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With a signal from his eyes, a few mermaids immediately stepped forward and pushed the Werewolf King away.


The Werewolf King raised his hand and called for a halt.

He took out a dark red ball from his bosom and said, “The core is for you.

When will you send the troops”

“Ill give you the equipment first.”

The Mermaid Kings eyes lit up as he held the core of the werewolf territory in his hand.

He could not put it down.

The mermaid beside him immediately handed over a box that was filled with translucent armor.

The Werewolf King used the system to take a look.

They were all excellent quality equipment.

It was much better than the previous batch.

“Good stuff! As expected of an S-Rank ruler!”

He could not help but praise.

“Whats an S-Rank” The Mermaid King sneered.

“In the eyes of a true powerhouse, an S-Rank soldier is just a toy.”

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The Werewolf King scratched his head.

What did he mean by that Could it be that there were rulers in this sea area who had S-Rank initial soldiers or above

However, seeing the Mermaid Kings expression that clearly did not want to say anything more, he did not ask further.

Instead, he said, “I dont have many werewolves now.

Can you lend me some resources to develop Of course, I can join you.”

“Yes, of course.”

The Mermaid King was kind and full of smiles.

“The sea is not suitable for werewolves.

Ill give you the forest on the cliff.”

“Thank you!”

The Werewolf King was overjoyed.

That was a good place.

He no longer hesitated and prepared to leave for land.

In the end, the next second, the mermaids behind him suddenly attacked.

The trident instantly pierced through the body of the Werewolf King.

His internal organs were ruptured, and his blood dyed a large area of the sea.

“You… you…”

The Werewolf King couldnt believe it.

The Mermaid King walked forward and revealed a cruel smile.

“You are no longer of value to me.

Keeping you will only waste my food.

As for your territory… I will take good care of it for you.

You can go in peace.”

The Werewolf King stretched out his trembling hand with resentment, wanting to drag the person in front of him to hell with him.

But he had lost too much blood.

He could not even stand properly, so how could he have the ability to kill


The mermaid behind him suddenly pulled out his trident, bringing out a large pile of broken internal organs.

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The Werewolf King couldnt hold on any longer.

His eyes turned black, and he completely lost all signs of life.

“I still have some friends.”

The Mermaid King turned his gaze and found the location where the small eye demon was hiding.

Through the broadcast, it was as if he was looking into Li Xiangs eyes.

“Li Xiang, right”

With a chuckle, “I know.

You also have S-Rank initial soldiers.

Although youre an elite unit and slightly stronger than me, Im invincible in this sea.

Youd better stay on your land and not come looking for trouble with me.

The werewolf tribes territory belongs to me, and the Taurens territory belongs to you.

None of us should cross the line, or else…”

As he said that, he pointed at the Werewolf Kings corpse on the ground.

“He is a good example for you.”

The next second, the scene was cut off.

The mermaids found the small eye demon and killed it easily.

“Hes too arrogant!”

Sally gritted her teeth, “How dare he threaten Boss Li Xiang.

How pretentious!”

Carl was also very angry; he wanted to rush into the ocean immediately, find the Mermaid King, and smash his head with his fist!

The succubus did not say a word.

It was not difficult to see from her cold eyes that she was really angry.

How dare he threaten the Demon Lord

Very good.

He will definitely have a taste of death!

Li Xiangs gaze was indifferent.

“In his eyes, the only soldiers I exposed were the Barbarians and the Black Wing Demons.

Therefore, he naturally regarded me as an S-Rank ruler.

He felt that his level was about the same as mine, so he naturally had the confidence to be arrogant.”

“Hmph!” The succubus clenched her small fists.

“Just those few mermaids of his, I can take care of them with a whip!”

Li Xiang couldnt help but laugh.

This little girl was quite protective of her master that she even got angry over a sentence.

He patted the succubus on the back and consoled her, “Theres no need to get angry.

I know youre powerful, but now is not the time for you to make a move.”

Sally was puzzled.

“Are we really not going to find him This persons methods are so cruel.

He definitely wont be honest and share the territory with us.”

“Of course, I know.”

Li Xiang smiled, “But didnt you hear what he saidIn the eyes of a true powerhouse, an S-Rank soldier is just a toy. I suspect that the sea area is protected by a stronger ruler.

This Mermaid King is just a small fry.”

Sally could not help but hold her forehead in speechlessness.

An S-Rank ruler is just a small fry

The bosss sights were too high!

“Send the Black Wing Demons to test it out, and youll know.”

Li Xiang pulled out the system panel and started mobilizing the soldiers in the Forest of Ice and Fire.

He took out a thousand Black Wing Demons and rushed towards the location of the Mermaid King!

In the eyes of the small eye demons.

Black shadows flashed across the sky and plunged into the sea.

The small eye demons followed closely behind, providing Li Xiang with a first-hand view of the battle.

At the bottom of the sea, in the small city.

It was now surrounded by countless Black Wing Demons.

“Li Xiang You really dare to come to my territory!”

The Mermaid King recognized this at a glance and shouted, “Come out and meet me!”

A Black Wing Demon sneered.

“Are you even qualified to meet the Demon Lord”

The Mermaid King was enraged.

How dare a mere soldier act so presumptuously with him

He immediately gave the order!

“Kill! Leave no one alive!”

Instantly, mermaids swam out one after another from the city and formed an offensive formation.

Waving the trident in their hands, they charged towards the Black Wing Demons.

The intelligence of the Black Wing Demons was very high.

Even when there was no one commanding them, they would still release the Light of Destruction at the first moment, causing a large amount of stacked damage to the enemy.

Unfortunately, their opponents this time were also S-Rank soldiers.

Moreover, they were mermaids with high HP and defense, and they had extremely strong regenerative abilities in the water!

After a round of attacks, none of the mermaids died.

The HP that they had lost was also recovering rapidly.

It was believed that they would be able to return to their full condition soon.



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