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Chapter 77: Jinx

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This was not the first time Yu Huang had seen the scene of ones death through someones eyes.

Yu Huang remembered that the first time such a situation had happened was on the day she was brought home by Yu Donghai.

That day, on the bus, she had also seen a young man being trampled to death in an internet cafe.

At that time, she was not sure if she could really foresee the death of a certain person.

It was only when she saw the trending news on Weibo the next day and learned that the internet cafe had indeed been burned and a young man had died that she dared to believe that what she saw was not an illusion but a specific future.

So this time, was she looking at the scene of Officer Zhangs death

Being able to foresee death was not an enviable ability.

If others knew about her special ability, they would probably treat her as a monster and think that she was a jinx.

Yu Huang stared at the back of Officer Zhangs head for a while and decided not to be a busybody.

She retracted her gaze and lowered her head to continue eating the chocolate beans.

Officer Zhang stopped the car at the entrance of the estate and reminded Yu Huang to alight.

“Yu Huang, were at the entrance of the estate.”

Yu Huang threw the last chocolate bean into her mouth and opened the door.

She said to Officer Zhang, “Sorry to trouble you, Officer Zhang.”

She got out of the car and walked towards the entrance of the estate.

When she turned back, she realized that Officer Zhangs car was still parked there.

He had also rolled down the car window and was looking at her.

It was already late at night.

He was probably worried about Yu Huang returning home alone.

He would only leave after seeing Yu Huang safely home.

For no reason, Yu Huangs heart softened again.

He was a dedicated public servant.

Yu Huang pursed her red lips and walked towards Officer Zhang.

Seeing that she had returned, Officer Zhang hurriedly looked at the back row.

Seeing that Yu Huang had not left anything behind, he asked her, “What else is it, young friend”

The image of Officer Zhang being buried under the river flashed through Yu Huangs mind.

In the end, she reminded him out of turn, “Officer Zhang, pay attention to the female police officer numbered 05*.

She will bring you disaster.”

With that said, Yu Huang turned around and left.

After hearing Yu Huangs random advice, Officer Zhang felt baffled.

He suspected that Yu Huang had suffered a blow to her face that had damaged her brain.

He returned to the police station.

Before he could sit on the stool for long, Zhou Jin called him to his office.

Zhou Jin asked him, “Whats so special about that girl called Yu Huang” He was very curious.

Yu Huang was neither a member of the royal family nor a genius researcher.

Why was she a level 1 protective target

Officer Zhang frowned and said honestly, “I didnt notice anything special.

Its quite strange, but I didnt understand what she said.”

“Huh” Zhou Jin asked curiously, “What did she say”

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Officer Zhang passed the words that Yu Huang said when she alighted the car to Zhou Jin.

When Zhou Jin heard that, he hurriedly opened the police stations internal system and searched for police officer number 05*.

He had really found her.

She was a young police officer who had just arrived at the Prosperous Capital.

She was quite beautiful and did not look like a bad person.

However, bad people often had angelic faces.

Zhou Jin hesitated for a moment, but in the end, he still included this person in the suspect list.

He reminded Officer Zhang, “Then listen to Yu Huang.

Stay away from this young police officer.” The person the prince wanted to protect wouldnt be a bad person.

Officer Zhang was speechless.

He had a nagging feeling that today, his boss was acting a little strange.

The streetlights shone on the cement roads of the district.

Yu Huang walked towards the residential building with light footsteps.

Before she even approached the corridor, she saw Yu Donghai.

Yu Donghai was wearing a washed and faded coat.

He was sitting on a small stool and leaning against the wall while dozing off.

During the late night of early autumn, it was already a little cold.

Yu Donghai didnt sleep soundly and couldnt help but tighten his coat.

Yu Huang looked at Yu Donghai from afar, and suddenly felt a sense of belonging.

To this world, she was an intruder from the alternate world.

However, to Yu Donghai, she was his daughter and the person he cherished the most.

Yu Huang walked in front of Yu Donghai and gently patted the back of Yu Donghais hand.

Yu Donghai opened his eyes warily.

When he saw that it was Yu Huang, he grabbed Yu Huangs hand excitedly and asked anxiously, “They said that you were taken away by the police.

What happened”

Yu Huang passed the walking stick leaning against the wall to Yu Donghai and said, “Lets talk when we get home.

Its cold outside.”


After returning home, Yu Donghai poured a cup of grapefruit tea for Yu Huang.

He said, “Have a cup of grapefruit tea to get rid of the bad luck.”

Yu Huang smiled and drank up the grapefruit tea.

Only then did she tell Yu Donghai everything that happened today, no matter how big or small.

After Yu Donghai heard this, he was so angry that he slammed the table.

“Yu Rufeng is a bastard! He actually wants to sell you off as a slave!”

Yu Donghai turned around and entered the kitchen.

He picked up the kitchen knife and was about to fight it out with Yu Rufeng.

“Which hospital is that bastard at Ill go chop him up!”

Yu Huang was very moved.

She hurriedly walked over and hugged Yu Donghais arm, then gently took the kitchen knife from Yu Donghais hand.

“Father, a life for a life.

Dont do anything stupid.

Lie low for now.

In the future, accompany me back to the Yin Clan and stir up trouble for him.”

“Nothing else matters.”

When Yu Donghai heard Yu Huangs words, his anxious mood subsided a lot.

However, he was still unwilling to give up.

He sighed and said, “Im unwilling to let that bastard off just like that!”

Yu Huang continued, “In the Divine Moon Empire, privately selling citizens abroad to be slaves will either result in lifelong imprisonment or a death penalty.

Yu Rufeng will not make a comeback.”

“Li Pingping violated the protection law for minors because she embezzled my money.

She will also be punished by the law.

She will either have to compensate or go to jail.”

“So, Father, we can live our lives in peace now.

Dont care about anything else.”

Yu Huang did not want to settle things with Yu Rufengs family.

She went out on a long journey and left Yu Donghai alone at home.

Originally, Yu Huang felt that Yu Rufeng and his wife had shown kindness to the Host and originally didnt intend to exterminate Yu Rufengs family.

However, Yu Rufengs actions of selling her to Black Chain as a slave had truly angered Yu Huang.

Yu Huang was never a kind person.

She would not let off those who bullied her easily.

So, Yu Rufeng was reaping the fruits of his own actions.

When Yu Donghai heard Yu Huangs words, he finally felt better.

Yu Huang thought of something and hurriedly asked Yu Donghai, “Father, have you drunk the top-grade Scattering Poison Pill that Mentor asked me to give you”

Yu Donghai stammered, “I drank it, I drank it.”

When Yu Huang saw the shifty look in Yu Donghais eyes, she guessed that he might not have drunk the medicine.

She ran into Yu Donghais room and opened Yu Donghais safe drawer.

Sure enough, she found a supreme-grade Scattering Poison Pill inside.

Yu Huang held the bottle of medicine and arrived in front of Yu Donghai.

With a gloomy expression, she said angrily, “Father, you must drink this medicine.

You will only feel at ease after your body recovers.”

Seeing that he couldnt hide it anymore, Yu Donghai finally confessed his thoughts to Yu Huang.

“I cant bear to drink this medicine.

This medicine can cure a myriad of poisons.

The medicinal effect is very good, but its too expensive.

Its inevitable that you will be injured and poisoned on your cultivation path..

I want to leave that medicine to you.”


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