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However, it would take some time before the auction for the two items in the auction house ended.

Ten minutes later, the auction ended, and all four items were in his hands.

Li Xiang didnt stop there.

First, he used the Infinity Mirror to duplicate three legendary furnaces.

He had two Earthfire Furnaces, Purgatory Furnace, and Heavenly Fire Furnace.

With the last Sun Furnace, he had a total of seven furnaces.

“This should be enough!”

He came to Sky Workshop and fused the seven furnaces into it.


The Sky Workshop instantly opened up seven separate forging rooms.

“Your Highness!”

“With these seven furnaces, how much can we increase our production”

“Your Highness, please send another thirty-five Demon Mages.

We can produce fifty Magic Crystal Cannons in half a month! But…”


“The materials we have are only enough to produce 50 Magic Crystal Cannons.”

Li Xiang nodded.

He knew that Magic Crystal Cannons consumed a terrifying amount of materials, but it was worth it.

“Alright, then thats it.

Make it 50 then! Produce 12 first.

I need to use them!”

“Yes, Your Highness!”

After settling the production of Magic Crystal Cannons, Li Xiang had more confidence in dealing with the crisis of Evernight Continent.

However, in order to purchase the furnaces, he had spent millions of crystal coins.

This money had to be earned again no matter what.

Li Xiang called for the city lord of Emperor City, Zhao Mingcheng.

“Arrange a hundred people to come over and help me tidy up the warehouse!”

“Yes! How about I arrange a thousand people In the future, Your Highness can summon them anytime when needed.”

Li Xiang nodded and said, “Sure!”

Zhao Mingcheng immediately left happily.

Not long after, one thousand humans entered City of Dawn.

At this time, City of Dawn was still empty.

There werent many people living there.

Li Xiang arranged these people to live in the military camp near the palace.

The leader of the group was a young man named Zhao Sheng.

He was Zhao Mingchengs nephew.

“Greetings to Your Highness!”

“All right, you will guard the palace from now on.

I will bring you to the treasury now.

There are a lot of things inside.

Bring some people to sort out these treasures!”


The Kingdom of Dawns treasury was an independent space.

All the items that were collected after devouring the Lords imprints were piled up here.

Li Xiang had destroyed over a thousand countries.

More than half of the national treasuries and the country lords personal spaces and other items would enter this place.

The place looked like a small world at a glance.

There was no end to the countless mountains of items.

Among these items, there were gold coins, crystal coins, equipment, and treasures.

They were shining with a golden light and looked extremely amazing.

Even as the owner of this place, it was the first time that Li Xiang had come here.

In the past, this place was under the management of Succubus Alice, but it seemed that this management was not up to standard!

“Yes! This is the place.

All of you will temporarily stay here to organize these things!”

As Li Xiang said this, he waved his hand.

Black stone shelves instantly rose up from the ground.

The place was then densely packed with at least ten thousand of shelves.

With another wave of his hand, the stone walls rose up from the ground, separating the space into individual rooms.

In the middle, a corridor was left, and numbers were marked on it.

Then, he raised his hand and tapped on Zhao Shengs forehead, giving him temporary access to the treasury.

“Alright, Ill leave this to you!”

Li Xiang didnt say anything more.

After making the arrangements, he turned around and left.

Other than the national treasury, Li Xiang also had a warehouse.

However, this warehouse was where the discarded spoils of war were stored.

Although these discarded spoils of war were broken, some of the materials used were very precious, so they werent thrown away.

After selection, they were stored as recyclable materials.

The main reason that the things were stored was because the amount was huge enough.

If there were not many of them, there was no need to pick them up.

For example, after a few Phoenix Flames from the little phoenix, Qing Ying, not only were the enemies burned to death, but the treasures and equipment on him were also burned into rags.

In the next few days, Li Xiang kept picking out equipment from his storage ring that he did not need and threw them into the trading channel and the auction house.

At the same time, after Zhao Sheng and his one thousand men worked tirelessly to organize the items, a large number of low-and mid-rank equipment and resources were cleared out of the storage.

He did not need these low-and mid-rank equipment and resources at all.

Even Yang Mi and the other two did not need them.

Naturally, he could not just keep them in his hands.

Thus, he decided to sell them out in batches, one hundred pieces per pack.

As a result, the auction channel went crazy.

“S-Rank equipment, thirteen pieces, appearing consecutively.

God Li Xiang, isnt this too much Even selling such equipment”

“What nonsense are you talking about Quickly raise money to buy it!”

“What is this One hundred sets of C-Rank standard armor, ten crystal coins Buy!”

“Eh This is a set of one hundred B-Rank weapons One hundred crystal coins Buy… Which bastard snatch my equipment”

The chat channel was abuzz with excitement.

Each of the country leaders had prepared their money and were staring at the trade channel.

As long as it was equipment sold by Li Xiang, it would be instantly sold out.

There was no better and cheaper equipment than these.

Everyone knew that Li Xiang had destroyed thousands of countries.

The system had given him the title “Lord of Wolf Destruction”.

This was definitely not a joke.

After destroying thousands of nations, many people could not imagine how many spoils of war there would be.

However, this did not stop them from taking advantage of it.


The trading channel refreshed again.

In an instant, hundreds of new equipment appeared.


Then, they disappeared in an instant, completely sold out.

When the people saw this scene, they could not help but sigh.

How many years of experience did these people have to possess such action speed They did not give them any chance at all.

This was to the extent that some of the slower country lords shouted on World Chat Channel, “Everyone, please show mercy! Lord Li Xiang didnt sell these spoils of war to make money, but to raise the strength of all the humans.

You cant just hoard them! This isnt something that humans do!”

“Why do I feel like youre scolding me” a Croc-human country lord said angrily.

“Youre not human to begin with, and you still care about being called not human Are you crazy”

“Why isnt Li Xiangs equipment sold in the World Trade Channel Is he afraid that I cant afford it”

“Doesnt selling it to you means supporting the enemy Whats there to cant understand”

“Hmph, what about that God of War Alliance Why arent they here now They were making such a big fuss previously, and I thought that they had some ability.

But now it seems that theyre simply trash!”

“Sir, please dont insult useless people, okay Even if theyre useless, theyre not that stupid.”

At this time, it had been two or three days since the last war between God of War Alliance and Kingdom of Dawn.

However, this matter was still hot, and it would be mentioned and criticized from time to time.


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