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Chapter 75: Fragile and Pitiful

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Yu Huang threw out deep water bombs one after another, causing Li Pingping to sway and almost lose her balance.

She muttered subconsciously, “Ah Jun knew all along”

How could that be

That child, Ah Jun, was the closest to her.

Why would he help Yu Rufeng hide it

When the spectators heard about Yu Rufeng and his sons actions from Yu Huang, they were angered to the point of being unable to continue watching, and they discussed animatedly.

“God, her husband cheated on her and her son hid it from her.

In the end, her father didnt care that her son got into a car accident.

Instead, she, this poor mother, had to take care of him.

This world is too unfair! Sigh, its so hard for women!”

“Why should she keep such a man!”

“This man has bad facial features and evil eyes.

One look and you can tell that hes not a good man whos willing to settle down.”

“This man has bad facial features and evil eyes.

One look and you can tell that hes not a good man whos willing to settle down.”


When Yu Rufeng heard the reprimands of these strangers, his blood pressure was so high that it exceeded the limit.

Yu Rufengs eyes widened, and he stared fixedly at the culprit, Yu Huang.

He cursed at her, “Yu Huang, dont fan the flames there.

Ive raised you for 14 years, and this is how you repay me! Do you think that I dont have the guts to kill you!”

Yu Huang hurriedly threw down the rock and acted pitiful and afraid.

She quickly hid behind the crowd of spectators and covered her head with her hands while shouting, “Help! He wants to kill me!”

These onlookers were also very righteous.

They hurriedly shielded Yu Huang behind them, and asked Yu Rufeng with a gloomy expression, “Who do you want to kill! In broad daylight, the Divine Moon Empire is not a place where you can kill whoever you want!”

Yu Rufeng found it hard to fight against so many people.

When he saw Yu Huang hiding behind everyone and making faces at him, he could only tolerate it!

At this moment, Li Pingping finally returned to her senses.

She looked at Yu Rufeng suspiciously and asked skeptically, “Is what Yu Huang said true Ah Jun already knew that you had an affair”

Yu Rufeng avoided her gaze and didnt say anything.

Seeing this, what did Li Pingping not understand

Li Pingping suddenly broke down.

She covered her head with her hand and stomped her feet.

She questioned Yu Rufeng in a sharp voice, “Yu Rufeng, say something! Did Ah Jun already know!”

How would Yu Rufeng dare to answer

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Yu Huang took the opportunity to add to the conflict between the two of them.

She told Li Pingping, “I dare to guarantee that its all true! I once saw Yu Jun use Mr.

Yus affair as a bargaining chip and threaten Mr.

Yu to give him money to spend! Mrs.

Yu, do you remember that last year, Mr.

Yu spent a huge sum of money to buy a sports car for Yu Jun Its just to shut him up!”

Li Pingping had already lost her mind.

She believed whatever Yu Huang said.

Because last year, Yu Rufeng had indeed looked for her to give Yu Jun some money to buy a sports car.

At that time, Li Pingping, thinking that Yu Rufeng loved his child, was still very happy.

From the looks of it, the fatherly love between the two of them was just a disgusting transaction of money.

The beautiful family that she was proud of was also a joke.

Li Pingping burst into tears and sat on the ground.

She wailed and complained about Yu Rufengs crimes.

“Yu Rufeng, youve let me down! Back then, when we gave birth to our son, my amniotic fluid embolism almost killed me.

Later on, my body was damaged and I was unable to conceive anymore!”

“Back then, when we adopted Yu Huang home, we thought that we could live a happy life with both children.

However, your company went bankrupt! After going bankrupt, you were never able to recover.

You drank all day long.

Our family was almost destroyed!”

“If I didnt see through Yu Huangs potential and let her debut as a child star and rely on the money she earns to help our family, you, Yu Rufeng, would still be working at some construction site!”

“In the past ten years, if it wasnt for the fact that weve had Yu Huang, this ATM, and our family once again lived a life of luxury, just based on your wretched appearance, not to mention sleeping with Zhu Yan, but even the dogs in the wilderness wont like you!”

In the past, Li Pingping would never have said these words.

However, the double betrayal of her husband and son had completely crushed Li Pingpings self-esteem and rationality.

Li Pingping was unhinged.

She said whatever was on her mind.

When the crowd heard Li Pingpings words, they recognized the couple.

So they were Yu Huangs adoptive parents!

And the words that Li Pingping had said without thinking had also revealed what the couple had done to Yu Huang.

“Oh my god, so the rumors are true.

The money Yu Huang earned as a celebrity for more than a decade was squandered by this couple!”

“To think that they even held a press conference not long ago and scolded Yu Huang in a roundabout manner in the press conference as an ingrate who did not know how to be grateful.

In my opinion, the Yu Family is the one who is ungrateful!”

“Such a heartless couple should be sued in court and asked to return all the money to Yu Huang!”

Yu Huang used to be a public role model.

These women watched her grow up.

They had a good impression of her.

Some time ago, after Yu Huangs face was disfigured, she severed all ties with Yu Rufeng and his wife.

Yu Rufeng and his wife hurriedly jumped out to hint that there was something wrong with Yu Huangs character and that she didnt know how to be grateful.

At that time, they had already felt that there was something fishy about this matter.

Now, it seemed that Yu Rufeng and his wife were indeed up to no good.

“This family is really ruthless! The husband is unfaithful, the son is helping the father cover up the truth of the affair, and the wife is using her adoptive daughter to earn money.

All of them are outrageous!”

Yu Huang was deeply satisfied with the reaction of these enthusiastic spectators.

She took the opportunity to leave before everyone recognized her.

After Yu Huang left, the women finally reacted.

“Hey, that woman surnamed Yu just now called the girl behind us Yu Huang.

Could she be Yu Huang”

“Hey, wheres Yu Huang Wheres she” Everyone turned to look for Yu Huang, only to discover that she had already left.

When Yu Rufeng heard these peoples words, he realized that Li Pingping had said something stupid.

He gave Li Pingping a warning look and scolded, “Are you stupid! Can you say such words in public!”

In the Divine Moon Empire, it was not illegal to have an affair.

At most, it would be considered a moral issue.

However, as adoptive parents, it was illegal to privately take away the assets of an underage adoptive daughter.

They would have to go to jail.

Being scolded, Li Pingping was even more angry.

“Im stupid.

If I wasnt stupid, why wouldnt I see through my husband and sons true colors”

Li Pingping stood up from the ground.

She smiled sadly at Yu Rufeng and said, “Yu Rufeng, our son is already willing to cover up for you.

The two of you are the ones who truly have a deep relationship.

As the mother, Im a fool and an outsider!”

Her gaze gradually became distorted and crazy.

“Since you guys are so close, then our son is still lying in a coma in the hospital.

Why dont… you accompany him too!”

As soon as she finished speaking, Li Pingping suddenly bent down and picked up the rock Yu Huang had thrown on the ground.

She caught Yu Rufeng off guard and forcefully smashed the rock onto Yu Rufengs head!


In an instant, Yu Rufengs face was covered in blood.

He blinked his eyes slowly and looked at Li Pingping and the rock in her hand in disbelief.

He wanted to say something, but he couldnt say it, so he fell straight to the ground…


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