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Chen Tao knew that although Li Xiang did not mention any reward, nor did he mention how much gold coins he would give him, he was extremely satisfied with this treatment.

In this world where human lives were like straws.

It was really rare to have a place where one could live and study peacefully.

At this time, he did not know what to say.

He just kept expressing his gratitude.

The two children looked at Li Xiang curiously.

They were not nervous at all.

They looked very lively.

Li Xiang smiled at the two of them and said, “Go!”

After the three of them left, the remaining four were the guards who had come with them.

They were all elves.

They were handsome and had slender bodies.

As elves, they hated demons.

Even though Li Xiang had trained his demons well, it still couldnt change their impression of demons.

However, when they faced Li Xiang, they were very respectful.

“Reporting to Country Lord Li, our king asked us to bring some supplies when we came here.

His Majesty asked us to give them to Your Highness personally.”

“Oh What are they”

“Your Highness will know after seeing them!”

Li Xiang stood up curiously and went outside.

He saw more than ten huge trucks, all of which were pulled by the most durable wild demon bulls.

“This truck is full of elf fruits; this truck is full of Hundred Flowers Wine; this truck is full of crystal wheat; this truck is full of plant rice; this truck…”

The leading elf walked as he made an introduction, all the way to the last truck.

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“This car contains some snacks and pastries that our king personally made for you.

They are all frozen with ice and will never go bad.”

Li Xiang was stunned.

He thought of Yang Mi personally preparing pastries for him in the kitchen and enjoying making snacks.

He was touched.

The beauty is so kind!

“Okay, I got it! You guys have worked hard.

Rest here for a day before you leave.

I will prepare some gifts for you to bring back!”

The leader of the elves had originally planned to leave immediately, but when he heard that Li Xiang was about to return the gift, he swallowed his words of refusal.

“Alicia, you can make the arrangements for these elven friends!”

Although Alicia belonged to Abyss faction now, and her power attribute had changed from light to darkness, she was still an angel in nature.

Compared to demons, the elves should be more receptive.

As expected, the elves revealed relaxed smiles on their faces when they faced Alicia.

After everyone left, Li Xiang called a demon underling to send more than ten carts of ingredients to the warehouse behind the castle.

Only the last cart was opened and the pastries and snacks were taken out.

He put them into his storage ring.

Space and time were still inside the SS grade storage ring.

Nothing could be damaged.

After returning to his room, Li Xiang went to the balcony and sat on a comfortable chair.

With a thought, a light green pastry appeared in his hand.

This pastry contained many ingredients from Myriad World Continent.

He didnt know the exact name, but just smelling the sweet scent made him feel warm.

Opening the system interface, the chat channel was still bustling with activity.

It seemed that there were a few kings who fought over a female king.

In the end, an unusually large-scale war broke out.

Each had their own victories and losses.

There were also people who discovered a ruin and obtained some treasure after entering, showing it off on the public screen.

Li Xiang silently watched the scene for a while, then he opened Yang Mis profile picture and took a selfie of himself with the pastry in his hand.

He then wrote: “Which beauty made this Why does it have a love stink”


After he sent the photo, he received a reply almost instantly.

“You cant even stop your mouth from eating.

Dont eat it if you think it stinks!”

“Hehe, cant I just show off a little”

In Hundred Flowers Kingdom, Yang Mi had a faint smile on her lips and her beautiful eyes were filled with sweetness.

“I still have a batch of good equipment left.

You and Xiaoyue can choose from them, and Ill put the rest up for auction.”

After saying this, Li Xiang immediately sent over a large pile of equipment icons.

With a click, all the information about these equipment would be available.

The items that Li Xiang sent over actually included some equipment that he had collected himself, but he didnt need them now.

There were even two pieces of low-grade SS equipment among them.

Although the rank of the equipment was low, Li Xiang thought that they were still the most mainstream equipment.

They were priceless.

When Yang Mi saw the hundreds of pieces of equipment, her eyes were about to be dazzled.

However, she was not a greedy person.

She only chose the equipment that she needed and the equipment that she would use in the near future.

It was about the time of logistics, and there were all kinds of quality equipment.

After Ning Xiaoyue received the information, she did not even bother to say anything.

She quickly picked almost a hundred pieces of equipment and did not hold back at all.

Yang Mi gritted her teeth when she saw this.

“Li Xiang, is this the benefit of joining the alliance This is simply great, hahaha!”

At this time, even Li Xiang suspected that he had done something wrong by letting Ning Xiaoyue to join the alliance.

“Hows your country”

Ning Xiaoyue had already returned to her country.

“Its still fine! I was careful when I first came back.

But after visiting a friend, I found that the countries around me are all kind.

None of them is hostile to me, and they even gave me a lot of resources.”

Yang Mi smiled bitterly.

“Fortune favors fools!”

In fact, after Ning Xiaoyue returned home, she met a nearby king.

This king realized that Ning Xiaoyues country had been neglected and thought that it had been abandoned.

He was about to invade.

When he suddenly saw Ning Xiaoyue, he was shocked.

Then, he used his scouting technique to check on Ning Xiaoyues information.

When he saw the special name of the alliance, he clicked on it and looked again.

Only then did he realize that this was an alliance built by the country lord of Demon Country.

There were only three people in it.

He felt that he had discovered a huge secret.

This was not an alliance at all.

It was a harem that Li Xiang had built for himself.

Looking at Ning Xiaoyues innocent look, he could only lament that this girl was lucky.

Although he had many thoughts in his heart, it was a pity that when faced with Li Xiang, the lord of Demon Country, all his desires disappeared in an instant.

He went from an enemy to a “friend”!

Yang Mi had worked hard to protect her country.

Li Xiang had even come to her rescue.

But in the end, her country still ended up in ruins.

In contrast, Ning Xiaoyue had left her country behind for more than half a month.

When she went back, not only was her country thriving and completely fine, but the surrounding enemy countries had also become her “friends”.

Even Li Xiang couldnt help but admire Ning Xiaoyues unbelievable luck when he found out about this.

Although he had recruited Ning Xiaoyue into the alliance, in fact, he really didnt have any ill intentions towards this girl.

It was just that she was too pure.

She made other people couldnt bear to desecrate her.


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