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Chapter 240 I Dont Care!

On the Holy Spirit Continent, it was not just the human race and non-human race that had a tense relationship.

The relationships between the various non-human races were similarly tense.

More than twenty years ago, the Caro Dynasty had fought with the Beast Clans royal family over resources.

The emperor of the Caro Dynasty was a Grand Master.

He was very good at leading troops to war and had once led 30,000 merman warriors to defeat the beastmen.

For this, the royal family of the Beast Clan and the Caro Dynastys royal family had a blood feud.

Twenty years ago, seeing that the Caro Dynasty had finally been overthrown by the Emperor Drew, and knowing that the little princess of the Caro Dynasty was still alive, the beastmen had privately discussed a deal with Emperor Drew.

He used an ore field as a condition to exchange ownership of the Little Highness with Emperor Drew.

The merman race was actually a very united race.

They allowed their race to fight amongst themselves, but they absolutely did not allow the merman race to collude with other races.

Once this matter was known to the clansmen, Emperor Drew would lose the support of the people.

Thus, after Emperor Drew sold the Little Highness to the beastmen, he announced to the public that the Little Highness had luckily escaped during the war.

Thus, to this day, the merfolk still thought that the little prince of the previous dynasty was wandering outside.

Sheng Yang sighed.

“She was an empress who was sold to the beastman race as a slave.

She was marked as a slave and even bullied and humiliated by the Beast Clans royal family.

Who could understand her anguish!”

Just the thought of it was suffocating.

After knowing the truth, Na Luos heart ached so much that she wanted to cry.

“Why is Emperor Drew so bad He has always been a kind and amiable person to the outside world.”

“Who doesnt know how to create a good image When Yu Feng was in the entertainment industry, didnt she always have the image of a graceful lady Look at her.

Is she a ladylike” She was simply a femme fatale.

Feng Si was shocked when he learned the truth about what happened twenty years ago.

Feng Si asked Sheng Yang, “Then, how did Her Highness escape”.

Sheng Yang looked at Na Luo and said, “Merfolk didnt distinguish between males and females when they were young, right”

Na Luo hurriedly nodded and said, “Thats right.

On our 13th birthday, we merfolk will automatically divide into male and female merfolk according to our wishes.” Na Luo pressed a strand of blue hair behind her cute ear.

She blushed and said softly, “I only came to the Divine Realm Academy to report after I became a female merman.”

Feng Si did not have a deep understanding of merfolk.

When he found out that merfolk were actually so unique, he was amazed.

Feng Si thought of the princesss character and said, “I think the princess personality is especially tough.

She should have become a male merfolk.”

Sheng Yang sneered.

“If nothing unexpected happens, the princess indeed would have become a male merman, but…”

Sheng Yang closed her eyes and paused for a moment before saying, “On her birthday party, the beastman king brought the 12-year-old princess to the birthday party and gave her a bowl of catalyst medicine, causing her to turn into a female merman in advance.”

Na Luo was extremely furious when she heard this.

“Hes simply a beast!” She clenched her fists tightly while her beautiful face flushed with anger.

A mermans gender choice was an extremely private matter, and they even had to carry it out secretly at home.

However, the beastman race actually forced her to do so in public.

This was humiliating her!

Feng Si asked puzzledly, “What is a catalyst”

Seeing that Feng Si did not know what catalyst was, Na Luo told him, “The catalyst was developed by us female mermen.

This medicine is a forbidden medicine.

Every mermen can only buy catalyst when they are facing division and after obtaining the approval of their parents.

The catalyst will cause a mermen to become a female mermen!”

Feng Si sucked in a breath of cold air and said, “So, Her Highness was forced to become a female merman under those circumstances.”

“Thats right!” Sheng Yang told Feng Si, “You have to remember that if you dont want the Princess to hate you, when you see her in the future, you must not call her Princess.

You have to call her Your Highness, because the Princess is a man at heart, and shouldnt have been a woman.”

“When my brother was young, he was pressed to the ground and beaten up because he called her Princess.”

At that time, Sheng Xiao had just awakened his beast form and was not as strong as he was now.

The princess was a merman.

After she awakened her beast form at the age of 12, she cultivated at a rapid pace and could defeat Sheng Xiao easily.

But now, it was hard to say who would win.

Feng Si closed his eyes and sighed.

“Its too late.

The first time we met, I praised her for her beauty and even called her a princess.”

“Just pay more attention in the future.”

Feng Si nodded.

“Got it.”

Na Luo asked, “What happened after Her Highness became a female merman”

Sheng Yangs gaze suddenly became filled with hatred.

She said with disdain, “On the night of the birthday banquet, after the beastman king saw that Her Highness had successfully turned into a female merman, he took out a priceless reward and requested a male beastman to rape Her Highness for everyone to see.

At the critical moment, the humiliated Highness was forced to awaken her beast form and killed the beastman king in anger.”

Hearing that, Feng Sis expression became contorted.

He punched the cobblestones and cursed angrily, “Hes inhumane!”

Na Luo also scolded, “As expected of the barbaric beastmen!” She felt that such a thing was inhumane just from listening.

“Her Highness killed the beastman king, and was outnumbered.

How did she escape” Her Highness had just awakened her beast form and was very weak.

There must have been beast tamers guarding the Beast Clans royal family.

Logically speaking, Her Highness would not have been able to escape.

Sheng Yang told Na Luo, “Its the current king who saved her.”

“That night, His Majesty, who was still the Crown Prince of the Divine Moon Kingdom, happened to be under orders to go to the Beast Clan to celebrate their kings birthday.

Because he encountered a strong wind on the way, he was delayed for a few hours.

When His Highness the Crown Prince arrived, he happened to encounter the Beast Clan surrounding and trying to kill Her Highness the Princess.”

“Sensing the blood relationship between Her Highness and himself, His Highness the Crown Prince led his subordinates into the Beast Clan and saved Her Highness.”

Hearing this, Na Luo suddenly heaved a sigh of relief.

She patted her chest and sighed.

“Thats good.

Fortunately, Her Highness was saved.”

When Feng Si heard this, he still had doubts.

He said, “I have seen Her Highness.

Her legs


Feng Si and Sheng Yang looked at each other.

He said, “She has a pair of beautiful human legs.”

Sheng Yang said nothing.

Na Luo cried out in shock, “How is this possible! Us merfolk can only divide our legs freely after our cultivation breaks through to the Prime Master Realm.” Her Highness was so young, so it was impossible for her to be a Prime Master!

Feng Si nodded and asked Sheng Yang, “Her Highness is only a Master at the moment.

Why does she have a pair of human legs”

Sheng Yang did not explain.

She looked at Na Luo and asked her, “What are the methods for you merfolk to get a pair of human legs”

Na Luo said automatically, “Theres no way.

Unless…” Her eyes widened at the thought of that possibility.

She covered her mouth with her hand and cried out in shock, “No way…”

Seeing this, Feng Si asked Na Luo anxiously, “Hurry up and tell me what method is it!”

Na Luo looked at Feng Si with a complicated expression.

She said, “With a knife.”

“What” Feng Si thought he heard wrongly.

He asked again with uncertainty, “Use a knife to cut it You mean using a knife to cut open the fishtail”

Na Luo nodded solemnly.

“Thats right.” She told Feng Si and Sheng Yang, “In the past, there was a girl in our merman race who fell in love with a human man.

In order to be with that human man, that female merman found an elder in the race and asked the elder to create a pair of legs for her.” Sheng Yang said, “Its kind of like the little mermaids story.” The only difference was that the wizard became an Elder.

“This is much crueler than the little mermaid story,” Na Luo, unable to bear it, said.

“Theres only one way for us mermen to become human.

Thats to let the mermen cut open our tails with a knife while maintaining consciousness.

Then, theyll use a knife to trim our separated tails into human legs…”

Feng Sis scalp went numb.

“So mermen cant be injected with anesthesia during the surgery”

“Thats right, thats the reason.

From what I know, that female merman didnt walk out of the operating table alive in the end, and the man who claimed that he wouldnt marry anyone other than her had a beautiful wife a year later.”

Na Luos lips curled into a cold smile.

She said, “Thats why you shouldnt believe a mans flowery words no matter what.”

Sheng Yang looked at Na Luo strangely.

She thought that an innocent and lively girl like Na Luo would be filled with anticipation for love.

Feng Si looked at Sheng Yang and said, “Is this how Her Highnesss legs came about”

Sheng Yang nodded.


Sheng Yang told them, “After His Majesty brought His Highness back to the Divine Moon Kingdom, she was sent to the Grand State Master.

The Grand State Master personally operated on Her Highness.

I heard that Her Highness almost died from an infection a few times after the operation.

She recuperated in the bed for a year before being rescued.”

“After Her Highness recovered, the former emperor adopted Her Highness and changed her name to Beatrice.

To the outside world, the royal family claimed that Her Highness was young and ill and had always been by the Grand State Masters side.

Thats why her identity was not announced.”

“Not many people know the truth of Her Highnesss identity.

I only found out about it when my parents mentioned it by accident.

You must not spread this matter.

If it gets out, it will damage the royal familys reputation.”

Feng Si and Sheng Yang immediately nodded solemnly and made a zipping motion in front of their mouths.

“Dont worry, we definitely wont say anything.” Feng Si thought of something and suddenly asked, “What was Her Highness called”

Sheng Yang said, “I think she was called… Beatrice” “Oh.”

It was already dark when Feng Si left Yufu City.

He returned to the camp and happened to meet the Princess, who had attended a royal event and returned in a car.

The Princess was wearing a military uniform today.

The silver-white military uniform made her look valiant and domineering.

She bent down and got off the car, and her straight legs stepped on the asphalt road.

Feng Si stared at her slender legs.

His chest felt like it had been stabbed by a needle and it hurt slightly.

The princess looked up and saw Feng Si, who was staring blankly at the entrance of the camp.

She frowned and shouted at Feng Si, “Come here and talk!”

Feng Si realized that she was calling him and quickly ran over.

The princess stared at the box in his hand and frowned.

“What is it”

Feng Si looked bashful and didnt answer.

The princess suspected that there were prohibited items in his box, so she said to her attendant, “Bring it here!”

The female attendant took a step forward and snatched the black box from Feng Sis hand.

The female retainer opened the box in front of the Princess.

The box was opened and a pale yellow flower entered the princess vision.

The flower was extremely beautiful with a tender yellow heart.

The petals were light yellow and there was a wrinkly sort of beauty to them.

Beatrice stared at the flower.

The female attendant said, “Her Highness, theres a note under this flower.”

Beatrice guessed that the flower was given to him by Feng Yunchengs lover.

She was about to tell the servant not to open the note, but the servant quickly opened it.

The servant stared at the words on it and read aloud, “The most beautiful flower in the flowerbed is given to our most dazzling Highness.”

The servant fell silent.

Feng Si fell silent.

Beatrice fell silent.

She stared at Feng Si, then at the Chinese roses in the box, and asked him, “What are you doing here in the camp Have you forgotten your identity! Youre a soldier, a warrior.

You came here to fight for the Divine Moon Kingdom! You didnt come here to pick up girls!”

The princess realized that Feng Si was hitting on her.

However, as proud as she was, she disdained being pursued by men.

Feng Si lowered his eyes and explained, “I went to Yufu City today and saw that this flower in Madam Shengs garden was blooming beautifully.

When I saw it, I suddenly thought of Her Royal Highness and asked Madam for this flower.”

He looked up at Her Highness and said fearlessly, “Im not here to pick up girls!”

The princess sneered.

“Then what are you doing here”

Feng Si said, “Im here to serve Your Highness!”

“The way youre pursuing me is to send me flowers” Her Highness sneered.

“I dont need a warrior who sends flowers to me.

I just need a warrior who risks his life for me!”

Feng Si said, “In that case, Feng Yuncheng is willing to risk his life for Your Highness.”

The princess stared into his sincere and clear eyes for a long time.

Then, she suddenly picked up the flower and threw it mercilessly at Feng Sis chest.

She said, “Dont think you can get close to me just because you know my past!”

“Feng Yuncheng, I dont care.”

Her Highness turned and left.

She stepped on the asphalt road and walked away.

But Feng Sis heart ached when he thought about how his legs had been hacked into pieces.

What should he do He wanted to shower this proud and powerful Highness with affection.

Because of that flower, Feng Si angered Beatrice again.

Beatrice deliberately ignored him.

She did not bring him to the battlefield and did not see him anymore.

She was punishing Feng Si on purpose.

Once the mission assessment time was up and Feng Si failed the mission, he would naturally scram.

That was what Beatrice had thought.

It was only on this day that a crisis occurred on the front line battlefield.

The prince, Mo Yuelou, had encountered a powerful enemy on the battlefield and the battleship he was on had been struck.

The battleship fell to the ground and the prince was missing!



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