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a few minutes later, fashion blogger qiao jiusheng updated her weibo.

qiao jiusheng: ” if i hadnt been deeply in love with this handsome and rich man for so many years, i wouldve almost believed the watanabe magazines article this morning.

” im deeply in love with this man, and theres no room for a second person in my eyes.

fang yusheng posted on weibo and heard her phone ring.

they were all comments from qiao jiushengs fans.

the comments were all very uniform, all of them were coquettish men who knelt and licked fang yushengs divine face.

by the time qiao jiusheng woke up, she was completely unaware that she had already arrogantly displayed her love in her sleep.

however, the one who was more awesome than yusheng was wei xin, who saw the news after she woke up.

wei xin directly said,

f * ck you, youre just writing nonsense.

wait for your lawyers letter @ watanabe magazine.

wei xin was like a grenade, she was going to explode once the rope was pulled.

and the watanabe magazine agency was obviously the culprit who had pulled the rope off her.

in the morning, fang zikai and his siblings got off the car at the entrance of eighth high.

they found a breakfast restaurant and saw lu yinxi and gu yiqiu waiting for them.

lu yinxis leg had recovered, but she still walked a little slowly.

they had already ordered breakfast for fang zicheng and the others.

the five of them sat at the same table.

gu yiqiu put her arm around fang zikais shoulder and massaged it.

” kaikai, your mothers life is very rich.

” her future mother-in-law knew how to play.

fang zikai quickly explained, ” my mom and aunty wei xin are old friends, they are definitely not as flirtatious as the news reports say.

gu yiqiu clicked her tongue.

” mother-in-law, youre so fashionable.

lu yinxi stared at gu yiqiu and fang zikais hands that were holding each others hands.

she was a little envious.

she couldnt help but turn to look at her boyfriend.

fang zicheng was eating slowly and elegantly, like a painting.

gu yiqiu noticed lu yinxis gaze and suddenly asked, ” why are you peeking at your brother cheng ”

having been caught red-handed, lu yinxi felt particularly embarrassed.

she quickly retracted her gaze and lowered her head to look at the herbal tea egg in front of her.

on the other end, gu yiqiu spoke again.

she said, ” if you want to look, then look at her openly.

shes your boyfriend.

if i dont show it to you, who else would i show it to ”

what he said made so much sense!

lu yinxi raised her head again and turned to look at fang zicheng.

coincidentally, fang zicheng had heard gu yiqius words and looked up at lu yinxi.

he stared at lu yinxi in confusion.

” why are you looking at me ” he asked.

lu yinxi was speechless.

lu yinxi felt a little wronged.

” i want to see my boyfriend.

do you need any other reason ” she asked.

fang zicheng thought about it and didnt say anything.

he lowered his head and continued to eat, letting lu yinxi look at him as much as she wanted.

lu yinxi felt bored.

she pouted and lowered her head to continue eating her breakfast.

after a while, she suddenly heard fang zicheng ask, ” why arent you looking at me again ”

lu yinxi was annoyed.

she looked at him, he had something to say.

even if she didnt look at him, he still had something to say.

why did he have to do so many things!

” it doesnt look good, ” lu yinxi said unhappily.

fang zicheng was stunned.

after lu yinxi finished speaking, she turned to look out the door and saw a classmate of hers feeding a stray dog.

she couldnt help but take a few more glances.

fang zicheng thought that lu yinxi was looking at the male student.

fang zichengs expression darkened when he recalled what lu yinxi had said earlier.

if he wasnt good-looking, why would the thing opposite him be good-looking

after the meal, the eldest, fang zicheng, took the initiative to pay the bill.

lu yinxi and fang taoran held hands and left the breakfast room.

fang zicheng paid the bill and chased after them.

the three siblings still had to take a bus to xiangjiang international college.

a group of people stood beside the car.

fang zicheng took lu yinxis hand and told her sternly, ” read more books and dont look at people.

” it was fang zichengs idea to look less at the boys in the class.

lu yinxi had misunderstood fang zichengs meaning.

didnt she just take a glance at him

was there a need for that

fang zikai and gu yiqiu even kissed the other day! she had seen it all and even stuck out her tongue! why was it that when it came to them, they had to read books all the time lu yinxi was furious.

she shook off fang zichengs hand and said to him, ” okay, from now on, ill read every day.

i wont look at you anymore! ”

after she finished speaking, she walked away.

her feet stepped on the ground, and every step was fierce.

fang zicheng was confused.

he was at a loss.

gu yiqiu chuckled as she placed her hand on fang zikais shoulder.

” your brother is destined to be alone.

“its not the first time,” fang zikai said.

” what do you mean ” fang zicheng asked gu yiqiu.

fang zicheng still didnt know what he had done wrong.

gu yiqiu could not stand it anymore.

she told fang zicheng, ” she likes you.

thats why she cant help but want to see you.

” the way you spoke was actually very hurtful.”

fang zicheng thought back to what had happened that morning and finally understood the problem.

” i was telling her not to look at other boys in class.

” he said.

gu yiqiu was speechless.

gu yiqiu was stunned for a moment before saying, ” then i really cant keep up with your thinking.

gu yiqiu moved fang zikais face and kissed him before leaving.

” why didnt the elk kiss me when it left ” fang zicheng asked as he looked at his brother.

fang zikai didnt dare to anger his brother, so he could only go against his conscience and say, ” maybe its because of her, im shy.

“thats true.”

fang zicheng got into the car and was seriously reflecting on his mistakes.

after school in the afternoon, fang zicheng went to find lu yinxi.

he realized that no matter what he said to her, she would ignore him.

fang zicheng thought,im done for, im going to die.

“why arent you looking at me” fang zicheng couldnt hold it in anymore.

he knew what the problem was, but he still wanted to get to the bottom of it.

lu yinxi said sarcastically, ” your status is too noble, and youre too beautiful.

i dont deserve to see you.

fang zicheng was speechless.

he was upset and hated himself for not being able to speak.

“youre not worthy to see it.”

lu yinxi shook her head.

” no, the difference in our status is too big.

im not worthy.

” as she spoke, she felt nauseated inside.

oh my god, what a shameless line.

fang zicheng, a straight-a student who didnt read novels, naturally couldnt understand lu yinxis joke.

he naively believed it.

fang zicheng panicked.

his eyes darkened.

he grabbed one of lu yinxis shoulders and pressed her against the tree next to him.

fang zicheng lowered his head to look at her.

his gaze was deep and serious.

he said each word clearly and seriously, ” if youre not qualified to look at me, then no one else is qualified to look at me.

” ill allow you to look.”

he pressed his finger on lu yinxis mouth and said something cheesy.

” ill let you read it for a lifetime, okay ”

lu yinxis heart was thumping.

fang zicheng noticed it and curled his lips.

the elk was moved again.

lu yinxi was insatiable.

she said, ” then i still want to kiss you.

” she raised two fingers.

” you can only kiss me twice a day.

” one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

she had already allocated the time.

fang zicheng was in a difficult position.

” but were already learning … ”

lu yinxi tiptoed, hugged fang zichengs head, and took a bite.

“my …”

fang zicheng was speechless.

what is learning

where am i

who am i

f * ck, these lips are so soft.

the teenager, who had just said that learning was his priority, was instantly captivated by this clean kiss.

after the kiss, fang zicheng rested his chin on lu yinxis head, trying to suppress the strange heat poison in his body.

fang zicheng sighed and mumbled, ” thats why i said you should focus on your studies.

you shouldnt have kissed me.

“why” lu yinxi didnt understand.

fang zicheng didnt say anything.

he had originally planned to walk lu yinxi home, but he decided to take a taxi at the last minute.

when he returned home, fang zicheng took off his pants and went to take a shower.

after the shower, he threw the pair of underwear into the trash can.

fang zicheng sat on the edge of the bed and rubbed his hair.

he found his phone and opened the calendar.

he counted the days until he graduated from college and married lu yinxi.

more than a thousand days …

what should he do he was afraid that he wouldnt be able to control himself.


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