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1093 Natural Orator

At this moment, in the side hall.

The Beast Tamer they had found for the experiment was also a Master Beast Tamer.

It was a woman.

The woman was wearing a green halter shirt and a high-waisted fishtail dress that accentuated her slender waist and perky butt.

The 12cm tall golden high heels made her fair legs look even more sexy and slender.

She also had very lustrous long brownish-black curly hair.

The makeup on her face was subtle yet tasteful, making her already gorgeous face look even more glamorous.

This woman sat elegantly on the soft leather sofa.

At a glance, she looked like a female celebrity from a fashion magazine.

She was dazzling and imposing.

She was beautiful and eye-catching when she was sitting there all alone.

However, when the tipsy Madam Brulee walked around the screen and appeared in the side hall, the young woman instantly paled in comparison and became inconspicuous.

The woman stared at the voluptuous and graceful Madam Brulee, whose face was slightly flushed from drinking.

Her gaze instantly dimmed.

She had also seen Madam Brulees appearance in some news reports, and she had also heard countless good friends who had seen Madam Brulee praise her in the most exaggerated terms.

However, she always felt that those were words of flattery her friends said in order to curry favor with Madam Brulee.

However, when she really saw Madam Brulee, the woman realized that it wasnt an exaggeration at all.

Madam Brulees beauty and grace deserved the most exaggerated praise.

Madam Brulee was used to being stared at by strangers, so she nodded at the young woman calmly and said, “Hello, Miss Morica.

Please summon your beast form for me to see.”

Morica came back to her senses and asked nervously, “Madam, you know about me”

Morica seemed flattered.

However, how could Madam Brue know who Morica was

The reason she knew that the woman in front of her was called Morica was because she had heard it from Butler Mo.

However, from Moricas words, it seemed that Morica was quite famous.

Madam Brulee was good at putting on an act.

She didnt know Morica, but she praised her without changing her expression, “Youre quite famous, so its normal for me to have heard of you.”

The smile on Moricas face widened.

“Miss Morica, please summon your beast form and let me take a look.” Madam Brulees smile became colder.

She was annoyed at this woman for being too slow.

When Morica sensed Madam Brulees change in mood, she summoned her beast form immediately.

Her beast form was actually a simple and cute lop rabbit, but this rabbit only had one ear.

After seeing the lop rabbit with one ear with her own eyes, Madam Brulee finally believed that she had an incomplete beast form.

When Morica saw her incomplete beast form, she instantly became embarrassed and ashamed.

She said, “Madam, Im a Master Beast Tamer and a little-known singer.

A beast form like the lop rabbit doesnt have strong combat strength, so its more suitable for it to be a support Beast Tamer.”

“I cultivate a kind of charm technique, and Ive also relied on this charm technique to achieve a certain level of success in the music industry.

Because my beast form is incomplete, Ive never been able to unleash my strongest charm…” This was also the reason why Morica took the initiative to register and participate in this experiment.

After saying that, she looked at the silent Lin Jiansheng and asked skeptically, “Sir, can you really help me evolve a complete beast form”

Actually, what she said just now was quite self-effacing.

She wasnt merely little-known in the entertainment industry.

She was actually a famous singer.

Because she was charming and had a pleasant voice, every concert was packed with audiences.

However, her fame only extended to the Central Continent and she wasnt well-known on the other continents.

This was Moricas greatest regret.

After Lin Jiansheng heard that Morica was actually a famous singer, his eyes suddenly revealed an eager look.

Lin Jiansheng didnt answer Moricas question.

Instead, he asked her a new question—

“Miss Morica, do you have many fans”

When she heard this, a hint of arrogance appeared on Moricas face as she said, “Although it sounds like Im boasting, Im quite popular.” Mo Lika couldnt hide her pride as she said, “In the music industry, my number of fans and popularity have always been unrivaled.”

Upon hearing this, Lin Jiansheng looked at her with a fervent gaze.

How did he look like

He was like a money-grubber who had suddenly seen a cash cow.

Morica was stunned by Lin Jianshengs gaze.

Madam Brulee also noticed Lin Jianshengs abnormal reaction and she asked Lin Jiansheng uneasily, “Mr.

Lin, is there a problem”

Lin Jiansheng suddenly lowered his head and said to Madam Brulee, “Madam, I have a new idea.”

Madam Brulee nodded hesitantly and said, “Mr.

Lin, please speak.”

Lin Jiansheng said, “I want to start a live broadcast.”

“Huh” Madam Brulee was stunned, and so was Morica.

Even Jun Qing, Yu Huang, and the others, who had already walked out of the side hall and were about to enter, were shocked by Lin Jianshengs decision.

Madam Brulee came back to her senses quickly and asked in surprise, “Why do you want to do a live broadcast”

Lin Jiansheng raised his head slightly and looked up.

At this moment, his body seemed to be plated with a layer of holy light.

He suddenly gave off a feeling that made people subconsciously want to follow and submit to him.

Lin Jianshengs clear and dignified voice spread throughout the hall.

“I want to expand the influence of the Purifying Spirit Master profession.

I want to make it the Central Continents second claim to fame.

Not only that, but I also want the Purifying Spirit Master profession to become a new profession that everyone in the Cang Lang Continent knows about.

I want those who have not successfully awakened their beast form but have the purest and kindest heart to be able to cultivate psychic power and become a Purifying Spirit Master! I believe that in the future, the Central Continents Purifying Spirit Masters will become transcendent existences, like the War God Clan.”

Lin Jiansheng was very eloquent.

With just a few words, he galvanized Madam Brulee.

Madam Brulees heart was racing non-stop, as if she had already foreseen the future of the Central Continent through Lin Jianshengs description!

At the thought that the headquarters of the Purifying Spirit Masters would be established in the Central Continent, and that in the future, the headquarters of the Purifying Spirit Masters in the Central Continent would be as famous as the War God Clan in the cultivation world, she was extremely tempted.

At this moment, a calm and dignified male voice came from the corridor outside the side hall—


Lin, the future youre fantasizing about is indeed fascinating, but the premise of whether all of this can be realized depends on whether you can successfully evolve a completed beast form for Miss Morica.

If you can, then the future is promising.

If you cant, then be it Miss Morica, the Mayor Manor, or even the Central Continent, we will all become the laughingstock of the entire Cang Lang Continent!”

When he finished the last sentence, Jun Qing walked out from behind the screen.

Lin Jiansheng raised his head and looked at the mayor.

He didnt look at Jun Qings face carefully at all because his attention was immediately attracted by the soul aura hidden in Jun Qings body.

They were two completely different forces.

One was filled with the aura of death, while the other contained endless vitality.

Lin Jiansheng saw through Jun Qings true physical condition at a glance.

He smiled mysteriously and said something that others didnt understand, but it shocked Jun Qing greatly.

He said, “Stolen time must be very torturous.”

Jun Qings expression immediately changed.

Jun Qing found it unbelievable that Yu Huang could tell at a glance that his soul was being suppressed.

However, Mr.

Lin was even able to accurately point out the harm the Longevity Pill had done to his body, which shocked Jun Qing even more.


Lin…” Jun Qing had mixed feelings and didnt know how to reply to Lin Jiansheng.

Lin Jiansheng changed the topic and said smugly, “Do you know why youre living in such pain”

Jun Qing subconsciously asked in confusion, “Why”

Lin Jiansheng said, “Of course its for the sake of my arrival.”

His words were arrogant to the extreme and the guard captain behind Jun Qing couldnt help but frown.

However, Jun Qing felt a strange sense of respect for Lin Jiansheng.


Lin, are you really confident that you can evolve a complete beast form for me” Jun Qing felt that he must be crazy for asking this.

Because of his incomplete beast form, he had visited many super experts in the past 200 years.

However, be it Healers, Pharmacists, or Refiners, none of them could help him obtain a complete beast form.

On what basis did this so-called Purifying Spirit Master from a last-rate small world spout nonsense

What was wrong with him He knew that this was impossible, but he still felt that the other party could really do it!

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