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wei xin was also drunk, sitting in the passenger seat and snoring.

“you dont care about wei xin” fang yusheng asked susanna.

su shanna said, ” im at the scene.

put her right under my nose.

no matter how wild she is, she wont be able to escape my sight.

fang yusheng sneered.

“many thanks.”

he carried qiao jiusheng all the way home.

when he placed qiao jiusheng on the bed, fang yusheng was exhausted.

he rolled up the sleeves of his sleeping robe and took a few deep breaths before he started to help qiao jiusheng peel her clothes.

qiao jiusheng mumbled, ” dont mess around, yusheng.

” she then turned over and fell asleep on the bed with her back facing fang yusheng.

fang yusheng took off qiao jiushengs clothes in a few moments and threw her into the bathtub.

qiao jiusheng immediately woke up.

she opened her eyes and stared at fang yusheng.

” you went to pick me up ” she asked.

“susanna sent you back.”


qiao jiusheng held onto the edge of the bathtub with both hands, trying to sit up.

however, she was drunk, so she was a little dizzy and weak.

she hugged fang yushengs waist and said coquettishly, ” im dizzy.

give me a massage.

fang yusheng said, ” my heart hurts.

can you help me blow on it ”

qiao jiusheng raised her head to look at him.

fang yusheng said again, ” im burning with anger.

can you help me extinguish it ”

qiao jiusheng realized that fang yusheng was angry.

she coughed lightly and explained, ” i havent gone out to play in a long time.

its rare for me to go out, so im having so much fun that i forgot myself.

please understand.

seeing that fang yushengs face was still tense, qiao jiusheng added, ” ill take you with me next time.

“who needs you to lead!” fang yusheng pressed her body into the water, turned on the shower, and wet her face.

then he turned and ran to the dressing table to find makeup removal cream.

although his attitude was impatient, the way he removed her makeup was gentle.

qiao jiusheng allowed fang yusheng to remove her makeup.

he had seen her bare face without makeup for so many years anyway.

fang yusheng used warm water to wash qiao jiushengs face clean.

after washing her face, he stared at the increasingly obvious wrinkles at the corner of qiao jiushengs eyes, and the anger in his heart suddenly calmed down.

the crows feet was not only a sign of qiao jiushengs aging, but it was also a sign that she had accompanied him for more than ten years.

fang yusheng lowered his head and wanted to kiss her.

qiao jiusheng suddenly hiccuped.

fang yusheng smelled a strong alcohol smell.

he frowned and threw the sponge on her chest in disgust.

“wash yourself.”

qiao jiusheng pulled him back and hurriedly said, ” dont, continue.

i dont want to move.

“ive spoiled you!” fang yusheng got up and left, not caring if qiao jiusheng lived or died.

alone in the bathroom, qiao jiusheng pretended to be sad as she mumbled, ” back then, you pampered me to the heavens.

you thought i was cute even when i was stupid.

a casual touch from me could make you burn with desire.

” look at me now, im begging you to help me take a bath, but youre despising me for being old and yellow …”


fang yushengs mouth twitched.

soon, there was the sound of water in the bathroom.

after a while, qiao jiusheng came out, wrapped in a bath towel and having just brushed her teeth.

her hair wasnt wet, so she fell directly onto the bed.

fang yusheng saw that she was about to fall asleep and said, ” you havent done your skincare … ”

hearing this, qiao jiushengs eyes shot open.

as if she had lost her soul, she struggled to get up and staggered to the dressing table to find her bottles.

as qiao jiusheng applied the skin lotion on her face, fang yusheng leaned against the headboard and looked at his phone.

he heard qiao jiusheng say, ” there are no ugly women in this world, only lazy women.

how can a beautiful woman like me be lazy! ”

fang yusheng didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

after qiao jiusheng was done with her cumbersome skincare routine, she walked to the bed, pulled fang yushengs arm, and automatically lay in his arms.

qiao jiusheng was drunk and always woke up very late the next day.

fang yusheng woke up early.

when he came to the front yard, he found that the children had not gone to school.

fang taoran was holding a phone in her hand and was discussing something with her two brothers.

fang yusheng seemed to hear fang taoran mention the wordsnonsense andimpossible.

“what are you guys talking about”

fang yusheng stood behind them and asked.

fang taoran was standing with her back to fang yusheng.

when she heard this, she quickly turned around and hid her phone behind her.

fang yusheng stretched out his hand, his palm facing up.

” give it to me, ” he said coldly.

fang taoran refused.

fang zikai looked at his sister with sympathy.

fang zicheng said to fang taoran, ” give daddy the phone.

fang taoran had always listened to her big brother.

fang taoran obediently handed the phone over.

fang yusheng turned on his phone.

the cell phones that he gave the children were all ordinary domestic brands.

they were not as high-end as the X smart phone and could be used by anyone.

fang yusheng unlocked the phone and saw an exclusive scoop by the name of qin zhuan.

famous designer wei xin had an affair with her close friend for many years!

he was stunned and looked up at the three children.

the three children all looked at him with sympathy.

their sympathetic eyes seemed to be saying, ” look, theres a green light shining on daddys head.

fang yusheng took a deep breath and his fingers slid down a few times.

ambiguous photos jumped into his sight.

it was obvious that the photo had been taken secretly.

on the dance floor of the bar, qiao jiusheng and wei xin were cuddling and whispering sweet nothings to each other.

it was uncouth.

fang yusheng looked at qiao jiusheng and knew that she was drunk.

wei xin, on the other hand, was also drunk and crazy.

if fang yusheng didnt know that susanna was at the scene last night, he would have believed the report.

the report even included a brief introduction.

the editor was quite eloquent.

with more than a thousand words, he wrote about wei xins bitter emotional journey of having a crush on an old friend for many years, but to no avail.

in the end, she turned around in sadness and had to change her love for someone else.

fang yu was so angry that he laughed.

“go to school.

this is all fake.”

after chasing the children away, fang yusheng returned to the master bedroom, intending to educate qiao jiusheng.

qiao jiusheng was still sleeping, occupying the big bed all by herself.

she didnt have any eye wax when she was asleep, but her hair was a little messy.

her face was still pretty.

fang yusheng stared at qiao jiusheng for a long time.

finally, he found qiao jiushengs phone and snapped a few handsome photos of himself.

fang yusheng shamelessly used a beauty camera and photoshopped himself into a handsome middle-aged man with zero pores and great skin.


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