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Trigger warning: Sexual content (not much)

Every time he went to Ningshen palace to spend the night, Huo Feng would be refreshed and invigorated the next day.

Today was no exception.

Last night, he and Yi Chongren’s passion were not affected at all by not entering, instead they fell under a sort of illusion of mutual affection.

But after carefully reflecting, Huo Feng didn’t think it was an illusion.

If it wasn’t for the time not being right as Yi Chongren had to leave the palace today, Huo Feng really wanted to be an incapable ruler who “did not attend morning court” for once.

He could understand why there were so many incapable rulers obsessed with beauty throughout history.

No matter how beautiful  the beauties of the world were, they couldn’t compare to a smile from Yi Chongren.

The emperor once again felt his soul leave his body.

In the imperial study, the ministers exchanged looks with each other.

Every time his majesty spent a night at Ningshen palace, he seemed to be in a trance the next day.

You Hong, minister of Taichang temple[1], saw that no one reminded his majesty, so he stepped forward and said: “Your majesty, also state affairs must come first at the start of a new reign, your majesty’s affairs are the state’s affairs.

Now that the inner palace is empty, for the health of your majesty’s dragon body and the peace of the court, your majesty must quickly select concubines and an empress.”

Huo Feng’s expression instantly sank.

Xie Ming glared at You Hong, trying to suppress his disgust.

Among the memorials sent to his majesty regarding concubine selection, most were submitted by You Hong.

After Huo Feng established the state, he commissioned many ministers from the previous reign who were persecuted by the Hu An guards and imperial guards.

You Hong was one of them.

This person used to serve the Taichang temple, so Huo Feng arranged for him to continue working there.

If he knew this person was so stubborn earlier, Huo Feng definitely wouldn’t use him.

Of Huo Feng’s most trusted ministers, only Xie Ming and Ruan Xingtian were present.

Ruan Xingtian’s face was a bit pale today, seeming sick, so Huo Feng bestowed him a seat.

Ruan Xingtian uncomfortably shifted his body and lightly swept his gaze across the others.

Xie Ming was the prime minister, and he didn’t speak; Ruan Xingtian was a general and also didn’t speak.

The others looked at him, and he looked at the others, but everyone kept their mouths closed.

You Hong didn’t change the subject, continuing to say: “Your majesty, the country can’t go a day without a monarch, and the inner palace cannot go a day without an owner.

This official thinks……”

Huo Feng raised his hand to stop him, speaking with obvious displeasure: “I’ve already said that we’ll discuss this matter later.

Do you see how many memorials are on my table! I don’t even have time to have a peaceful meal, so how can I have time to choose concubines Ask again when I have time.

Do you have anything else If there’s nothing else you can retreat.

I have matters to discuss with the general.” Saying this, he impatiently waved his hand.

“This official will retire.” Xie Ming sounded first, and the others quickly followed to retreat.

Seeing everyone leave, You Hong could only unwillingly retreat.

After everyone left, Ruan Xingtian spoke: “Your highness, if people like You Hong aren’t suppressed now, they will cause major problems.

Many people in the court aren’t satisfied with Lord Yi.

If your highness doesn’t choose a concubine, those officials with daughters and sisters in their family will see Lord Yi as a thorn in their side.

We must be cautious.”

Huo Feng frowned: “I know.

I’ll find a suitable time to kill their spirit.” Then, he asked with concern: “What happened to you If you aren’t well, don’t enter the palace and rest in your residence.

Although state affairs are important, your body is also very important.”

Ruan Xingtian let out a bitter laugh.

His body was indeed uncomfortable, but he was not ill, just a bit injured.

However, he couldn’t say this to anyone, especially his majesty.

He shook his head and said: “It’s nothing.

This official accidentally hurt my waist.

I’ll be better after a few days of resting.”

Huo Feng laughed: “Even you can hurt your waist.

It seems we’re really getting old.”

Ruan Xingtian could only bitterly smile.

Thinking of something, he seriously said: “Your majesty, it’s too dangerous for the crown prince to go to the temple.

How could you let the crown prince go”

“Dangerous” Huo Feng froze, “What’s dangerous Isn’t Chongren going to pay respects to his relatives Where’s the danger in that”

This time, the surprised one became Ruan Xingtian.

He subconsciously asked: “Your majesty doesn’t know what Lord Yi is doing today”

“What is he doing !”

A ferocious group from the imperial army sped out of the palace and went straight to the Buddhist temple thirty miles outside the capital.

The capital guards who received the news in advance closed the checkpoint into the city, and set up checkpoints along the way to ensure the road out of the city was unimpeded.

The common people in the capital saw the imperial army’s iron cavalry guard whiz out of the city, instantly shaking the hearts of the people.

Nothing big was happening right

This was the first time Huo Feng left the palace, left the city, since his ascension.

He never expected that Yi Chongren would hide such a big matter from him! Huo Feng unceasingly whipped his horse’s ass, anxious as hell.

Ruan Xingtian’s body wasn’t fit so he stayed in the palace to keep watch, while Xu Baicai and the other military generals followed Huo Feng towards the temple.

Once he thought of what Yi Chongren did behind his majesty’s back and once he saw his majesty’s dark expression, Xu Baicai shook his head in his heart.

Would Yi Chongren lose his favor because of this Definitely not.

His majesty was once willing to plant Ji Di by Noble Consort Ru’s side for Yi Chongren.

But as his majesty grew more and more concerned with Yi Chongren, and thinking of Yi Chongren’s temperament, Xu Baicai lamented his majesty’s misfortune.

How could his majesty fall for a person so difficult to control

Xu Baicai wasn’t worried about Yi Chongren and the crown prince’s safety.

He had long learned of Yi Chongren’s resourcefulness.

If Yi Chongren was willing to take the crown prince with him, then he was definitely fully prepared.

That person, definitely wouldn’t let anything go outside his plans.

Xu Baicai learned this point first hand.

Huo Feng didn’t know Xu Baicai’s thoughts, but even if he did, he’d still be furious.

He hated that he didn’t have a pair of wings that could fly him to the temple in an instant.

At this time, the temple was the scene of a fierce struggle.

Everything was under Yi Chongren’s control.

Those remnants of the previous reign who hated Yi Chongren to the bone gathered a large group and lay in ambush around the temple.

Once they saw that Yi Chongren only brought a few dozen people to the temple, including the crown prince, they smiled.

Today would not only be Yi Chongren’s death day, but also a heavy blow on the new reign.

The death of the crown prince was enough to shake the foundation of the new dynasty.

Once these people charged out of their hiding positions, they were shocked to find out that Yi Chongren was not only unfazed, but also letting out a sneer, completely unsurprised at their appearance.

When the imperial guards appeared around them, they finally understood.

They’d been had! Yi Chongren didn’t give them the chance to react, unsheathing the flexible sword at his waist to face Sun Changshu, the leader of the sinful party.

Huo Yunkai also wasn’t untimely.

Deeply influenced by yifu, he did not fear the murderous miscreants in the slightest, using the sword in his hand to cleanly cut off a person’s head.

Huo Yunkai’s sword stunned the scene.

No one expected the crown prince to be so tough.

Zhang Huaiqiu led the five hundred men from the imperial army to outflank the enemies.

Seeing the situation, these people were even more willing to fight, and for a while, the sound of shouting and killing resounded through the sky.

Once Huo Feng led a thousand men from the imperial army to the temple, the fighting was already coming to an end.

From afar, Huo Feng could see that intense crimson, like a crimson sharp blade, dying the sky with blood everywhere he went.

The crown prince wasn’t far from Chongren, sword covered with blood, and wearing an expression similar in coldness to Yi Chongren.

Huo Feng reigned his horse, and all his anger instantly turned into desire for a certain person, only that crimson red entering his eyes.


In Ningshen palace, after “capturing” Yi Chongren, Huo Feng’s expression once again became shadowed.

Yi Chongren seemed to also think he was wrong for hiding things from the other party, pursing his lips in silence.

Huo Feng paced back and forth in front of Yi Chongren and shouted at him: “How could you not discuss such an important matter with me! If Xingtian never mentioned it, I would still be in the dark! I thought you were just going to the temple to pay respects!”

Yi Chongren looked down: “This official was wrong.

This official shouldn’t have brought the crown prince along.”

Huo Feng’s fury instantly soared.

He forcefully clasped Yi Chongren’s shoulders with both hands and gritted his teeth: “I’m not blaming you for bringing the crown prince, but blaming you for hiding things from me!”

Yi Chongren raised his eyes: “Tell me, would you let this official go”


Yi Chongren stopped speaking, but his message was clear.

He only hid it from him because he knew he wouldn’t let him go.

Seeing that Yi Chongren had no intention to reflect, Huo Feng lowered his head and bit him.

Not expecting Huo Feng to suddenly do this, Yi Chongren was bitten head on.

Lips hurting, he didn’t resist, letting Huo Feng vent his anger on his lips.

When the two’s breaths became full of desire, Huo Feng let go of Yi Chongren, and tightly embraced him.

Most of Huo Feng’s anger was quelled with this kiss, and he hoarsely said by Yi Chongren’s ear: “I don’t want to see you get hurt again.

I can never forget how you were hurt by that arrow right in front of me, and I couldn’t do anything but watch you leave.

You don’t know how much I envy Huaiqiu.

When you got hurt, the one by your side wasn’t me.”

Yi Chongren’s heartbeat “pounded” , shaking his eardrums, and an irrepressible desire surged in his heart.

He raised his head and said some words that made Huo Feng lose control in an instant.

“Let’s do it.

Last night you didn’t enjoy yourself to the fullest.

Next time I’ll tell you in advance.”

“There’ll be no next time!”

Directly hugging Yi Chongren, Huo Feng strode to the bedroom entrance and kicked the door close and fiercely said: “I must punish you heavily today! Let’s see if you dare to mess around again in the future!”

Throwing the man onto the bed, Huo Feng pulled down the bed curtain and pounced.

Yi Chongren proactively kissed Huo Feng’s scruffy chin and took a bite, both hands tearing at Huo Feng’s clothes.

He wanted, wanted this man.

Yi Chongren’s proactivity inspired Huo Feng’s beastly desire.

He snarled and tore off Yi Chongren’s clothes, pulled off his trousers, took out his already hard masculinity and prepared to aim at Yi Chongren’s softness.

“I must heavily punish you!”

“Come! Ah!”

Even Yi Chongren himself didn’t know what he said, or what he did.

Lu Tao, who was guarding outside, heard motion inside and quickly motioned for everyone to retreat.

After a while, he ran back and let the guards of Ningshen palace stand ten feet away.

The two in the room were making too much of a commotion, so Lu Tao was very worried the bed would collapse.

That day, Huo Feng stayed in Ningshen palace, not appearing in the imperial study until noon the next day.

The ministers in the imperial study bowed their heads out of shyness.

Many people guessed that every time his majesty stayed in Ningshen palace he used force.

Why else would his highness’s lips always be broken There were wounds on his chin.

Not to mention the deep purple hickeys scattered on his neck.

But if his majesty used force, with Yi Chongren’s temperament, how could he peacefully stay in the palace without leaving long ago.

Not to mention others not understanding, even Ruan Xingtian, Xu Baicai, and Huo Feng’s other trusted officials couldn’t understand.

In the end, did his majesty and Yi Chongren hold mutual feelings

Of course, Huo Feng wouldn’t explain his and Yi Chongren’s bedroom matters with his officials.

His lips and chin hurt, but compared to the pleasure of entering paradise time and time again, this little pain was nothing.

Especially since yesterday’s lovemaking was initiated by Yi Chongren.

The two’s feelings were no longer only initiated by himself, so how could Huo Feng not be happy

Seeing the satisfaction and joy on his majesty’s face, You Hong ‘s heart sank.

He hated the Hu An guards and imperial guards to the bone.

Although Yi Chongren saved many people including his majesty and the crown prince, You Hong still found it difficult to see Yi Chongren in a positive light.

Many of his clansmen were killed by the blades of Yi Chognren’s subordinates.

Not to mention, Yi Chongren was also a eunuch.

Even if the crown prince recognized him as his yifu, they couldn’t ignore the reality that he was a eunuch.

His majesty didn’t select, didn’t look for concubines, scandalously spending his days with a eunuch! For the subjects of Yue, he definitely had to die admonishing,he  definitely couldn’t let Yi Chongren remain in the palace or the capital!

“Your majesty,” You Hong presented a memorial with both hands, “This official, has a memorial.”

Huo Feng’s expression immediately turned dark.

When I don’t unleash my power, you all treat me like a sick cat!


Yi Chongren was totally “looking for trouble” this time.

He didn’t even have to think about leaving bed in five or six days.

However, this time he wasn’t as angry as the first time.

He initiated yesterday’s madness, so he couldn’t blame “other people” for him not being able to leave bed.

Yesterday was both painful and pleasurable.

Pained just from physical discomfort; but pleased in his soul.

His body couldn’t help but feel hot just thinking about it.

Did he like Huo Feng Suddenly, such doubts appeared in his mind.


Baozi can’t walk anymore.”

The child’s voice returned Yi Chongren to his senses.

Thinking of how he hadn’t accompanied the children in a while, Yi Chongren didn’t make them attend martial arts class.

Daddy was sick “again”, so Baozi and Douzi obediently played go by daddy’s bedside.

Baozi obviously wasn’t as skilled at go as Douzi, not knowing where to place the black piece in his hand.

Glancing at the board, Yi Chongren patted Baozi’s head: “Think carefully.

How did daddy teach you before”

“Wu……” Baozi’s worried little face became a real baozi (bun).

“Your excellency, his highness the crown prince has arrived.” Someone reported from outside.

Baozi threw down the black piece and stood to run out.

Douzi also stopped playing go.

The two children called “Dage (big brother)” but didn’t even see a shadow.

“Baozi, Douzi, Dage brought snacks.

Let’s eat.”

“Is there osmanthus candy”


“Oh! I want to eat I want to eat.”

Yi Chongren gradually sat up and supported his waist with a pillow.

After a while, Huo Yunkai entered.

The father and son didn’t appear awkward at all.

Huo Yunkai moved aside the little table Baozi and Douzi were using to play go and sat on the stool by the bed.

Yi Chongren asked: “Did the captives say anything yet”

“General Zhang is still reviewing.

I just came back from outside the palace and bought some snacks for Baozi and Douzi on the way.”

Yi Chongren didn’t hide the matter of “fishing” from Huo Yunkai.

Knowing what yifu was planning to do, Huo Yunkai insisted on following.

Huo Feng was originally from the military, and Yi Chongren also deliberately wanted to let the crown prince experience some “dangerous” situations.

He even planned to let the crown prince go to the border to learn for two years.

Only by establishing enough prestige in the military could the crown prince not fear the authority of the military commanders in the future.

Huo Yunkai understood yifu’s painstaking efforts, so he had strict expectations for himself.

Pouring a cup of tea for yifu, Huo Yunkai said: “I just met Lord Ji on the way here.

He said imperial father is flying into a rage in the imperial study and wanted me to tell you to persuade imperial father not to damage his body out of anger.”

A cold light flashed in Yi Chongren’s eyes, and he asked: “Do you know why”

Huo Yunkai said with a look of annoyance: “The minister of the Taichang temple, You Hong, told imperial father to hold a concubine selection again, even saying some unpleasant words.

Lord Ji didn’t mention the specifics, but it sounds like he insulted yifu.

Imperial father was furious.”

Yi Chongren narrowed his eyes and coldly said: “You Hong I have a bit of an impression.

He’s an unlikeable guy.”

Huo Feng said with some worry: “Yifu, no matter what those people say, don’t let go of imperial father.

Imperial father really cares about you.”

Yi Chongren’s heart was moved, and he raised the corners of his lips: “I promised to give your imperial father ten years.

As long as he doesn’t break his promise, I won’t break the promise.”

Seeing Huo Yunkai’s smile, hearing Douzi and Baozi chattering outside, Yi Chongren didn’t regret this promise of ten years at all.

In the end, Huo Feng was the one losing out.

“If your imperial father comes, I’ll persuade him.

You also need to take care of your body, don’t fight too hard.”

It was rare for Yi Chongren to show such obvious concern, so Huo Yunkai was very happy, repeatedly nodding: “I’ll take care.

Yifu also needs to take care of your body.”

Yi Chongren laughed.

As long as he and Huo Feng did it less, his body wouldn’t have any problems.

[1]  太常寺少卿 title for Northern way fourth grade officials who arranged sacrifices for the ancestral temple


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