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Chapter 78: Successfully Detoxed, Lou Lan Ancient Pavilion

Yu Huang wasnt like Xuanyuan Jing.

Xuanyuan Jing and the rest had the backing of a great cultivation clan and had countless spirit pills and miraculous medicines to consume.

If they were injured or in trouble, the great clan behind them would do their best to treat them.

However, Yu Huang did not have such good conditions.

She only had a broken leg and a father who was not capable.

On the path of cultivation, she would always struggle alone.

Yu Donghai was unable to give Yu Huang any substantial help, so he thought of keeping all these good things as long as possible.

He was afraid that one day, Yu Huang would be injured or poisoned, so he could only watch helplessly and anxiously.

Yu Huang understood Yu Donghais true thoughts, and once again, she felt moved.

In order to let Yu Donghai take the pill in peace, Yu Huang could only confess a portion of the truth to Yu Donghai.

She told Yu Donghai, “Father, I have always had business dealings with the prince.

I sold some weapon designs to him and earned quite a few spirit stones.

I can buy up to a hundred top-grade Scattering Poison Pills.”

Yu Donghai thought that Yu Huang was lying to him, and wanted to deceive him into taking the Scattering Poison Pill.

“Dont lie to me.

You havent learned weapon design at all, so what do you know about design!”

Yu Huang said without changing her expression, “Maybe I was born smart.

When I was filming in the past, I used to read professional books in this area every day.

After all, my father is a genius.

A geniuss daughter has to be a genius!”

When he heard this, Yu Donghai felt uncertain again.

The Young Master was so smart, so a woman who could be admired by the Young Master was probably not an ordinary person.

It wasnt strange that the Young Masters daughters natural talent was extraordinary.

Yu Donghai asked skeptically, “How many spirit stones do you have”

Yu Huang took out the Spirit Stone Storage Card.

It was a dark purple circular card.

On it was the badge of the Beast Tamer Alliance.

As a Beast Tamer, Yu Donghai was well aware that the minimum requirement for this kind of dark purple Spirit Stone Storage Card was that the number of Spirit Stones stored could not be less than 100,000.

After seeing the Spirit Stone Storage Card, Yu Donghai finally believed Yu Huangs words.

He stroked Yu Huangs hair proudly and sighed again.

“If the Young Master was still alive, he would definitely be proud of you.”

Yu Huang put away the storage card, poured out the pill, and handed it to Yu Donghai.

“Father, drink this medicine quickly.”

Yu Donghai hesitated for a long time before finally taking the Scattering Poison Pill.

He walked to the bed and laid down.

When the Scattering Poison Pill entered Yu Donghais body, it immediately emitted a burning sensation.

The meridians in Yu Donghais body were quickly opened.

The effect of the Scattering Poison Pill appeared in his body.

Yu Huang could see with her naked eye that there were many black toxins seeping out from Yu Donghais pores.

The poison had remained in Yu Donghais body for nearly twenty years.

The moment they came into contact with the air, they emitted a rich and foul smell.

Yu Huang opened the window and tried to let the smell out.

The process of expelling the poison made Yu Donghai feel very pained.

He tried his best to use his willpower to withstand it.

When he really couldnt take it anymore, he grabbed the bedsheets forcefully or bit onto a towel to distract himself.

The detoxification lasted for an entire day.

Yu Huang also guarded Yu Donghai by the bed for an entire day.

The next night, Yu Donghai woke up and felt exceptionally relaxed.

He felt the changes in his body, and a satisfied smile appeared on his thin face.

“It really doesnt hurt anymore.

I feel like my mind has become much clearer.”

“Thats a good thing.” Yu Huang felt happy for Yu Donghai.

She patted her nose with her hand and said with disdain, “Father, go take a shower quickly.

You smell bad.”

Yu Donghai hurriedly went to take a shower.

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After taking a shower, Yu Donghai changed his clothes and walked out.

There was a smile on his face.

Yu Huang sized up Yu Donghai a few times and felt that the look in her fathers eyes had become much more energetic.

She also felt much more relieved.

“Father, I made you some seaweed soup noodles.

Come over quickly.”

Yu Donghai walked to the dining room and sat down.

He ate a huge mouthful of noodles and heard Yu Huang say, “Ill be going on a long trip with my mentor next week.”

Yu Donghai stopped eating, raised his head and asked her, “Then where is the scrooge taking you”

Yu Huang said, “Lou Lan Ancient Pavilion.”

As a Beast Tamer in the past, Yu Donghai naturally knew about the Lou Lan Ancient Pavilion.

Yu Huang had already awakened her beast form.

It was time to search for a suitable cultivation technique for her.

Yu Donghai told Yu Huang, “Every Beast Tamer must find a cultivation technique that is suitable for them.

With the support of a cultivation technique, cultivating it will yield twice the results with half the effort.

However, the higher the grade of the cultivation technique, the harder it is to capture and absorb.

Thus, many Beast Tamers will cultivate a few cultivation techniques in their lifetime, all from low to high…”

When he spoke up to here, Yu Donghai changed the topic, and said with a proud expression, “But the Young Master was very formidable.

I heard that when he went to the Lou Lan Ancient Pavilion at the age of 12, he was lucky enough to acquire a first-grade Divine Rank cultivation technique.

However, he suffered quite a bit.

Back then, when he was absorbing the cultivation technique, he almost lost his life.”

“A first-grade Divine Rank cultivation technique Cultivation techniques are divided into grades” The original owner was an ordinary person in the past and knew little about the world of Beast Tamers.

Naturally, Yu Huang also didnt know that cultivation techniques actually had different grades.

Yu Donghai nodded, and he patiently explained the differences between the various cultivation techniques for Yu Huang.

“There are three grades of cultivation techniques, Mortal, Witch, and Divine, and every grade has five grades….”

Mortal-stage cultivation techniques were naturally the lowest-grade cultivation techniques.

Their creators were mostly unknown Beast Tamers.

The creators of Witch-level cultivation techniques were mostly famous Grand Masters and Prime Masters.

These cultivation techniques had spiritual consciousness, so their power was naturally far beyond what Mortal cultivation techniques could compare with.

As for the founder of Divine Rank cultivation methods, they were mostly cultivation methods created by the rulers of the various worlds.

These cultivation methods were boundlessly powerful, and no ordinary person could acquire them.

Hearing Yu Donghai explain the difference in cultivation techniques, Yu Huang was extremely shocked.

She said, “I thought that the cultivation techniques in the Lou Lan Ancient Pavilion were all self-created techniques by the ancestors of our Holy Spirit Continent.

According to your words, cultivation techniques are universal among the three thousand worlds”

“Of course.” Yu Donghai explained.

“That Lou Lan Ancient Pavilion is actually a chaotic Time Valley.

Its essentially the same as the spatial gate.

A Time Valley is divided into every single world of the three thousand worlds.

It connects the three thousand worlds forever.”

“Every time someone creates a cultivation technique of their own, they will turn the cultivation technique into a thought and throw it into the Time Valley.

These intent bodies will continuously shuttle through the Time Valley of the three thousand worlds while waiting for the fated person to meet them.

Therefore, the cultivation techniques of the three thousand worlds are interlinked.”

Yu Huang was stunned when she heard that.

After knowing that the Time Valley connected the three thousand worlds, Yu Huang thought of something else and could not help but raise her doubts.

“If the Time Valley is the same as the Time Gate, then why cant those people from the Upper World come to our world after my father sealed the Time Gate”

Yu Donghai shook his head and said, “Thats because the energy bodies in the spatial gate are relatively stable, and the energy bodies in the Time Valley are too strong.

Even Prime Masters are unable to survive in there.

According to legend, only Divine Masters are able to move freely in the Time Valley.”

Yu Huang felt that the so-called Time Valley was somewhat like the cosmic black hole studied by scientists.

“I see.”

Yu Donghai reminded her again, “When you reach the Lou Lan Ancient Pavilion, when you are searching for cultivation techniques, you must remember not to be sucked into the Time Valley.

There was once a Beast Tamer who was accidentally sucked into the Time Valley and was pulverized by the chaotic energy in the Time Valley.”

“I understand.”

“Speaking of which, after I awakened my beast form back then, it was Young Master who personally brought me to the Lou Lan Ancient Pavilion to search for the cultivation technique.

However, I was not as good as the Young Master, so in the end, I only managed to capture a scroll of a second-grade Witch cultivation technique.”

Yu Donghai smiled and patted Yu Huangs head.

With a face filled with anticipation, he said, “I hope you can find a cultivation technique thats suitable for you.”

Yu Huang only smiled and didnt reply.

However, she had an answer in her heart—

A cultivation technique that suited her could only be the most powerful cultivation technique!


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