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Chapter 124: Nest of the Abyssal Demon

“Yes, Country Lord!”

Li Xiang thought about how his territory had expanded more than 200 times and yet has only spawned a dozen or so legendary-level monster nests.

The ratio was really too low.

“It seems that if theres a chance, I still have to expand my territory crazily.

However, theres no need to fight for territory like before.

Now that Im a serious competitor, there are definitely many factions that see me as a thorn in their flesh.

These enemies will appear sooner or later.”

This place was a huge abyssal canyon.

Below the abyss, it is shrouded in dark clouds all year round.

The cold aura constantly rushes up into the sky from below and has formed a huge dark cloud over the years.

Even if one stood at the edge of the canyon, one could still feel the chill seeping into their bones.

“This is one of the legendary monster lairs.

Its really quite scary!”

Li Xiang looked at the dark abyss below and asked, “Is there no way down here Or can we just jump down and launch an attack”

“Yes, Country Lord! Theres no way down here.

We can only jump down.”

“How deep is it”

“About 1,200 meters!”

“Hiss –”

“Its so deep, no wonder we cant see the bottom.

If thats the case, other than Alicia and Alice, no one else can go down!”

“Yes!” Alice replied with an eager expression.

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“Then bring the Eye Demon down! I want to see whats going on down there! You two can start now.”


Alice and Alicia did not hesitate.

With a leap, they directly flew down and disappeared in an instant.

At the same time, the Eye Demon followed behind the two.

The flying speed of the Eye Demon was not fast, but it had the ability to float in the air.

It was neither fast nor slow as it followed behind.

Li Xiang used the shared vision of the Eye Demon to look around.

“Eh! Are there actually plants growing on the cliffs nearby Or maybe this is some kind of heavenly treasure.

When Alicia and the others come up, Ill have them pick it.

Even something seemingly trivial can be useful.”

Perhaps because no one had come near the cliffs for many years, there were not many plants growing on the cliffs, but occasionally there would be a cluster.

Some grew individually, while others grew together in many different shapes.

1200 meters was not a short distance, but it would not take long for them to fall from the sky.

The light gradually dimmed, and then became even darker.


Suddenly, a gray monster flew out from the stone wall and pounced on the Succubus Alice.

Although Alices speed was not as fast as Alicias, her agility was not weak at all, and her reaction speed was extremely fast.

She did not even dodge.

With a casual wave of the blood-red sickle in her hand, she instantly cut the monster that pounced at her into two halves.

This was a monster that had the shape of a human.

Its skin was dark green, its face was green, and its fangs were green.

It also had a pair of short wings.

As the monster was killed, it seemed to have activated some sort of signal.

Suddenly, terrifying monsters appeared on the cliff.

They pounced at the two of them like moths to a flame.

Alicias eyes flashed with cold killing intent.

With a flap of her wings, a layer of black flames enveloped her.

All the monsters that pounced on her were burned to ashes the moment they touched the black flames.

Almost at the same time, Li Xiang received a series of notifications.

[Your hero, Alice, has killed a level 30 elite gargoyle.

You have gained 3,000 EXP.]

[Your hero has killed a level 30 elite gargoyle.

You have gained 3,000 EXP.]

This 3,000 EXP was Li Xiangs share of the EXP gained from killing the monster.

This EXP was completely under Li Xiangs control.

He could use as much as he wanted.

Now, the EXP share was 1/10.

In other words, Alicia had gained 27,000 experience points.

This EXP gain was going to be extremely bountiful.

After all, this was only the first monster to appear, so its level should not be high.

Fortunately, there seemed to be only monsters like the elite gargoyles above the cliff.

Although they swarmed over, they did not pose any threat to the two of them.

Eye Demon slowly followed behind, not worrying about being attacked by the gargoyles at all.

Li Xiang frowned and said, “This gargoyle should be a magic product, right Could it be that the bosses below have evolved intelligence and can refine magic items themselves”

After all, it was a legendary monster lair.

It was not impossible for the boss inside to have intelligence.

1,200 meters passed by in the blink of an eye.



The shadows of terrifying zombies appeared from the darkness.

These zombies were originally lying on the ground, or even embedded in the stone walls.

At this time, the smell of blood woke them up immediately and they let out excited roars.

However, the ones who were more excited than them were Alicia and Alice.

Although the two of them did not speak, it was as if they were competing with each other.

They instantly launched an attack.

Alicia used her wings to fly up.

Wherever she passed, all the zombies were killed by the sword light.

It was violent and bloody.

Alice appeared more elegant, but it was still a gruesome sight to behold.

She put away the scythe in her hand and pulled out a whip.

With a casual wave of her hand, a whip that turned into a sea of fire fell.

“Pah pah pah…”

These whips landed on the bodies of these zombies and drew a deep, charred ravine.

Their flesh and blood turned into mud.

At the same time, the flames of purgatory burned directly on the bodies of these zombies, quickly turning them into human-shaped torches.

Eye Demon simply hung in the air and followed Li Xiangs consciousness.

It was completely a biochemical version of a surveillance drone.

However, there were simply too many zombies in the grand canyon.

It was as if there was no end to them.

Other than the common zombies, there were also terrifying poisonous zombies, self-destructing zombies, and flying zombies.

Li Xiang looked at the number of experience points that were soaring up on the panel, and a gleeful smile appeared on his face.

As expected, the monsters in the legendary-level lair were awesome.

Compared to the other low ranking monster lairs, their exp bonuses were much higher.

“I cant destroy such a precious land.

Although 10,000 points may seem like a small amount, keeping such a precious resource would be a huge EXP pool.

Whenever something is lacking, Ill come here and farm it once.


Of course, Li Xiang knew that keeping such a high-level lair also carried a huge risk.

After the monsters in the lair reached a certain level, they wouldnt obediently stay in the lair.

Instead, they would rush out of the lair and invade the surrounding area.

This was also the reason why all the Country Lords wanted to destroy these lairs.

The existence of these things would require a huge amount of energy, manpower, and time.

There were not many territories that were as perverse as Li Xiangs Demon Country.

They could easily wipe out such a place with just two heroes.

Alicias body suddenly emitted a ray of light, and her aura instantly became stronger.

This was the effect of directly leveling up without accumulating EXP after meeting the leveling conditions.

A hero could level up himself, and it would consume from their own EXP pool.

If the heros master leveled up their subordinates, it will consume their masters EXP pool.


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