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Chapter 123: Legendary Lair

“Why did you call us here”

Yang Mis business-like manner made Li Xiang laugh in his heart.

“Li Xiang, where do you need a chef Sister Mi sent her best chef to you!”

“Xiaoyue, what nonsense are you talking about!”

“Ah” Ning Xiaoyue blinked her big eyes and looked confused.

Li Xiang held back his laughter, afraid that he would really laugh out loud and embarrass Yang Mi.

Then, she would run away, and the matter of finding them would be delayed.

“Ahem! This time, I called you two here to tell you about the follow-up development.”

Yang Mi and Ning Xiaoyue immediately showed interest when they heard that.

“Right now, I have three cross-regional teleportation arrays.

Even if the regional war is over, I can support you at any time.

The entire region knows this, so no one will pay attention to you.”

“Thats true.

There have been too many people who want to add us as friends in the past two days, but Sister Mi said that these people are people who are trying to curry favor and are not worthy of trust, so they are all blocked.”

Li Xiang nodded in approval and said, “Thats how it should be! Now, you dont have to do things according to others expectations, but others will do things according to your expectations.

As for Sister Mi, you guys develop according to your own plans.

You get your heroes to go and clean up the wild monsters in your territory with the cooperation of my army, and speed up your leveling and accumulate strength.”

“I got it!”

“Xiaoyue, did anything happen to your territory”


I initially heard that the Undead were almost at our location, but for some reason, there was no movement after that.

Its just that the distance is too big, and its very troublesome to go back and forth.”

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“Dont worry, Ive obtained a lot of spoils of war.

Although there arent any cross-regional teleportation arrays anymore, there are quite a few common ones.

You guys can take them back and build them so that you dont have to walk anymore.”

“Really Thats great.

Even the most common teleportation arrays cost five to six million gold coins.

I cant afford that.”

“Apart from working on your own developments, you can also build good relationships with other lords and obtain more resources from them.

By increasing trade, you will be able to increase your own strength.”

“If you run into trouble, just tell me.

Protect yourself first! I have a teleportation array.

As long as you give me the coordinates, I can bring an army here at any time.”


Ning Xiaoyue had always been on tenterhooks in her territory.

Otherwise, she would not have brought her subordinates here.

Now that she had Li Xiangs promise, she wanted to return to her territory immediately.

Suddenly, she thought of something and said anxiously, “Li Xiang, quickly invite me into your alliance.

Then, I will return to my country right now.

I havent been back for many days.

I dont know how Im doing.”

Yang Mis expression changed slightly.

She opened her mouth and wanted to say something, but in the end, she glared at Li Xiang and didnt say anything.

Li Xiang was also a little embarrassed at this moment.

This Ning Xiaoyue, really! Even if she wasnt in the alliance, she could always contact him anytime!

Now, he didnt know how to reject Ning Xiaoyue joining the alliance.

He couldnt say that the name of the alliance doesnt sound good!

“Ahem! Okay!”

Anyway, since they were already on the topic itself, might as well go through with it! As a man, what does he have to be afraid of

So, he quickly sent out the invitation.

When Ning Xiaoyue saw the name of the alliance, not only did she not hesitate, but she also revealed a strange smile.

She immediately clicked on the confirmation button and became the third member of the alliance.

“Li Xiang, now my cousin and I are both members of your harem.

You cant be biased against us in the future!”

“Cough, cough…”

Li Xiang almost choked on his saliva.

He could swear to the heavens that he had absolutely no ill intentions towards Ning Xiaoyue.

But now it seemed that no matter how he explained, it didnt seem to be of any use.

Seeing Yang Mis narrowed eyes looking at him, his heart filled with panic.

He hurriedly said, “Alright, I still have something to do.

In the future, if you have anything to discuss, you can enter this place to discuss it.

Its absolutely confidential.

Ive already given you the authority.

Feel free to do so.”

After saying that, he immediately disappeared from the chair, leaving only Yang Mi and Ning Xiaoyue.


“Cousin, Im going back to my country first!”

“This girl! Does she know what it means to join the alliance”

For the next seven days in a row, there were battles in the Demon Countrys territory.

A few heroes wandered around and killed the bosses in the monster nests.

Their levels rose very quickly.

Other than the eye demon, Alicia, Alice, Lys, and the Demon Hunter had all risen to level 50 and above.

Alicia, who was at the highest level, had even reached level 57.

More importantly, the average level of the Demon Country soldiers had also reached level 35.

This was the highest level in the entire continent.

However, Li Xiang was still not satisfied with this.

This level seemed to be very high compared to other countries, but compared to the monsters in the Evernight Continent, it was not even worth mentioning.

However, this was already the limit that could be reached at this stage.

Of course, apart from the level increase of his subordinates, they had also obtained a large amount of equipment and resources.


Right now, each of his subordinates had a set of S-rank equipment.

With this strength, even if they were to face a level 100 boss, they would still be able to deal a large amount of damage.

“Country Lord, other than these monster nests that have already been destroyed, we have also discovered more than a dozen legendary-level monster nests.

Should we continue to attack This requires the combined strength of two or three people to be able to kill them.”

“Legendary-level monster nests”

Li Xiangs heart skipped a beat.

He stood up and said, “Wait for me.

I want to see what a legendary-level monster is like.”

Each of these legendary-level bosses had a huge amount of EXP.

Killing one of them would give him at least ten levels of EXP.

As for Alicia and the others, one legendary-level monster was enough to give them three or four levels of EXP.

It was enough to give the entire Demon Army one or two levels of EXP.

This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Naturally, he would not miss it.

Hence, after putting on his equipment, he mounted his draconic horse and led his guards to the nearest legendary-tier monster lair.

[Corpse Demon Lair: Legendary]

Description: Spawns monsters every five minutes, spawns elite monsters every ten minutes, spawns a leader every hour, spawns a lord every three hours, spawns a gold overlord every eight hours.

Spawns a legendary lord every day.

Duration: Unknown

10,000 points will be awarded for destruction.

Li Xiangs eyes flashed.

“Its such a waste to destroy such a nest.

Spawning legendary monsters once a day is definitely a huge benefit.”

With such a nest, the Demon Countrys leveling speed would be greatly increased.

“You can begin.

However, only kill the Corpse Demons and dont destroy the nest.

In the future, you will take turns killing the monsters here to level up.”


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