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“What a pity, I didnt get the territory core of the Werewolf King.”

Li Xiang felt a little regretful.

The Myriad World Continent was a place that forced people to constantly wage war.

Only by continuously annexing and subjugating could one increase their strength and walk further and further in this world.

An S-Rank territorial talent was extremely important in the early stages.

Even Li Xiang wasnt willing to let it go so easily.


Hence, he sent out a large number of soldiers to search.

More than half of the 4,000 combat soldiers guarding the Forest of Ice and Fire were split up.

In the original territory of the Tauren King and the Werewolf King, they conducted a grid-style search on both land and air.

At the same time, Carl, who was traveling with Lina, brought back a group of heavily injured Tauren with dozens of barbarians.

Unfortunately, the terrain in that area was a little complicated.

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The search was very difficult.

It was close to evening, but there was still nothing.

Li Xiang didnt pay much attention to this.

He was standing on the city wall, looking at the various houses that had just been built, deep in thought.

“The basic buildings in the city are almost complete.”

He had six pieces of territory.

It was not realistic to use the city wall to cover all of them.

Not to mention wasting resources like that, it was also very difficult to build on different terrains.

Even if he could overcome the difficulties and build it, the battle line would be stretched infinitely.

If a gap appeared in the defensive line during wartime, all the outer walls would lose their function.

“I cant do such a stupid thing.”

Li Xiang shook his head.

It was time to plan the construction of the defensive line.

It was very troublesome to deploy this matter.

Fortunately, he had the eye demon.

It could split into countless small eye demons and create a map for his territory.

From the small eye demons feedback, he got to know.

Apart from the main territory, the terrain in the other territories was very complicated.

Hills, ravines, canyons, cliffs, swamps, dense forests, and so on.

There were countless of them.

Li Xiang rubbed his chin and pondered.

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“Some places can be used as natural barriers, such as canyons and cliffs.

Its impossible to walk through such places unless its a flying unit.

All you need to do is build more arrow towers and sentry towers to form an observation and defense line.”

Building a tower was much easier than building a city.

Li Xiang felt that it was feasible.

However, he did not have any archers at the moment.

Even if he built an arrow tower, it would not be of much use.

For the time being, he could only use the Black Wing Demons as his eyes to guard the important pass.

The resource points were very important.

Whether it was the mines, water sources, the Ancient Well of Darkness, or the fields of the Dark Flower Goblins, none of them could fall into the hands of others.

“I can do it bit by bit, but I cant rush it.”

The wood and stone resources in the warehouse had already bottomed out.

The construction and repair of the city wall had consumed too much.

It had directly emptied out the profits from the previous transaction.

Just as Li Xiang was thinking about whether he should sell another batch of Honey Roasted Meat, there was suddenly a clamor at the city gate.

He looked down and saw that it was Carl who had returned.

There was an ordinary person on his back who was unconscious.

Sally and the others rushed over to help him take the person and let the cat-eared lady check his injuries.

Carl asked weakly, “I want to see the leader.

Where is he now”

At this time, Li Xiang had already walked down from the city.

He looked at the injuries on his body and could not help but frown.

“What happened”

“Leader! I… I have failed you!”

Carl suddenly knelt on the ground and said in a sorrowful voice, “The escort mission you gave me failed…”

“Speak slowly.” Li Xiang glanced at Sally and raised his hand to signal, “Treat him first.”

Sally nodded slightly and asked the cat-eared lady to do as she was told.

After confirming that Carls injuries wouldnt affect his life, Li Xiang asked him to explain the cause and effect.

It turned out that not long after Li Xiang sent Carl to escort the Tauren King, they were attacked by a group of strange creatures.

The enemy was very powerful.

Facing the Tauren and barbarians, those creatures could fight the two of them solo.

They did not even greet each other when they met and directly attacked.

The Tauren were finished on the spot.

Only the Tauren King was left.

Under Carls desperate protection, he charged out of the encirclement.

However, dozens of barbarians paid with their lives in order to stop the other party from pursuing and attacking.

Li Xiang patted his shoulder.

“If you can save the Tauren leader, the mission isnt considered a failure.

Do you know who did it”

“It was a group of strange-looking creatures… I cant describe them.

I only feel that their defense is very high.

When the axe and long sword hit them, they didnt have much reaction.” Carl looked ashamed.

At this time, the Tauren King also woke up.

He looked confused.

“Im still alive”

“Yes, youre still alive.”

Carl gave an affirmative answer.

After coughing heavily for a while, he reminded him, “You should get to know the lord first.”

“Ah” The Tauren King turned his head and saw a handsome young man.

He couldnt help but ask tentatively, “Youre… Boss Li Xiang”

“Yes.” Li Xiang answered simply.

Sally grinned from the side.

“Welcome, new friend.

My name is Sally.

I wont be so tired with your help in the future.”

Li Xiang glanced at her.

“Is classifying weapons a very tiring task Should I send you to do mining”

“No! I was wrong.

Boss Li Xiang, show mercy!”

Sally stuck out her tongue and stopped talking.

Li Xiang looked at the Tauren King and asked, “Tell me, who ambushed you”

“My name is Tyler.”

The Tauren King clutched his chest and tried to stand up.

He didnt succeed, so he had to lie down obediently, he continued, “Boss Li Xiang, it was the mermaids who launched the attack.

I suspect that the Werewolf King has already made a deal with him.

You have to be careful.

He also has S-Rank soldiers.”


Li Xiang nodded and gave the eye demon a look.

“I know that!”

The eye demon immediately spoke with confidence, “Mermaids are creatures of the aquatic race.

Their temperaments are violent.

They can be considered a very powerful species in this world.

Defense and recovery are their specialties.

In the water, they are almost immortal.”

“Do you know their weakness” Li Xiang asked.

The eye demon shook its head.

“Im not sure.

Perhaps those who have found their weakness are all dead.”

“Then lets try fighting them.”

Li Xiang narrowed his eyes.

“They know that Im the one protecting Tyler, yet they dare to send people to kill him.

How dare they.”

As he said that, he waved his hand.

“Eye Demon! Find out where these mermaids are hiding!”


“Yes, my Lord!”


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