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Chapter 118: Spam the Kills

Li Xiang felt his body fill with berserk power.

[Lord: Li Xiang]

[Talent: Demon Lair (SSS rank, only one/only), Territory Devour (able to develop, current S rank)]

[Strength: 250 (affects soldiers attack)]

[Agility: 150 (affects soldiers attack speed, movement speed, and critical rate)]

[Intelligence: 200 (affects soldiers skill release efficiency and power)]

[Vitality: 100 (affects soldiers defense and HP)]

[Strength: Bronze Extraordinary]

[Countrys Level: Primitive Tribe]

[Countrys Core Soldier: Demon]

[Countrys Building: Demon Castle, Ancient Well of Darkness, Lake of Tears, The Brass Book of Herab, Flame Burst Spring, Magic Tower]


[Equipment: Legion Holy Shield (legendary), Grand Armor (legendary), Dragon Slaying Battle Bow (myth)]

[Resources: Inferno Iron, Water of the Moon Shadow]

At this moment, Li Xiangs attributes panel had undergone a huge change.

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As Li Xiangs level increased, the strength of all his subordinates began to grow.

Although he was far inferior to the heroes under him in terms of attributes, the increase in his attributes was very real to his subordinates.

As the lord and core of the Demon Country, the increase in his strength was the increase in the strength of the entire country.

“Lys, you can start now!”

Originally, Li Xiang really didnt think much of the Skywalker Alliances 20 countries attacking, so he only sent his subordinates to deal with them.

After all, the 100,000 Demon Army may appear to be very small in number, but every one of them was a threat on the level of a small boss.

Even if the other side had a million troops, in front of his army, they are nothing.

The only exception is that the opponent will use the Legion Teleportation Scroll, which will change the preset battlefield.

But even so, with Li Xiangs control over the entire Demon Country, any enemy would be notified immediately.

Those lords who had submitted to Li Xiang were now even gearing up to mobilize their few troops to participate.

As the lords of the Demon Country, they knew how powerful the nation was, so they showed no fear at all.

They even wanted to get involved and gain some points.

Li Xiang did not refuse.

Although these people were not lords, they werent prevented from gaining points and participating in activities.

Therefore, the war potential of the Demon Country had never been activated before.

But now, the armies of hundreds of countries poured into the Demon Country from all directions, and it was instantly lively.

These lords kept very few troops, and the most elite of them had already been handed over to the lord, Li Xiang.

But even the remaining troops were much stronger than those of the common lords.

Only the troops were a little less.

But the numbers were not enough to make up for the strength, so they were not afraid at all.

Furthermore, Lys had already organized his army into ten teams of ten thousand men.

There were cavalry, archers, crossbowmen, and warriors.

Hence, the moment the battle broke out, it was almost one-sided.

On the other side, Ning Xiaoyue said anxiously, “Cousin, why arent you in a hurry Why dont we bring our troops over to help him”

Yang Mi rolled her eyes at her and said, “You bring them with you then, and dont cause him any trouble.

If he didnt have confidence, how could he be so calm Moreover, its not like you dont know how powerful his army is.

Can you have some confidence in him”

“Im just anxious!”

Li Xiang sat quietly on the throne in the hall, waiting for the arrival of victory.

Near a huge mountain forest and grassland, six armies were gathered here.

After the lords of the six countries met, not only did they not show any hostility, they even greeted each other and chatted cheerfully.

“We have six people, and our strength is not weak.”

“I have just obtained a rough map of the Demon Countrys territory.

This is the core of the country.

Why dont we form a team together and go straight to the core And if we can take down the Demon Country and kill Li Xiang, haha…”

“Good, good, good.

Lets not waste time.

Lets set off now.

Theres no time to waste.

Were not the only ones who have ideas about the Demon Country.”

“Then how are we going to split the spoils”

“Well act together.

When we face the enemy, well rely on our own abilities.

Whoever kills the enemy will get the spoils.

If no one invites us, we cant participate in killing other peoples prey.”

“Alright, lets do it!”

The few of them hurriedly discussed a few words before preparing to return to their respective armies and set off.

Suddenly, a faint thunder sound came from the sky.

When they looked up, their pupils suddenly constricted.

“Who is this person…”


A black shadow brought with it a violent sonic boom from the sky.

The sword light in its hand was like thunder as it instantly swept past the six people.

Blood splattered everywhere and their lives withered.

The black shadow did not stop at all.

It leaped up and flew up into the high sky again, disappearing into the distance in an instant.

In just two breaths, another black shadow flew over and revealed the figure of the Succubus Alice.

“Fuck, this bitch is always one step ahead!”

In terms of flying speed, the succubus had six wings.

It was definitely very fast.

However, compared to the Fallen Angel Alicia, for some reason, she was still lacking by a large margin.

“This bitch must be trying to compete with me for the lords favor.

No, I have to change my strategy and direction.

Otherwise, how can I get points and battle achievements”

Just as the succubus was about to leave, seven or eight heroes rushed out from the forest beside her, staring at her with blood-red eyes.

“Ha! Alicia actually only killed the lord and didnt care about the heroes.

These people have quite a lot of points.”

The succubus smiled and waved the huge scythe in her hand.

A blood-red arc of light flashed and disappeared.

The eight heroes were directly killed, their fate not much better than their lord.

“Leave the army to the people behind!”

The succubus laughed lightly and flashed away.

Not long after, a few nearby lords received the news and rushed over with their armies.

They immediately launched an attack.

There were no heroes, no lord, and no command.

The morale was already on the verge of collapse.

One side charged, and the other side completely collapsed.

Demon Castle.

Li Xiangs ears were already ringing with continuous notifications.

[Your hero, Fallen Angel Alicia, has killed the Lord of Qing.

You have received 1,000 points.]

[Your hero, Succubus Alice, has killed the hero of Bai Xiang.

You have received 500 points.]

[Your hero, Lys, has destroyed a team of enemies.

You have received 1,500 points.]

“Hua hua…”

A massive amount of points were being obtained on the system interface.

From time to time, there would be some information being obtained.

For example, equipment, gold coins, and so on.

However, the quality was not high, and the quantity was not much, so he did not take it to heart.

At the same time, the EXP pool that had been exhausted due to leveling up began to accumulate again.

The points that the EXP pool could accumulate were related to level.

Previously, when he was at Level 10, the EXP pool could only be filled up to level 25.

Now, if the EXP pool was filled up, it would only be enough for him to reach level 35.

Obviously, the higher the level, the more EXP he would need.


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