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Chapter 76: How many men does Yu Huang have a relationship with

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Yu Rufengs skull shattered, and he was sent to the hospital for emergency treatment.

Li Pingping was taken away by the police because she had deliberately injured someone.

After interrogation, they learned that Yu Huang had also appeared at the crime scene.

The police came to Yu Huangs rented room and brought her to the police station.

As Yu Huangs fake friend, Su Qianqian had been extorted by Yu Huang a few days ago.

She bore a grudge against her and wanted to capture dirt on Yu Huang.

With the dirt on Yu Huang, she would no longer fear Yu Huangs threat in the future.

Just as Yu Huang was taken away by the police, Su Qianqian received a picture from the detective.

As the saying goes, the opening of a game depended on making up the contents.

Su Qianqian immediately sold these photos to a reporter who often worked with her while letting him act freely as long as he could tarnish Yu Huangs reputation.

Hence, while Yu Huang was sitting at the police station doing her statement, the fake trending topics like # Yu Huang was caught #, # pornographic activity, and # arrested # quickly trended.

Su Qianqians actions was worthy of her title as Yu Huangs best fake friend.

In the police station.

Yu Huang sat in the interrogation room calmly.

She even asked the police for a cup of water.

Since Yu Huang was not a suspect and her attitude was highly cooperative, he agreed to give her a cup of water.

Yu Huang even rubbed her stomach and reminded the young policeman, “I want warm water please.”

The young police officer stole a glance at Yu Huang.

Yu Huang was wearing the half mask of a phoenix that Sheng Xiao had given her.

The mask covered the right side of her face that was full of burn marks, revealing the beautiful left side of her face.

It made her look charming.

The young policeman blushed and hurriedly ran to get some water.

Officer Zhang, who was in charge of the investigation, coughed.

After attracting Yu Huangs attention, he asked, “Yu Huang, the harbor is more than 50 kilometers away from the estate you live in.

Why were you there Dont tell me that you happened to be there to see the sea.”

Yu Huang blinked her eyes and said in an innocent tone, “Officer Zhang, Mr.

Yu knows very well why I appeared at that pier.”

Officer Zhang frowned.

“Make yourself clear.”

Yu Huang honestly confessed everything.

“Yu Rufeng said that Yu Jun was injured in a car accident and was lying in the hospital in a coma.

He wanted to bring me to see Yu Jun.

You also know that Yu Rufeng and his wife were my adoptive parents in the past.

Although my relationship with the Yu Clan is not good, and it can even be said that its a little bag, but I and Yu Jun are siblings who have been together for more than ten years.

My elder brothers life is in danger, so I should go take a look.

If I dont go, it will be outrageous.”

Yu Huang lied and didnt tell Officer Zhang the real reason why she met Yu Rufeng.

In any case, Yu Rufeng was injured and wouldnt be able to wake up for the time being, so she could say whatever she wanted.

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“Out of affection, I agreed to visit Yu Jun at the hospital.

However, I didnt expect him to inject anesthesia into me the moment I got on Yu Rufengs car.

When I woke up, I found out that I had been brought to a cargo ship heading to the Hundred Beast Continent by a human trafficker called Black Chain.

Fortunately, I met the prince, and he saved me.

I escaped death.”

“I have the habit of carrying a recording pen with me.

After the incident happened, I examined the recording document and discovered that Yu Rufeng and Zhu Yan actually sold me to Black Chain to sell me to the Hundred Beast Continent as a slave.”

In order to prove that what she said was true, Yu Huang took the initiative to hand in the recording document.

“This contains the contents of Yu Rufengs phone call with Zhu Yan in the car.

It can prove that what I said is true.”

This recording document was a clip taken by Yu Huang.

It did not contain the contents of the conversation she had with Mo Yuelou before she got into the car.

Officer Zhang stared at the recording pen in front of him and glanced at Yu Huang with a gloomy gaze.

His tone became fierce.

“Yu Huang, dont lie.

The prince is such a noble person.

How could he have any interaction with you! Besides, the prince is attending the royal meeting in Jingdu today.

Its impossible for him to appear in the Prosperous Capital.”

Yu Huang clicked her tongue and immediately took out her phone to call the Ink Moon Tower.

The call connected, and the face of the Ink Moon Tower appeared on Yu Huangs phone screen.

Just as the Ink Moon Tower was about to ask Yu Huang what she wanted to do with the video call, they saw Yu Huang raise a finger to her lips.

The Ink Moon Tower instantly fell silent.

Yu Huang explained, “Your Highness, please be a witness for me.

It proves that my appearance at the harbor today was because I was sold to Black Chain as a slave by my former adoptive father, Yu Rufeng.”

With that said, Yu Huang turned the phone screen towards Officer Zhang.

When Officer Zhang saw the face of the Ink Moon Tower, he immediately stood up and quickly tidied up his clothes.

He gave a standard military salute to the Ink Moon Tower.

“Good evening, Your Highness!”

The Ink Moon Tower returned a military salute and said, “I can testify that Night… Yu Huang is telling the truth.

Now, I want to see your highest ranking officer.”

Officer Zhang hurriedly took his phone and knocked on his superiors door.

Officer Zhou was playing chess when Officer Zhang interrupted him.

He was initially unhappy, but when he saw the handsome and imposing man on the screen, he immediately stood up and saluted.

He shouted, “Your Highness! Hello! I am Zhou Jin, the highest-ranking officer in the Prosperous Capitals police force!”

The Ink Moon Tower nodded.

“I have something to tell you.”

Zhou Jin looked at Officer Zhang.

After no one was in the office, he said to the Ink Moon Tower, “Your Highness, what can I do for you”

The Ink Moon Tower looked at Zhou Jin with a serious gaze.

He said, “I want you to immediately send Yu Huang home, and promise that you will never cause her any trouble again.

You have to remember that Yu Huang is the number 1 protection target of the Divine Moon Empires military.

Nothing can happen to her!”

Hearing this, although Zhou Jin was surprised, he didnt dare to ask.

The number 1 target of protection was a protection level similar to that of the core members of the royal family.

In other words, from now on, Yu Huang would be protected by the entire Divine Moon Empires military.

Her information and her whereabouts were all classified.

Zhou Jin promised, “Your Highness, I swear to you that as long as Yu Huang is in the Prosperous Capital, the Prosperous Capital police will definitely protect her and ensure her safety!”


Zhou Jin originally intended to personally escort Yu Huang home, but his status was too high, so personally escorting Yu Huang would arouse suspicion.

Therefore, he asked Officer Zhang to escort her back.

When she left the police station, Yu Huang held a thermos in her left hand and a bag of chocolate beans in her right hand.

Zhou Jin had stuffed them into her hands.

After getting into the car, Officer Zhang couldnt help but secretly size up Yu Huang.

He really didnt understand why Yu Huang was given special treatment by his superior.

And what was her relationship with the prince

Could it be that after Yu Huang was dumped by Xuanyuan Jing, she started dating the prince

But some time ago, there was news that she was having a relationship with the top genius of the Sheng family.

So, how many men did she have

Yu Huang tore open the snack packaging and threw a chocolate bean into her mouth.

She met Officer Zhangs gaze through the rearview mirror.

Officer Zhang avoided her gaze in a panic, but some strange images flashed past Yu Huangs mind.

She saw a river at night and a man who had been placed in a nylon bag with a large rock on top of him and was slowly sinking to the bottom of the river.

That man was Officer Zhang.

On the bank, there was a woman in a police uniform.

There was a row of numbers printed on her police uniform.

What she saw was probably the scene of an undercover assassin assassinating a police officer and dumping his corpse into the river.

And that was most likely the scene of Officer Zhangs death.

What was this

Foreseeing ability


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