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Eye Demons were the best at scouting.

After Tyler provided a rough location, the small eye demons moved out one after another, heading towards their target location.

Although it was a cross-region operation, it wasnt affected by it too much.

The small eye demons moved very fast.

Much faster than the Flower Goblins.

The Flower Goblins had to walk for several hours while they could arrive in dozens of minutes.

It was already nighttime.

It was very suitable for them to move.

Not long after, the eye demons body twitched.

There was a discovery!

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Li Xiang gave a look, and the succubus immediately went forward to help the eye demon to tune the picture.

“Its them!” Carl pointed at the creatures inside and said loudly.

It was a group of snake-headed, human-shaped creatures with four thick arms.


They were blue and covered in scales.

Their toes were connected by skin and flesh, just like flippers.

In the background was a sea.

Beside was a very steep cliff which was covered with white flowers.

A location with an iconic landmark would be easy to find!

Li Xiang narrowed his eyes and tuned out the other partys attributes.

[Mermaid] (Normal Unit)

Quality: S

Race: Aquatic Race — Sea Monster

Growth Rate: 7

Rank: 6

Magic Attack: 320-510

Defense: 330


HP: 8,000

Skills —

[Water Regeneration] (Passive): It can quickly restore vitality and combat strength in the water.

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[Mermaid Gauze]: Able to shed special defensive scales.

Other units can gain diving ability after wearing it.

Water-type units can gain a large amount of attack and defense bonuses when wearing them.

Its quite powerful!

Li Xiang raised his eyebrows.

He finally saw a decent soldier.

It could be seen that the ruler of this mermaid soldier was definitely a war maniac.

His demon soldiers were only Rank 10 after receiving the beast tide rewards at Rank 5, while the mermaids were already Rank 6.

The leveling efficiency was terrifying.

However, a few days had passed since the beast tide.

Li Xiang had not gone out to battle during this period of time.

He was focused on developing, so others would naturally catch up to his rank.

“The soldiers are not bad, but its a pity that they are still lacking compared to the Black Wing Demons.”

After all, the mermaids were just normal units, while the Black Wing Demons were elite units.

This natural gap was something that the other party could not make up for through their ranks.

Moreover, their ranks had yet to catch up completely.

There was still an unbridgeable gap in their attributes.

Tyler propped himself up and looked at the screen.

At the same time, he lamented how powerful Boss Li Xiang was, and his gaze suddenly froze.

“Thats… the Werewolf King!”

As he spoke, he pointed excitedly at the figure of an ordinary person on the screen.

“Boss Li Xiang, thats the Werewolf King.

Hes the one who invaded my territory!”

On the screen, the Werewolf King put on the Mermaid Gauze that the mermaids took off and dived into the water.

It wouldnt be easy for the small eye demons to follow him.

“Cant the small eye demons enter the water” Li Xiang asked.

The eye demon replied, “We can, but we cant stay in the water for too long.

Moreover, the water is the territory of the mermaids; we might be discovered.”

“Follow them.”

Li Xiang was not worried about being discovered by the other party.

In front of absolute strength, so what if he was discovered

The small eye demons followed them little by little.

A small underwater city appeared in front of everyones eyes.

“Wow, so it lives in the water.

No wonder it leveled up so quickly.”

Li Xiang couldnt help but feel relieved.

The number of creatures in the sea was much larger than on land.

There were all kinds of creatures passing by almost every moment.

For example, ordinary fish were here to give EXP.

As long as one paid attention to the stamina of their subordinates and continued to hunt, the EXP would be endless, and they would be leveling up rapidly.

On the other hand, hunting on land would be very difficult.

Those mammals might even run away when they see anyone.

It would be difficult to catch up.

Not to mention killing them.

The mermaids brought the Werewolf King into the city, and soon, a fat man walked out, surrounded by another group of mermaids.

“I really dont want to see you at this time, my unlucky werewolf friend.”

His face was ugly, looking like a fat version of the Marvel Red Skull.

Due to the influence of the races soldier talent, small bumps appeared on the skin of his body one after another, like the embryonic form before the growth of scales.

Just one look was enough to give him nightmares!

Li Xiang couldnt help but turn his head to look at the eye demon, then turned his head to look at the succubus.

He silently took two steps towards the succubus.

Humanoid demon soldiers were very beautiful.

As long as he didnt spend too much time with the eye demon, he shouldnt be affected to grow into its spherical form.

On the screen, the Werewolf Kings face was filled with anger.

“What on earth are you doing Its just a few dozen A-Rank Barbarians, and you actually let them escape”


The Mermaid King curled the corners of his mouth and lightly asked, “Are you questioning me”

A few mermaids stepped forward at the same time with a murderous aura.

“I just dont understand.” The Werewolf King softened his tone.

The sense of crisis made his scalp tingle.

The Mermaid King didnt hold on and asked instead, “Tell me, why did you want to see me You should know that the deal between us is over.”

“Im not reconciled!” The Werewolf King was angry again.

“Li Xiang this bastard has obstructed my actions time and time again.

If it werent for him, the Taurens territory would have been mine long ago!”



The Werewolf King gritted his teeth.

“So I came here to offer the territory core.

As long as you help me, this thing is yours”

“Okay.” The Mermaid King agreed very straightforwardly.

He stretched out his hand.

“Give it to me.”

The Werewolf King hesitated for a moment.

How did he agree so easily

He thought that the Mermaid King would bargain.

After all, the person he wanted to deal with was Li Xiang!

“What You are not willing” The Mermaid King sneered.

“It seems that you dont have any sincerity.

Get lost.”


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