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Chapter 125: Rapid Advancement

Previously, Li Xiang had told them about the existence of the Evernight Continent, but because their strength was too low, it had been delayed.

This acted as a huge incentive for them.

At the same time, on the other side, Alice had also leveled up.

Her level was slightly lower than Alicias.

She was only level 53, and now her opponent was already level 58.

A great sense of danger rose in Alices heart.

Right now, her master had been paying attention to the battle between the two of them.

Although her master had no intention of letting them compete, how could she let Alicia steal her limelight She was clearly the one who had come first.

“Dong dong dong!”

Suddenly, a series of messy and heavy footsteps came from afar.

Then, she saw a huge and burly figure walking over from the darkness.

These huge and burly figures were at least ten meters tall.

Their skin was deathly gray and was like a thick layer of a tortoises carapace.

On top of their necks, there were two heads, one big and one small.

They were holding a huge stone club in their hands, their heads thick and tails thin.

At this moment, not only was Alice not afraid, she even revealed an excited expression.

This kind of monster was obviously stronger than the common zombies from before.

This means its EXP must be very high as well.


Suddenly, a black light flashed, and a hole was made in the chest of a giant zombie.

Alicia appeared from the other side, and then she swept her long sword without looking back.

A sword aura cut off the neck of the giant zombie, and the two gray heads fell to the ground together, creating a big pit.

Alice was stunned for a moment and said angrily, “Alicia, this side is my turf, go back to your side!”

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Alicias indifferent voice echoed in the air, “Whoever gets it will get it.

Master is looking at efficiency, not who is better at acting coquettishly!”

“Fuck! You bitch!”

If it were not for the fact that she could not beat Alicia, she would definitely let this arrogant woman know how powerful she was now.

With this motivation in mind, and the knowledge that she wasnt weak either, she put away her whip, and a huge sickle appeared.

With teleportation, she arrived beside a giant zombie and chopped off its neck.

She was thinking of teleporting to the next monster.

“Arent you fast I can even teleport! Lets see whos faster!”

Li Xiang ignored the little conflict between Alice and Alicia.

He just looked at the increasing EXP and was filled with joy.

Alice had only killed two giant zombies and she had leveled up once again.

She was so happy that she almost started singing.

It would have been even more perfect if Alicia had not fought with her for the monsters.

As Alicia was at a higher level, she needed to kill five or six of them to gain more EXP and level up once.

Unfortunately, there were only forty or fifty of these giant zombies, and they were directly divided up between the two of them.

Alicia had leveled up five levels to reach level 63, while Alice had leveled up eight levels to reach level 61.


“I cant believe Im still two levels behind this guy!”

After Alice killed the last monster, her body moved and she flew towards the canyon.

Alicia was not willing to be outdone either.

She even took the initiative and surpassed Alice.

Both of them had already surpassed Rank 1.

Their strength had skyrocketed, and their damage was off the charts.

Along the way, it was as easy as crushing dried weeds.

One moment, they would level up, and the next moment, they would level up.

The other heroes turned green with envy.

Three hours later, the two of them arrived at a huge underground palace.

A huge figure wearing armor was sitting on a black throne.


With the arrival of Alicia and Alice, this huge and terrifying figure woke up.

It was carrying a huge battle spear.

Without any warning, without any dilly-dallying, it directly unleashed its strongest power to attack the two of them.

“Sword of Judgment!”


A humongous shadow sword fell from the sky and slashed at the zombies head, causing terrifying damage to the zombies body.

However, when the light and shadow dissipated, the zombie generals damaged head was actually seen to be granulating and recovering.

Within a breaths time, it had been restored back to its original status.

And the little HP that had been chipped away was instantly replenished.

“Hiss –”

Li Xiang could not help but suck in a breath of cold air when he saw this scene.

“Good lord, what kind of recovery ability is this His head has already been split open and he can still recover instantly.

How can we kill him”

Although this performance surprised Li Xiang, Alicia and the Succubus did not show any surprise or fear.

They did not even show any surprise.

“This monsters EXP is for you.

The next one is for me!” Alice suddenly said.

“Are you sure you can compete with the other heroes” Alicia was a little surprised.

She did not expect Alice to take the initiative to compromise and seek cooperation.

Although the two of them had been cooperating, they were also competing.

It was just that they didnt say it out loud.

“With your help, do you think that I cant compete with the others”


Alice swung the whip in her hand, and a flame turned into a hydra and began to bind the zombie general tightly.

Seeing this, Alicias eyes lit up, and she immediately launched an attack.

A terrifying shadow appeared on the wings behind her, and a terrifying aura erupted from the longsword in her hand.

“Sword of Destruction!”

This was a new skill Alicia had learned after leveling up and combining the Sword of Judgment with the Wings of Death.

Its power was even stronger.


It directly turned into a streak of black light that shot into the body of the black-armored zombie general, and then flashed past.

As it approached, the energy from the black sword aura out from the body of the black-armored zombie general.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The black-armored zombie general seemed to have been dismembered in half.

It disintegrated into pieces and fell to the ground.

At the same time, seven or eight items that shone with light appeared from the place where the corpse was scattered.

[Your hero, Alicia, has killed a Level 80 Zombie General.

You have gained 80,000 EXP.]

Alicias body flashed a few times consecutively, and her level was raised to level 70.

With a wave of her hand, she collected the items on the ground.

“This is a level-80 legendary-tier monster.

It was killed by the two of them in an instant before it could even display its true strength.

It seems that these two heroes of mine have grown up.

However, the lowest level of the monsters in the Evernight Continent should be level 100.

Therefore, its best not to enter unless the heroes and troops under their command have reached level 100.”

At this time, Li Xiang sensed a vibration coming from the magic tower.

He thought of something and said, “Ill go back first.

You guys continue to clean up the other nests.”

Soon, Li Xiang arrived inside the magic tower.

On the ground in the center of the first floor of the magic tower, the fiery red pet egg was shaking continuously.

“Is it going to hatch I wonder what it will hatch into.”

He had already dripped his blood on the pet egg and completed the blood contract, so he could sense the changes here at any time.


Cracks appeared on the egg, and then wisps of flame spread out from it.

The hot aura instantly turned the first floor of the magic tower into a sea of fire.

However, Li Xiang was not hurt at all.

He did not even feel the burning sensation.


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