Qings eyes.

At this moment, he had nothing to say.

A few rich daughters stood beside Xia Mengyan.

They were all the only daughters of their families.

They came to the collaboration ceremony this time to build a good relationship with the Xia family so that they could inherit their family business in the future.

Now that the truth was exposed, one of the daughters looked at Xia Mengyan in shock.

“Mengyan! Are the designs your fathers work Young Master Luo says that theyre your aunts design.

He cant be lying, right! So what Miss Qiao said just now is the truth”

Everyone looked at Xia Mengyan.

She bit her lip and did not say anything.

The young miss wanted to ask another question, but she was stopped by her father.

Actually, anyone with discerning eyes knew the current situation.

The Xia family did not retort, which meant that they were already guilty.

They thought that since Xia Yunqiu was dead, no one would stand up to question them, so they claimed her work as theirs and even accused her of snatching Xia Jis design.

Xia Cheng, who had always been calm, could not remain calm anymore.

However, he had been in charge of the Xia family for so many years.

He was used to seeing the world.

He forced himself to calm down and squeezed out a smile.

He said respectfully, “Young Master Luo, I think there must be a misunderstanding.

Everyone knows that Yunqiu grew up in Shengdu.

Why would she go to Xuan Island”

Luo Qing asked indifferently, “Chairman Xia, are you sure that these designs belong to Xia Ji”

At this point, Xia Cheng naturally could not deny it.

He could only brace himself and answer, “Y-Yes, its Xia Ji…”

Before he could finish, a higher-up of Xia Corporation rushed in in a panic and shouted, “Director Xia! Theres bad news!”

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