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Chapter 79: This is blatant favoritism

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In a flash, it was time for Lin Jiansheng and Yu Huang to leave Prosperous Capital and head to the Lou Lan Ancient Pavilion.

Yu Huang packed her luggage one night in advance and stored it in her storage device.

When Yu Donghai saw that she already had her own storage device, he didnt even bother to shower.

He, afraid that Yu Huang would be hungry, held onto his walking stick and ran to the big supermarket outside the estate to buy a lot of nutritious food.

After returning to the room, he stuffed all the snacks into Yu Huangs storage device and complained, “After so many years, these storage devices still havent been improved at all, and they dont have any electricity.

I originally wanted to buy you a refrigerator and a microwave, and then make some dishes for you to freeze.

If youre hungry, you can eat them directly.”

Yu Huang was caught between laughter and tears.

She said, “When I reach the level of a Grandmaster, Ill create a spatial storage device myself.

Then, Ill build a house and plant rice inside.

Ill make a utopia.”

Yu Donghai had blind confidence in Yu Huang.

When he heard this, he immediately nodded and said, “Thats how it should be.

I believe you can do it.”

Yu Donghai had blind confidence in Yu Huang.

When he heard this, he immediately nodded and said, “Thats how it should be.

I believe you can do it.”


The next morning, Yu Huang woke up early.

After eating a bowl of Yu Donghais warm porridge and braised eggs, she headed to the Purifying Spirit Academy under the morning sun.

When they arrived at the Purifying Spirit Academy, Yu Huang was somewhat frightened when she saw Lin Jiansheng, who had shaved his head.

“Mentor, why did you shave your hair”


This bald head reminded Yu Huang of the braised egg she ate at home this morning.

Lin Jiansheng touched his smooth head and said, “My hair is too long.

Its troublesome to wash it, so I shaved my head.” This was indeed the M.O.

of a lazy person.

Yu Huang admired Lin Jianshengs frank attitude of not taking his image seriously.

The mentor-disciple pair took a taxi to the airport.

After boarding the plane, Lin Jiansheng also explained the differences between the various cultivation techniques for Yu Huang.

Even though she had long heard this from her father, Yu Huang still listened patiently and quietly.

Seeing that she was listening attentively, Lin Jiansheng couldnt help but ask, “Didnt that old fart give you any general knowledge”

He was naturally referring to Yu Donghai.

Yu Huang lowered her head and read the college entrance examination scripture that Lin Jiansheng had written for her.

Upon hearing this, she said without raising her head, “He had before.”

Lin Jiansheng rolled his eyes and couldnt help but complain to her.

“You already know, yet you still want me to repeat it.

What a waste of breath.” His mouth felt dry.

Lin Jiansheng opened the cup and took a sip of water.

He heard Yu Huang say, “I want a double portion of your love, Mentor.”

Upon hearing this, Lin Jiansheng raised his eyebrows and declared solemnly, “Dont act cute.

I dont buy it.” Although he said that, the expression on his face became much gentler.

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Lin Jiansheng tightened the lid of the cup and tilted his head to look at the mask on Yu Huangs face.

He asked curiously, “Where did you customize this mask The workmanship is extraordinary.”

Yu Huang froze.

She did not say Sheng Xiaos name directly.

She only said, “A friend gave it to me.”

Lin Jiansheng lamented, “That friend of yours must be very rich.

Hes so generous.”

Was this mask very expensive

Yu Huangs attention was diverted from the sea of books.

She touched the mask on her face in surprise and asked Lin Jiansheng, “Mentor, is this mask very expensive”

“Of course, the material of your mask looks like composite X fiber.

Its the lightest and toughest composite material on the Holy Spirit Continent.

It can be said to be the best material to make a mask.

For example, the material cost for the mask on your face alone wont be less than 20,000 Spirit Stones, let alone the design and crafting fees.”

After Yu Huang heard Lin Jianshengs explanation, she immediately felt that the mask on her face had become heavy.

When Lin Jiansheng saw Yu Huangs reaction, he knew that she still didnt know how expensive her mask was.

Lin Jiansheng revealed a money-grubber look and asked Yu Huang enthusiastically, “Ah Huang, where did you get to know such a tycoon Tell me everything.

Ill befriend him someday.”

As a scrooge, Lin Jiansheng loved rich friends the most.

Yu Huang knew that Lin Jiansheng was teasing her.

She was also a little embarrassed and did not dare to tell Lin Jiansheng the truth.

Thus, she replied vaguely, “Just a good friend.”

Lin Jiansheng narrowed his eyes, which were filled with understanding.

“Dont tell me that your good friend is Mr.


Yu Huangs eyes widened slightly in shock.

“Why do you say its him”

Lin Jiansheng stroked his chin and asked with a mysterious expression, “Ah Huang, youve never browsed the Beast Tamer Alliances website, right”

Yu Huang shook her head and told Lin Jiansheng, “No, I havent gotten my Beast Tamer Certificate yet.

I cant enter that website.”

No wonder.

Lin Jiansheng told Yu Huang, “Some time ago, a survivor who participated in the battle against the Purifying Spirit Sacred Pearl at the top of the Black Dome leaked the news.

He said that he saw Mr.

Sheng at the top of the Black Dome.

Not only did Mr.

Sheng snatch the Purifying Spirit Sacred Pearl, but he also broke through in that battle and officially became a Supreme Master.”

At this point, Lin Jiansheng chuckled and said with a half-hearted smile, “You told me that you were able to successfully remove the Spirit Restraining Parasite from your body precisely because of the effect of the Purifying Spirit Sacred Pearl.

I just cant figure it out.

Look at Young Master Sheng.

He went through great pains to snatch the Purifying Spirit Sacred Pearl and gave it to you generously instead of giving it to his familys children.

Why is that”

“Isnt this blatant favoritism”

Lin Jiansheng was already old, but was unusually passionate about gossip.

In his free time, he would also hide in the study to read novels and browse Weibo.

If he wanted to ship a couple, no one could stop him.

“Also, last time, when you participated in the Beast Awakening Ceremony in the Purifying Spirit Academy, he did not bless others, but he blessed you with good luck.

I dont believe that theres nothing between the two of you.”

Yu Huang did not think that there was anything between her and Sheng Xiao at first.

However, after hearing Lin Jianshengs analysis, she felt that there was something between them.

But she knew that Sheng Xiao did not have any feelings for her.

Lin Jianshengs seemingly rational analysis did not make Yu Huang feel smug.

“Mentor, dont talk nonsense!”

Yu Huang was very calm.

She told Lin Jiansheng, “Sheng Xiao thinks that the six families are responsible for the Spirit Restraining Parasite in my body.

As the successor of the six families, he has the duty to remove the Spirit Restraining Parasite for me.

Thats why he helped me snatch the Purifying Spirit Sacred Pearl.”

That was the truth.

That had to be it.

“Oh, got it.” Lin Jiansheng seemed to believe Yu Huangs explanation and temporarily shut his mouth.

Before Yu Huang could even relax, she heard Lin Jiansheng say, “Mr.

Sheng helped you snatch the Purifying Spirit Sacred Pearl because of his responsibility.

Then, since you were disfigured, he spent a lot of money to build a mask for you because it was the six families fault”

Yu Huang was instantly rendered speechless.

Seeing that Yu Huang had nothing to say, Lin Jiansheng felt a little smug.

There was another indecent smile on his face.

He continued, “Also, that brat from the Xuanyuan clan thinks that youre ugly.

He broke off the engagement with you and embarrassed you.

As the heir of the Sheng family, the head of the six families, should he marry you”


Yu Huang was speechless.

Lin Jiansheng was not done yet.

He continued, “The six families are not kind families..

They have taken many measures and harmed many innocent people.

Why dont you see Sheng Xiao compensating”


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