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Chapter 96: Xuanyuan Sisi Against Anna Tao

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Yu Huang blinked at them mysteriously and told a white lie.

She said, “When I was out, I was lucky enough to befriend a lady from a big family and even saved her life.

In order to repay my kindness, she gave me a huge sum of money, so I can buy many tickets.

Alright, lets go in.

Dont miss Annas competition.”

After hearing Yu Huangs explanation, everyone believed that she had really struck it rich.

Only then did they carry their small bags and excitedly rush to the viewing area.

The racecourse was located in a basin.

Around the basin were hills hundreds of meters high.

The hills had been modified into viewing seats that could accommodate 20,000 people at once.

The ticket Yu Huang bought was in the middle of District D.

After taking a seat, Zhu Nuowen took out the prepared binoculars from his backpack and wanted to find Anna Tao.

It was not easy to find the petite Anna Tao among the more than 1,000 Beast Tamers.

After a long search without finding Anna Tao, Zhu Nuowen lowered the binoculars.

At this moment, the match on stage 8 had ended.

After the referee read the results of the match, he held the microphone and shouted towards the waiting area, “Group 65, Xuanyuan Sisi versus Anna Tao!”

“Please go on stage quickly!”

Upon hearing the name of the battle team, Yu Huang suddenly stood up.

Anna was going to fight Xuanyuan Sisi

This was only the first round of matches.

According to the rules, the people fighting in the first round should be two people with similar cultivation levels competing together.

However, why would Anna Tao be in the same group as Xuanyuan Sisi By arranging Xuanyuan Sisi and Anna Tao to be in the same group, Anna Tao was doomed!

Yu Huang suspected that the reason they were paired together was because the organizer had secretly done it.

Everyone knew that Xuanyuan Sisi was an idiot among the children of noble families.

If that idiot fought a Beast Tamer of the same level, there was a high chance that she would be eliminated.

Beast Tamers who were eliminated in the first round did not have the right to enter the second round.

Thus, Yu Huang reasonably suspected that in order to avoid Xuanyuan Sisi being eliminated at the start of the game, the Xuanyuan Clan must have bribed the organizers and gotten them to secretly work together to match Xuanyuan Sisi with a weak opponent!

If Yu Huang could guess these insider information, couldnt others

Yu Huang carefully observed the seats where the few great families were sitting.

She saw that everyone shook their heads when they heard the name of this duo.

They understood that they had seen through the shady business between the organizer and the Xuanyuan Clan.

They knew very well, but they acquiesced.

This was because if Xuanyuan Sisi was eliminated at the start of the match, not only would it disgrace the Xuanyuan Clan, but it would also disgrace the six great cultivation families.

In order to protect the prestige of the big families, they tacitly accepted this unfair deal.

At that moment, Yu Huang only felt sad.

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Before the battle began, every Beast Tamer would draw a lot.

The number of participants was written on the lot.

Anna Tao only knew that she was number 65, but she did not know who her opponent was.

She stood quietly in the crowd and waited.

When she heard the referee call her and Xuanyuan Sisis names, Anna Tao immediately heard the low discussions among the crowd.

“Huh Why is Miss Xuanyuans opponent a stranger Ive never heard of”

“Who is Anna Tao Is she very powerful”

Some Beast Tamers who were from the same school as Anna Tao were shocked when they heard the name announced by the referee.

“What is the organizer doing Xuanyuan Sisi is the eldest daughter of the Xuanyuan Clan.

How can her opponent be that trash!”

“The organizers are helping Xuanyuan Sisi cheat!”

Hearing this, what else did Anna Tao not understand

She was going to lose to that young mistress of the Xuanyuan Clan.

But they were both Beast Tamers, so why did she deserve to be set up Was it because her beast form was an ant Was it because the young lady of the Xuanyuan Clan needed someone to be sacrificed to advance

Was this the M.O.

of cultivation families

At that moment, Anna Tao suddenly felt wronged, indignant, and angry!

Anna Tao emerged from the line.

She walked from the left side of the Beast Tamer team to the front of the crowd.

She looked up and saw the girl in the green dress standing at the front of the crowd.

Xuanyuan Sisi was wearing a floral green dress.

A long gold-plated bracelet was wrapped around her snow-white arm.

Her slightly curled long hair fell onto her shoulders and swayed gently with the breeze.

One look and she knew that she was a princess who had been pampered growing up.

As a princess, she had to have slaves kneel down and serve her!

And she was that slave…

Anna Tao felt sad.

She thought that after awakening her beast form, she could escape from the clutches of her alcoholic father and live a different life.

However, she was still too young and did not know that there were demons everywhere in this world.

She had escaped from her fathers clutches and fallen into the hands of others.

Yu Huang finally discovered Anna Tao.

When she saw Anna Taos pale face, she understood that Anna Tao had also guessed the shady deal between Xuanyuan Sisi and the organizer.

Yu Huang felt unfair for Anna Tao, but she couldnt openly point out the problem with the organizer.

If this was proven to be a misunderstanding, not only would she be punished, but Anna Tao would also be implicated.

Xuanyuan Sisi raised her chin at Anna Tao proudly and said arrogantly, “I wont show any mercy when we get on the stage later!”

With that, Xuanyuan Sisi took the lead and went to the stage.

Anna Tao bit her lip so hard that the blood drained from it.

Then she chased after her.

After both parties went onto the stage, a translucent protective shield immediately rose around the stage.

Xuanyuan Sisi summoned her beast form immediately.

The moment the white snow fox appeared on the stage, it immediately attracted the surprised cries of many girls.

“Ah, its a snow fox! What a beautiful beast form!”

Everyones attention was attracted by Xuanyuan Sisis beast form.

After they had admired enough, they looked at Anna Taos beast form and realized that she had yet to summon her beast form.

“Huh What about Anna Taos beast form Why didnt she release her beast form”

“Why hasnt she released her beast form yet”

Gradually, more and more people were discussing Anna Tao.

When Jiang Shangfeng and the others heard these peoples words, they thought that Anna Tao was feeling inferior and did not dare to summon her little ant beast form.

They were all worried for Anna Tao.

Vivian stomped her feet and muttered, “Anna, stop daydreaming.

Quickly summon your beast form!”

As if she had heard Vivians prayer, Anna Tao took a deep breath and finally raised her hand to summon her beast form.

When the tiny ant that was difficult to notice appeared on the stage, it immediately attracted boos.

“Whats going on! Shes actually in a useless beast form!”

“Whats going on How did the ant beast form collide with the snow fox beast form Did the organizer make a mistake”

“Why is Xuanyuan Sisis opponent such a weak girl”

Xuanyuan Sisi heard their guesses and was afraid that they would discover her dirty dealings with the organizers.

She was so guilty that she attacked Anna Tao without waiting for the referee to speak.

“Xueer, Crafty Rabbit Three Burrows!”

Upon receiving the order, the gentle-looking snow foxs body suddenly expanded and turned into a giant snow fox about half a meter in length.

The snow foxs four limbs jumped three times on the ground.

With each jump, the spiritual energy on its body became stronger.

After jumping three times, the snow fox suddenly jumped towards the little ant.

When it got up, two cracks appeared on the stage under its feet.

Anyone with eyes could tell that Xuanyuan Sisis snow fox had cultivated a cultivation technique.

With the enhancement of her cultivation technique, her beast form would possess even stronger power.

Xuanyuan Sisi had brought out her trump card right from the start.

She planned to defeat the enemy in one move and end the battle quickly!

Anna Tao panicked for a moment.

She hurriedly gave an order to her beast form, but the order was filled with despair.

“Longxiang, retreat!”

She gave that weak ant a powerful name called Longxiang.

Her first order to Longxiang was to retreat.

Compared to Xuanyuan Sisis formidable appearance, Anna Tao was in a sorry state.

The ant had retreated from the moment it heard Anna Taos order.

However, it was too slow.

The snow fox landed on it and the huge spiritual force pressure knocked the ant unconscious.

At the same time, Anna Taos body suddenly flew into the air and slammed towards the edge of the stage.


Anna Taos thin and petite body was slammed into the hard ring.

She spat out a mouthful of blood and her head shook.

A double image appeared in Anna Taos vision.

She saw the green-dressed girl walking towards her step by step.

As she got closer, the girl crossed her arms and lowered her head to look at her for a moment.

She turned around and said to the referee, “Referee, she lost!”

The judge put the whistle in his mouth and was about to blow it when he heard a weak female voice say very softly, “I havent lost yet!”

Xuanyuan Sisi and the judge looked at the little girl lying on the ground at the same time.

Anna Tao held onto the ground with her hands.

She gritted her teeth and stood up with trembling legs.

She summoned her beast form back into her body and punched Xuanyuan Sisi!

Xuanyuan Sisis beast form immediately turned into a ball of light to protect her within the protective shield.

She brought Xuanyuan Sisi and teleported to three to four meters away.

Xuanyuan Sisi stood firmly while hugging the snow fox with one hand.

She looked at Anna Tao with a dangerous gaze while her gaze turned sinister.

“Anna Tao Your beast form already lost consciousness.

Youre already at the end of your rope.

Why are you still trying to be brave!”

Anna Tao had serious internal injuries and her mouth was filled with blood.

When she heard Xuanyuan Sisis words, Anna Tao opened her mouth and spat at her!

The blood landed on Xuanyuan Sisis pure white shoes and green dress.

Xuanyuan Sisi lowered her head to look at her shoes.

They were her favorite shoes.

Her brother had brought them back for her from the Divine Realm Academy.

She took the Beast Tamer Selection very seriously and deliberately wore these shoes.

However, that reckless girl actually dirtied her shoes!

Xuanyuan Sisi suddenly became murderous.

Her gaze became fierce as she suddenly threw the snow fox into the sky and roared, “All Things Return to Void!”

The snow fox started spinning frantically in the air.

As it spun, a tornado appeared below it.

The tornado swept Anna Tao into it, carried her in the air, and mercilessly slammed her onto the ground.

Before Anna Tao could catch her breath, she was sucked into the sky by the tornado again and thrown to the ground.

Anna Tao was lying on the ground like a rag doll..

She was motionless.


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