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Samsara Breaker Chapter 4: Custom skill

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Congratulations on creating a custom skill you have been given 500 bonus points. Due to it being a skill you created, it can be named by you. Do you want to name it now?


What shall it be called?

"Draigan Aansoo." Indra used Hindi simply because the English interpretation didn sound as good to him. He still had no idea what points were nor custom skills but he decided he would find out. For now Indra would play along for as long as it took him to get some answers.

Draigan Aansoo, or Dragon Tear, has been chosen. It is now available as one of your skills!

Custom skill? five hundred points!

Indra didn understand. Five hundred points for a custom skill? he only received forty for the discovery of spatial tethering. This must be much more rare. All he did was create the move himself it didn make any sense to him it was over twelve times as many points! If it was that simple hed have to do it again.

The words disappeared from Indras view and his eyes focussed once again on the scene before him. The huge tree that he stood in only moments ago was now alight with flames and they grew larger by the second, thirsting for more oxygen. They crackled and popped before his eyes. He began to sweat from the heat that radiated off the fire. Indras soul was no longer the dark, bleak wasteland that it was while he walked the banks of the yellow river. it was now a blaze of passion. The fire in his soul drove him insane with anger. Anger at the snake, anger at the children who mocked him at the monastery, anger at the family that had sold him off like an animal. He delighted in the blaze that was slowly burning the Razorback to a crisp. It writhed, its body which seemed to go on forever cooked under the intense heat of the inferno and Indras gaze didn waver for even a moment, he even listened to the snakes painful hiss go on for hours. Until something interrupted the show.

His body began to radiate bright light, and he could feel himself becoming stronger.

This is qi!

Qi was literally being absorbed into Indras body. The feeling was unmistakable to one so in tune with the feeling of it flowing through them. Indra felt that he was safe for now and decided he would try something. He sat down with his legs crossed and his hands together between his legs. This was qigong meditation. The art of circulating qi through the twelve primary channels in the body. This promoted health and longevity, it greatly strengthened ones body. Indra began breathing steadily in the form of embryonic breathing. The effects took hold immediately just as he suspected. The fatigue from using spatial tethering disappeared and he felt like he was becoming stronger, there were no visual effects but on a cellular level Indras body was becoming stronger, better. Before he could continue the process a ding resonated in his mind and words appeared before him once again.

This is going to take some getting used to.

Congratulations on reaching the level of 10 once you have reached level 20 you will have reached your first benchmark. Each benchmark leads to a class change. This upgrade depends on the performance of your previous levels.

Level 10? I was just level three!

He checked his stats again but they remained largely the same his base stats like endurance, stamina and the like had increased but he didn gain any new abilities. His fire and space/time manipulation abilities also did not change but he gained even more knowledge on the subjects, he also gained more information on the system in general. He knew now that he could see what each of his abilities did. Instead of checking each one he only checked the three he wasn sure about and a new one had appeared as well.

"Qiankun energy whats this?" He spoke under his breath, although, it didn matter, there was no one around to hear him. He checked this skills as well.

Skill: Taiji Enlightenment (passive) –This skill allows a user to gain an in depth understanding of the balance between opposites and the balance between all things.

Skill: Elemental Enlightenment (passive) –This skill allows a player to improve their ability to comprehend the eight elemental gates and the laws of nature. It will allow a player to gain knowledge on whichever of the gates they are able to access.

Skill: Body Enlightenment (passive) –This skill allows a player to gain complete comprehension of their own self inner and outer, it will allow them to improve their body through meditation and training to potentially infinite limits.

When Indra attempted to check Qiankun energy it was blank, the system had no information for him, he found this odd but only for a moment then he decided to ignore the phenomena for now and focus on other things.

Eight elemental gates? This must have to do with the manipulation skills.

Body enlightenment also proved his theory correct. This skill would be invaluable.

Indra decided he would remain in this tree for a while and gather his thoughts, he needed a game plan, this was a new world, a new him, this was Genesis. He opened both eyes once again and stopped checking his stats, instead he began meditating, closing two eyes now instead of one. Not for an hour, not for a day, not even for a week. Indra completely separated himself from the world around him and lost himself inside the blissful ignorance that was his own mind.


"Dammit Modus! you

e always getting in my way!" Ambevilious slammed his bottle of wine into the clear hovering countertop beside his throne like seat. His servants all jumped at the noise. The bottle looked ancient, as if it had aged for thousands of years inside some dusty old crypt. To any mortal this would be worth millions. In one carefree swing Ambevilious wiped the fancy bottle from the counter, flinging it into the pristine white walls that surrounded him. "Will Chamberlain, quite an impressive specimen youve found my old friend." The former titan lord spoke to no one in particular, his servants didn dare look at him unless first spoken to. "He will grow to be quite powerful, unless," Ambevilious wore upon his face a smile as wicked as they come. "Unless something unfortunate were to happen first."

Installed into one of the arms of his chair was a small tablet-like screen. He swiped his index finger across it, before him was a large glass window that replaced an entire wall, through this window he observed the planet earth in all its glory, surrounded by the endless reaches of space. As he swiped his finger the view began to change, it zoomed in on the planet. Closer and closer it went until all that could be seen was a mountainous region covered in thick forest. He swiped again and it zoomed even closer, now he saw a burning tree with an enormous snake coiled around it, its scales charred to a black crisp. This, however, did not interest him, what did was the young man who had caused it. He sat cross legged, high upon a thick branch in a neighboring tree. He seemed oblivious to the world around him even oblivious to the bleeding wound in his side, it began to rain even, extinguishing the blaze he had unleashed upon the forest. Still, the young man remained unmoving, unwavering in the face of the storms might, powerful winds rocked the trees for miles around him but still he paid no heed.

Days passed and the storm ceased, The boy did not, he continued to roam the inner reaches of his mind, learning things about himself even he never knew. Weeks passed, still nothing, months and even Ambevilious was surprised. His composure, his dedication, this is exactly what he needed. He had found his pupil, the only problem was, he couldn actually teach him anything. Modus had got to this planet first, gaining control over the system here and locked him out. He still had some influence, however, he could not speak to Indra or even show himself to him. He would have to do this from afar. No matter, Ambevilious always got what he wanted and he wanted Indra Makkar, he wanted Genesis.

Ambevilious checked back every day for months awaiting a change in the behavior of genesis until finally after nine full months something odd finally occurred. His body had disappeared.

"What! I told all if you useless bastards to watch him!" His servants coward at his feet, they attempted to speak but he wouldn allow such insolence to converse with him. "Did I not say to inform me immediately if something were to change?" Again one of his servants tried to choke out a word but before they could Ambevilious obliterated the poor soul. A bright flash of light radiated throughout the room, the source seemed to be his palm and soon after it vanished so did the servant who had tried to speak. "Where is he…" The titan lord trailed off as Indras body flickered back into view, then out again. Ambevilius was utterly shocked at the development but he immediately understood what it meant. "This is Qiankun energy." He plopped down in his chair, not diverting his gaze even once from the looking glass, his mouth was slightly ajar. "Bring me my finest wine, I wish to celebrate. Indra Makkar, a fine pupil indeed." Ambevilius did not move from his chair for another full month, fascinated by this new development. "Will Chamberlain, ha, he will pale in comparison to such a monster."

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