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Chapter 238 Feng Si VS Beatrice

What was Feng Si doing

Feng Si was in the army and was thinking of ways to complete the assessment mission.

The princess of the Divine Moon Empire was called Beatrice.

Although she was a princess, she was a soldier like her brother.

She stayed in the army all year round and rarely returned to her mansion to live.

Feng Sis assessment was

to put a safety pin on the Princess sword.

But the Princess had always been in the army camp.

If Feng Si wanted to get close to the Princess, he had to join the army!

Thus, when Yu Huang and the others were fighting for the red elm fruit, Feng Si joined the army in the capitals conscription department.

The process of joining the Divine Moon Empires army was extremely troublesome.

Ones identity and body had to be checked.

Feng Si knew how strict the military procedures in the Divine Moon Empire were.

Therefore, when he filled in the information, he obediently filled in his real name.

Name: Feng Yuncheng.

Age: 24 Height: 176

Weight: 65KG

Nationality: Skywolf Kingdom.

Educational degree: Divine Realm Academys freshmen year.

Feng Si handed the information sheet to the female warrior in charge of review.

The female warrior was slightly stunned when she saw his face.

Why would such a handsome young man join the military

The female warrior was afraid that Feng Si had decided to join the army at the last minute.

With a fierce expression, she told Feng Si sternly, “Sir, joining the army is honorable, and deserting is a disgrace.

Are you sure you want to join the army”

Feng Si nodded.

The female warrior then looked down at his information.


Feng Si said softly, “Feng Yuncheng.”

Tsk, his voice was so soft, and he was even more refined than a young lady.

What could he do on the battlefield Pretend to cry in front of the enemy

On the account that Feng Si was handsome, the female warrior temporarily suppressed her disdain.



Oh, to join the military at this age, he was a little on the old side.

But the army would always be short of warriors.

As long as they were not old, weak, or disabled, they would be taken in!

The female warriors gaze swept across the weight column and landed on Feng Sis nationality.

She immediately frowned.

“Skywolf Kingdom Youre from the Ice Domain Continent”

Feng Si nodded.

The female warrior immediately returned the information sheet to Feng Si.

“The Divine Moon Kingdom only accepts soldiers of the Divine Moon Kingdom.

You can leave.”

Feng Si quickly pressed the information table on the table and pointed at the column below.

“But Im a student of the Divine Realm Academy.

Im a Beast Tamer.

Beast Tamers can serve any countrys military!”

The female warriors expression changed.

“Youre a Beast Tamer”

She stared at that watch and saw that Feng Si really did write the words “freshmen of Divine Realm Academy” under the educational column.

But no matter how she looked at Feng Si, he did not look like a Beast Tamer, but like an artist from the entertainment building opposite.

The female warrior asked him, “How can you prove your identity”

Feng Si quickly took out the school badge of the Divine Realm Academy and handed it to the female warrior.

The female warrior took the school badge and looked at it for a moment.

Her eyes were still filled with doubt as she looked at Feng Si.

She had not gone to the Divine Realm Academy, so she could not determine whether this badge was real or fake.

“Where is your Beast Tamer ID card” That was the thing that could prove Feng Sis identity.

Feng Si really took out the Beast Tamer ID card.

When she saw the silver-white identity card, the female warrior quickly stood up from behind the table.

She placed her right palm on her left chest and bowed to Feng Si.

“Honorable Scholar, welcome to the Iron Thunder Army!”

Just like that, Feng Si was easily taken in by the Iron Thunder Army.

The news that a Beast Tamer had arrived in the army and that he was a student of the Divine Realm Academy quickly spread to the ears of the Commander of the Iron Thunder Army, Princess Beatrice.

That night, when Beatrice returned from the battlefield, she said to the female officer beside her, “Go bring that Beast Tamer from the Divine Realm Academy to see me.”

She heard that he was from the Ice Domain Continent, so she had to test his loyalty.

She did not know what intentions he had in coming to her army.

Feng Si entered the military camp and got his military uniform before getting a single dormitory.

After he finished showering, he was about to sleep when he heard someone knocking on the door outside the house.

The person said loudly, “Scholar Feng, the commander wants to see you!”


Feng Si immediately stood up from the bed and quickly put on his military uniform and military shoes.

He followed behind the female officer and walked towards the princess residence.

The Iron Thunder Army was half men and half women, but all the officers who could get close to the Princess were female officers.

Because their princess hated men.

The military rest yard was very common, but it was heavily guarded.

Feng Si followed behind the female officer and passed through a few asphalt roads before arriving at a two-story palace.

The Princess lived in the military camp all year round, and her palace was exquisite.

Feng Si was brought to the living room of the palace.

He waited a moment before he heard footsteps.

It was the sound of high heels on the soft wooden floor.

It was very muffled.

The footsteps were getting closer and closer to Feng Si.

Feng Si subconsciously straightened his back and did not dare to slack off.

“Turn around.” The princesss charming voice made ones scalp tingle.

Feng Si hesitated for a moment before slowly turning around.

He saw a sea-blue dress.

The princess was wearing a navy blue one-collar dress.

Her breasts were voluptuous, and a dark purple gemstone necklace hung between her collarbone.

She had beautiful black hair that hung down to her waist.

Under the fishtail skirt, a pair of slender and fair calves were revealed.

Those beautiful feet were hidden under a pair of light purple python-striped high heels.

She looked sexy and feisty.

They all said that Liuli Luoluo was a sexy beauty, but she was second class to the princess in front of him.

Feng Si didnt dare to look at her anymore.

He quickly saluted the princess.

“Your Highness, good evening!”

The princess stared at Feng Sis handsome face and said, “You stared at me for six seconds just now.”

Feng Si raised his eyebrows and didnt dare to answer.

Beatrice walked to the noble chair behind Feng Si and sat down.

She picked up the exquisite teacup and took a sip of coffee before saying, “Only when a man is interested in a woman will he stare at her for ten seconds without blinking.

As for you, you only stared at me for six seconds.

Its obvious that the reason you came to the Iron Thunder Army is not to pursue me.”

Feng Si subconsciously said, “Of course not.”

After he finished speaking, the princess gaze instantly turned cold.

Feng Si secretly bit his tongue and scolded himself for being an idiot.

What was he saying!

Feng Si immediately changed his words and said, “Your Highness, youre beautiful.

Theres no man who doesnt like you.”

Beatrice sneered.

“I dont like how smarmy you men are.

Youre all talk and no action.”

Feng Si held his breathe.

“Speak, what are you doing in my Iron Thunder Army” Beatrice was impatient.

She shook her hand slightly and a gun appeared in her hand.

Legend had it that the princesss beast form was a gun.

It was a shotgun that was lethal and could shoot through anything!

Beatrice stood and pressed the gun to Feng Sis temple.

Her breasts were about to touch Feng Sis arm, and Feng Sis entire body tensed.

There was a gun at his temple and the woman holding the gun was a powerful Master.

Feng Si did not dare to move.

“Say something, little lamb.” Feng Si was fair, handsome, and indeed looked like a little lamb.

“I just want to join the army in the war to sharpen my spirit!” Feng Si laughed dryly and said, “Your Highness also knows that the academy has test missions for us.

My mission is to come to the Iron Thunder Army to train.”

Hearing that, Beatrice sneered.


“If you were an ordinary person, I would have killed you!” But he was a Beast Tamer, and a Beast Tamer who had joined the Divine Moon Kingdoms army!

“Someone, get on the truth camera!”

Feng Si glared at her.

Two female attendants carried a truth machine chair in and dragged Feng Si to the chair to press him down.

Feng Sis hands, feet, and neck were cuffed.

He sat on the stool like a little lamb waiting to be slaughtered.

A robotic arm extended from the chair.

The robotic arm injected a syringe of truth serum into Feng Sis arm.

Feng Zhen shuddered and felt dizzy.

Beatrice walked to the truth machine and bent down.

Her sexy body was enchanting.

She patted Feng Sis face with the gun and asked him, “Tell me, were you stunned by my beauty when you saw me just now”

Feng Si said, “No.” Beatrices expression darkened.

She was hailed as the most beautiful princess in the history of the Divine Moon Empires Imperial Family and the number one beauty of the Mo Clan.

Despite her beauty, Feng Si actually wasnt mesmerized by her

Women were fickle.

Although Beatrice did not like men, that did not mean that she did not want to be liked by men!

Beatrice asked him with a dark expression, “Oh Then who do you think is the most beautiful”

Feng Sis eyes went blank as he said,


Beatrice was speechless.


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