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29 Sun Li- A new Friend

The whole time, Rong Yue already sensed that something was going on with Tong Yang but didnt say anything, it wasnt something that was difficult for someone of her strength to figure out.

In fact, she could have little Loli access the data base immediately and get things sorted but she was someone that had worked hard for a lot of things in her past life. She also understood that if she wanted to grow, she couldnt get dependent and let the system be taking over from her.

With this thought process, she already made up her mind to not use the system unless it was really necessary.

Classes soon ended and she watched as Tong Yang rushed out of the class as soon as it was time for break.

Wu Hao on the other side occupied the seat almost immediately.

“Please put your number here so that I can reach you for emergencies.” Although he had other thoughts, as the young master of the Wu family, everything he did was being passed on to his mother and father and thus, he had to be careful of his every action.

Even worse was that the rosy young master position people thought he had was only a facade, at eighteen, he already lived a life where he was always looking over his shoulders to be sure there was no one standing there with a knife.

“Thank you for earlier.” Rong Yue said to him, her voice sincere and soft which made the young boy smile, a weight lifting from his shoulders.

She took his phone and kept her number there before handing it back to him.


At the same time, she opened her phone and went to the school portal so that she could join the schools forum. Unlike other times when she had nothing to eat, Rong Yue went to the cafeteria with her lunch box in good strides.

Since she already had her meal, she didnt have to wait in line like most students and just found a corner to eat her food. She had barely eaten two mouthfuls when she felt a shadow of a person fall from above to the table making her look up to see who it was.

“Hi, Im not sure you know me. Im Sun Li.” The girl said, her face bubbling with excitement.

It had been a while since Rong Yue had met with genuine excitement and seeing it now made her feel a little weird, however, she smiled at the girl and watched as she took a seat beside her.

“I thought I was the only senior student that still had her family packing food for her, I think its nice to have a partner at this.” Sun Li said as she opened her food pack.

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Rong Yue chuckled at her words and the little pout that had formed on the girls face as she tried to see if she could remember her.

She had been too busy in her past life that she had barely even had the time to pay attention to her classmates.

“Are you sure that they dont want some food packs too They just might want it.” She told her with a shrug and a kind smile.

She didnt know about the others but it was the kind of thing that she had wanted badly back then.

Unknowingly, the both of them ended up chatting about a lot of things while eating. Although they were from different family backgrounds. Rong Yue was familiar with ethics and knew just how to keep the conversation flowing while also not looking messy with her food.

“You are too intelligent to be in high school.” Sun Li sighed, eyes gleaming with praise and respect for the girl.

For someone that had a house full with older siblings, she had quite some exposure and yet, she had to admit that the girl in front of her sounded more like her brothers than her classmates.

“You view me too highly.” Rong Yue said politely as she used some kitchen towel to clean her mouth carefully.

“You see, initially, I came here to sit with you because I wanted to warn you about Tong Yang. Although my brothers advised me against it as they feel that you cant be too different from your friend, I kept feeling like something was wrong and that you had no idea that she was like this.” As she spoke, she reduced her voice and leaned in closer looking nothing like the other girls in the school that always cared about their posture and a lot of other things.

“But you see this morning, I was able to confirm that you are a really good person. Besides, to be able to have Wu Hao, that guy support you, Im sure that I wasnt wrong.” She told her and Rong Yue had to resist the urge to laugh at her really cute expressions.

“Thank you for the concern, Ill do my best to be careful.” She promised not wasting the girls goodwill.

“Hmmm, to be honest, after talking with you, I dont think you would have any trouble at her. And if you do, you can always tell me, I have so many people to ask for help from.”

Although she was offering more with her words, what really got Rong Yue was the genuine concern that was shining in her eyes and between her brows. It had been a while to see someone other than her mother, Auntie Su and the boy from the other day- Wu Hao be that concerned about her.

The both of them stood up and walked to class together discussing several matters and Sun Li expressed her displeasure with almost all the subjects within their short trips that had Rong Yue stunned.

“So what subjects do you like and do well in then” She asked her while also trying to see if there was some subject she hadnt mentioned.

“None!” Sun Li replied shamelessly making Rong Yue burst out with laughter, the melodious sound attracting the people around them.



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