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Chapter 243: Ice as life, Extreme Ice Body

“Xiao Bing, there’s no way back and there’s no worries……we have to……keep going……” Feng Xiao gritted his teeth as he said this.

The water vapour that came out of his mouth even turned into ice instantly.

He indeed didn’t have a way back.

He had even used the greatest support for him to save Rou Rou, so if he couldn’t endure this cold, he would never forgive himself.

Chen Bing felt the bit of warmth left in his body slowly being swallowed by the cold.

He let out a sigh of relief and agreed.

The giant wings of the Freezing Ice Goose was flat and smooth as it glided forward, avoiding the tall and low glaciers that were in front of it.

It was a Divine Beast that evolved in the snow, so the Extreme Glacier’s cold couldn’t deal any damage to it.

Rather, it could absorb the cold in the air to restore its HP.

Throwing the glaciers behind it, the Freezing Ice Goose’s body suddenly couldn’t help freezing.

The Snow Empress opened her ice blue eyes and her gentle voice slowly accompanied the cold wind, “What is it, Yan’er……Oh You’re saying that there was someone there……Could it be that other than me, there’s someone else who has reached the powerful water magician Magic God Realm”

The fine ice coloured brows jumped up.

She knew better than anyone that although this was only the edge of the Extreme Glacier, the temperature here was far beyond what humans could endure.

Unless they had the same 80% cold resistance as her, they would find it here to get here.

Moreover, even she could only barely reach the center of the Extreme Glacier.

To keep going forward, it was impossible unless they had the same 100% cold resistance as the Azure Dragon!

Without knowing how long they had been flying……it was as if they had been completely isolated from the world.

The world in front of them was completely white and there were only howling sounds passing by their ears……

His hands, feet, and body……no longer belonged to them.

It was as if his blood stopped flowing and had completely frozen.

Every inch of his body felt like it was being poked by unbelievably sharp thorns by the cold……His heart had also stopped beating because he could only feel the coldness of the ice……But why……Why does my last trace of consciousness tell me that I like this feeling……I should clearly only feel pain……

Was boss……alright He isn’t like me, he can endure this kind of bone freezing torture……His feeling and pain should be the same as me.

This pain gives me a strange feeling of excitement and satisfaction.

“Hu……What kind of punishment is this!!” Feng Xiao wanted to say something, but his body was completely frozen and he couldn’t even open his mouth as he wanted.

The Absolute Heaven Scroll could prevent damage, but it couldn’t stop the torture that he felt.

Even if his will was stronger than most normal people’s, if he didn’t tell himself countless times that this was the only method of saving Rou Rou, he would have already wanted to leave several times.

Feeling the pain of its master, Xiao Bai tried to go as fast as it could.

It wanted to reach the destination and leave as soon as possible to spare its master from this torture.

When it was a mount, it didn’t suffer any damage at all and wasn’t affected by the environment.


Its movement was slowed because there was a layer of ice that formed around the two people and one beast that was gradually getting thicker……


Feng Xiao’s heart beat intensely as a strong restlessness filled it.

If he was frozen here, the consequences would be……

He didn’t have too much time to consider this and as they got deeper in, the temperature dropped even more.

The ice became thicker and Xiao Bai also got slower until finally……As Feng Xiao’s heart filled with panic, the two people and one beast were frozen in ice, unable to move at all……

There was a trace of despair that filled Feng Xiao’s heart.

This was no different from being frozen naturally and they couldn’t resist it at all.

He couldn’t even move at all, let alone use items or skills.

He couldn’t even log off, he could only be frozen like this.

When the Absolute Heaven Scroll wore off in three days, they would only leave when they were killed by the cold here.

Why did it become like this

He thought that it would be cold and it would be painful, but he never thought that it would be so cold that they would freeze.

Rou Rou……what should I do……I can’t contact Yao’er, Bao Bao, or Ruo Ruo over the next few days……

His body was completely numb and he couldn’t feel a single thing.

In this desperate situation, his final bit of consciousness also faded……

It turned out……that he could also faint in this world.

When he completely lost consciousness, he saw a fuzzy white figure flying towards him.

“Oh Yan’er, stop.”

The Freezing Ice Goose understood its master’s intentions and flapped its wings to stop beside the frozen two people and beast.

The Snow Empress slightly knitted her brows and gracefully came off the back of the goose, looking at this unbelievable situation with a confused look.

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Being completely frozen and not losing any HP, these two people……

The two people wearing the same Snow Feather Robes on the back of the tiger had already lost consciousness.

One of them had a strange black mask and the other had a fair and delicate appearance.

Although they were frozen in ice, their expressions were strangely calm.

A frightening pair of purple eyes looked at her that surprised the Snow Empress.

She noticed that these eyes came from the white tiger that was also frozen and then she noticed that the Freezing Ice Goose beside her trembled before a giant -2000000 figure appeared above its head.

With its master frozen, Xiao Bai wanted to protect him.

Although it couldn’t move, the Beast King’s Pressure locked the surrounding area and the tiger eyes revealed a vigilant and shocking look.

The Snow Empress knitted her brows.

This situation had already gone beyond her understanding.

She suppressed the shock in her and indifferently looked at them before turning back to climb back onto the Freezing Ice Goose.

“Go!” She couldn’t understand the other side, but there was no reason for her to help.

The Freezing Ice Goose flapped its wings and in a matter of minutes, the temperature reached a level that was hard for them to endure.

The Snow Empress silently took out an ice blue mirror and looked back at the two before her eyes suddenly narrowed again.

“Yan’er, go back.”

The Freezing Ice Goose followed this order and it created a beautiful arc before returning back to Xiao Bai.

The Snow Empress jumped off its back and completely ignoring Xiao Bai’s angry warning look, she came to Feng Xiao’s side with a serious look.

“I wasn’t wrong……This is indeed Heavenly Dragon City’s Heavenly Dragon Secret Envoy Token.

This means that these two are actually from Heavenly Dragon City!” The Snow Empress’ brows knit again.

She knew better than anyone how hard it was to come to the City of Ice from Heavenly Dragon Imperial City.

The items that could teleport between the two cities were almost all gone.

He would surely be an important person in Heavenly Dragon Imperial City with this Heavenly Dragon Secret Envoy Token, so were they here for an important matter

With a blue glow, there was a white scroll that appeared in her hand.

“I want to save your master, so please don’t resist.” This precious Immortal Scroll could transport anyone at will in the range of the City of Ice, but that required the other side to agree.

Although these two had lost consciousness and there was no need to ask for their permission, there was still a white tiger that hadn’t fainted yet.

Xiao Bai understood its master’s situation.

Although its eyes were still wary, it had already relaxed a bit.

The Snow Empress had an indifferent look as she used the scroll on them.

With a flash of white light, the two humans and one beast disappeared.

After a sigh, the Snow Empress took out another scroll, “Yan’er, it seems like we have to go back first.”

The ice cold body returned to warmth and it slowly melted.

The feeling of being able to move also came back……This low and familiar roar……is it boss’ Xiao Bai!

Chen Bing opened his eyes with difficulty before his expression turned stiff because he met a pair of ice blue eyes.

Moreover, the owner of these eyes was too beautiful that he couldn’t help being stunned.

“You’re awake.” An indifferent voice with the prestige of a ruler rang out.

The Snow Empress had already changed into her royal attire and looked at him with eyes that shined brighter than the stars, “This is my palace.”

Chen Bing’s eyes flickered, but he didn’t say anything as he already thought of something.

He got off Xiao Bai and looked at Feng Xiao who didn’t move.

Her didn’t say a word, as if he would keep waiting until he woke up.

“Do you know why you woke up faster than him” The Snow Empress broke the silence as a strange glow flickered in those charming blue eyes.

Chen Bing’s body trembled.

“In this world, there is no one more suited to practice ice magic than you.

Even I can’t help sighing with emotion.

Your Extreme Ice Body is even stronger than my Freezing Ice Body, it has nearly infinite potential.” The Snow Empress calmly said this as her eyes stayed on him for a long time.

“If it wasn’t for the slow nature of the Heavenly Dragon Continent’s water elemental energy, you might become the continent’s strongest magician……You were born to be ice!”

Chen Bing was silent as no one understood his body better than him.

The current him could communicate with ice in an unbelievable manner.

He knew that there was a powerful ability hidden inside of him, but he never knew how to stimulate it.

He never thought that he also had this ability in this world.

He really was predestined to be with ice……But would he be unable to fulfill this destiny in both of these worlds……


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