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“Choose whatever you want, it doesn’t matter.” Shao Fei had no opinion.

The system that feels soothed to the soul is picking and choosing on the screen.

Even passers-by have different specifications, the world is so big.

“I will now transmit the plot of the next world to you.

This time the plot is very short.

The unscrupulous author only wrote tens of thousands of words.

You should be able to read it soon.”

 Shao Fei looked at the opening and said in amazement, “The surname is Liu again” This time the male protagonist is called Liu Yuan.

The system said: “Yes, the same author, she is too lazy to think of another name.” This author wants to go straight  to heaven.

Shao Fei thought for a while and guessed: “The collapse of Liu Chen’s world will affect the space behind it because it was written by the same author.

For the same reason, only by opening up Liu Chen’s world can the second world be opened.

Is Liu Chen’s world the earliest work”

“You guessed it right…” It always felt that the maintainer was still influenced by that b*stard Liu Chen’s, the former maintainer would not analyse like this.

Fortunately, the ending was complete, and he could stay away from that monster, so gratifying!

“The author hasn’t been beaten to death by the readers yet”

“Should be on her way.”

After going through the plot, Shao Fei couldn’t say enough about the hero.

He asked the system: “What will happen to my body after I leave that world”

“We will arrange for a substitute whose character is exactly the same as yours, and no one can detect the difference to complete the rest of the lifespan in your place.”

“Will Liu Chen find out” That man is too smart.


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