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Love …… mall

Qin Hengyi had already gotten used to the electronic sounds that rang in his ears from time to time, but he didn’t quite understand what the electronic sounds were saying this time.

He hadn’t played any games and didn’t have the concept of a game mall.

【Did it open the Love Mall here]


Qin Hengyi cast his gaze back to Zhu Qingan off-screen.

There was a youth waiting for him to coax now.

If he didn’t coax him in time, the other party would turn into a softball again.

Zhu Qingan had a look at the man who didn’t speak, thinking that the man was stunned by his huge savings, he stroked his chin and repeated, “Mr.

Qin, you don’t have to worry about me, I’m super rich ……”

His eyebrows were curved and his dark eyes were glowing with pride.

Qin Hengyi: “……”

Qin Hengyi’s heart pitied the poor and unaware teenager, but for the sake of the other’s small pride, he didn’t break it down.

With a peak of his eyebrows, he smiled sullenly and lowly and began to coax the child waiting to be praised by him, “Yeah, so rich, so good.”

Zhu Qingan swelled, his eyes became even more pronounced, like a pair of crescents, and he said softly, “So, I can give you a very good life, I can spoil you and raise you.”

The other party was a paper man- if he didn’t spoil who would

The odd-looking Qin Hengyy: “…”

Zhu Qingan laughed a few times proudly, he saw that it was not too late, it was time to prepare dinner for the pups.

He smoothly said to the man, “I’m going to eat Mr.

Qin, I will see you next time ……”


The screen within the game went off again.

Qin Hengyi raised the corners of his lips a little helplessly, his ears echoing with the stubbornly soft words of a poor teenager: “I can spoil you and raise you ……”

He was sure he was still like a child.

[The Love Mall is open…]

The system sounded quiet for a moment, then resumed.

The unique love pink wall in the background of the couple’s room, cracked open an equally pink holographic screen.

[Buy a gift for your lover~ Help your beloved lover to reach the pinnacle of his or her life!]

A number of items wrapped in a frame appear on the screen, and underneath them were the prices.

[Ten Thousand Fans Temperament, available for one day.

Priced at 200,000 Star Coins.]

[Koi Physique, one day of availability.

Price: 100,000 Star Coins.】】 [A mountain delicacy.

[One serving of mountain and seafood.

Sold for 50,000 Star Coins.]

False Love was still essentially a building game that couldn’t be separated from Krypton[game currency], the only difference was that the object of the Kryptonite was replaced by a paper man.

None of these items were priced at less than 10,000 Star Coins.

[The items will be delivered to your lover by express mail.] Star Coins will be deducted directly from your bank account!

Bank/bank accounts ……

Do you have your own bank/bank account

In the meantime, Qin Hengyi’s eyebrows were knitted.

[Try purchasing an item for your lover!]

The game was still persistently cheating Krypton.

Qin Hengyi glanced at the Love Mall, his slender fingers poking at the wide array of products.

[You have successfully placed an order for your lover’s merchandise! We’ll deliver the goods to your lover as soon as possible.


Zhu Qingan exited the game, he went to prepare dinner for the pups with great intentions.

The paper man in the game seemed to be cold, but he was really good at complimenting people.

He …… actually felt pretty good about it.

Today’s dinner was a big bowl of hot, softly cooked rice porridge.

Furry pups of all races gathered around and ate it up.

Zhu Qingan spooned a bowl of millet porridge for himself as well, touched the light computer, and sat down to play and eat.

His fans were excited to learn that he had officially joined the entertainment industry.

They begged Dreamboat Entertainment to prepare a back-up fan group for them and so on.

At the same time, they were also looking forward to one of Zhu Qingan’s upcoming variety shows, “Poorer Than Poor.’

The rules for this variety show were simple.

Only four people were allowed to participate in each roundup, and the event took place in a poor neighborhood.

The task for each person – was to pretend to be poor, try to convince outsiders that they were the poorest, as well as brush up on their fans’ goodwill points.

At the end of the variety show, whoever had the highest fan favorability rating was the winner.

Dreamboat’s Entertainment had given the list of participating artists for this roundup.

As expected, Zhu Qingan, who had just joined the entertainment industry, drew the least curiousity and had the smallest fan base.

The basis for gaining more fans’ goodwill value must be to have many fans-.

Zhu Qingan had no popular advantage in this variety.

But Zhu Qingan did not object, he was just going to experience life, and after the variety, he would also get a guaranteed film pay, have more money to support the pups …… and his paper man.

The variety show would be held tomorrow.


The next day.

Zhu Qingan left the stray animal base and the pups to the hired staff and hurried out for the variety show.

He wasn’t as conscientious this time about wearing very good clothes as he was last time.

He wore tattered short sleeves sewn together with a few small scraps of cloth, while his pants were hemmed in from a second-hand clothing store.

Even the small bag he carried was a beaten-up old thing.

It contained very little, no clothes, just a few pairs of underpants, and his little second-hand halberd.

— since he was going to be poorer than poor.

Then poor to the extreme.

He took a taxi to the destination, under the strange gaze of the taxi driver.

The place where the variety show was to take place was a slum neighborhood.

The neighborhood was well-policed, so the artists didn’t have to worry about personal safety.

Zhu Qingan was a little late, the variety show had almost started, and the artists were all ready.

Zhu Qingan took a closer look at the three artists who were with him for the variety show.

–The three artists seemed to be quite good at pretending to be poor.

One was disguised as a rather experienced tramp, wrapped in a second-hand army green jacket with a found quilt on his back.

One, on the other hand, was a homeless man with not even a few pieces of clothing.

The only female entertainer had deliberately mussed her hair, her clothes were in tatters, and she was dragging a sack in her right hand and clutching a few scraps of paper shells in her left.

It was a perfect example of a trash-picking girl.

Zhu Qingan: “……”

No, he was going to become poorer.

After the director briefly explained the rules, the variety wass off and running.

The four artists ran around, trying to convince unwitting outsiders that they were the poorest.

As for the live streaming method, just like the last variety show that Zhu Qingan participated in, the audience could watch the live streaming of the pop-ups through the artists’ wrist light-chips.

Zhu Qingan wiped a handful of soot on his white face somewhere.

The small cloth bag he was carrying seemed to have been hooked by a branch and torn through a hole.

The cloth hung on him very barely, it was crumbling.

He had given himself a story – a homeless boy who had been driven from his home by his stepmother.

“Hey New here” The sudden female voice made Zhu Qingan return to his senses.

He turned around and saw a middle-aged woman in simple clothes.

The woman glanced at him, a little worried, “What No money for clothes You’ll catch cold wearing that.”

Zhu Qingan: “……”

Zhu Qingan nodded pitifully.

Woman: “What a poor child ah ……”

She shook her head and continued, “But I saw a girl across the street who was even poorer than you, she also had no money to wear good clothes and was picking up trash …… clothes that were even more worn than yours.”

Zhu Qingan, “!”

That was clearly his opponent.

“…… “Zhu Qingan was silent for a long while and said in a soft voice, “She is actually richer than me, and the trash I have to pick up is picked up by her, so she makes 20 cents more than me every day.

She doesn’t spend money on clothes …… she buys food, lots and lots of food.

Unlike me, I don’t even have money for food.”

He stepped on his opponent, looking aggrieved and pitiful, his eyes red.

The woman looked at Zhu Qingan and noticed that Zhu Qingan was indeed much thinner than the girl.

It might be true that he didn’t have money to eat and was really poorer than that girl.

But she was also poor now and wasn’t able to help the teenager.

She shook her head and walked away, “Really poor ……”

Pretending to be poor successfully gotten~

Zhu Qingan raised the corners of his lips after the women left.

But the emotions revealed under his eyes were a bit complicated.

He wasn’t lying, he really had been kicked out of his home before, he really couldn’t even afford to eat, and his clothes were even more tattered than the current ones.

He passes by a small corner of a poor neighborhood and accidentally ran into one of his poorer-than-poor rivals, a “tramp” in an army green jacket.

The homeless man’s character appears to be a young man.

He saw Zhu Qingan passing by, and only gave him a cold glance, with contempt in his eyes.

— He was called Li Tianqiu, a popular youth who started out as a youngster relying only on his face.

He didn’t participate in this variety show to experience life.

This time, the Empire Oka Gold Cup-winning film star, Xiao Ruiyu, would make an appearance in the middle of this variety show.

Li Tianqiu was participating in the variety show in order to get close to the big man in the industry, Xiao Ruiyu, and gain better resources.

Li Tianqiu’s ex-boyfriend was a businessman, but his business failed and he had no money, so Li Tianqiu instantly turned his back on him and broke up with him to find his next target.

Xiao Ruiyu, who had a huge film fee, was one of his targets.

Similarly, he had a strong concept of money worship and despised poor people.

If it wasn’t to hook up with Xiao Ruiyu, he wouldn’t have come to this kind of variety show.

Li Tianqiu leaned against the corner and scrutinized Zhu Qingan who passed by him.

He knew that Zhu Qingan, a newcomer, from a bad family, was also a fan of Xiao Ruiyu.

It was hard for him to guess whether Zhu Qingan’s purpose …… for coming to the variety show was the same as his, also to get close to Xiao Ruiyu.

When he thought of this, Li Tianqiu’s gaze at Zhu Qingan was filled with hostility and disgust.

But he didn’t need to worry too much.

–There was no way that Xiao Ruiyu could fall for such a poor and incompetent Zhu Qingan.

Money was the most charming and almighty.

He consoled himself.


Zhu Qingan didn’t know what Li Tianqiu was thinking.

He only thought that Li Tianqiu …… looked like a very bad person, so he didn’t greet the other party.

Zhu Qingan’s live light chip had been on for a long time, from the beginning of the Variety show until now.

His little fans had seen Zhu Qingan’s technique of pretending to be poor, and the pop-ups were sent out non-stop.

[Hahaha~ Poor little An An! It’s so cute!]

“Little An has been robbed of his garbage and has no money to eat!

[Come to my place, I’ll feed you and clothe you…]

[I’m so poor! Yippee!]

Zhu Qingan had a look at the bullet screen and swelled inside.

As expected, his technique of pretending to be poor wasn’t a secret.

He made a plan in his little book.

No money to eat, check.

The poor helpless guy who got his trash taken away from him.

Next …… he was going to be even poorer! Poor out of this world!

Absolutely, absolutely no money!

The corners of his lips rose.

He returned to his senses and was about to take his first step when the sound of a bird suddenly rang out in his ears.

The sudden giant mechanical bird that suddenly swept past him, dropped a parcel-…

This bird was an emperor star trait robot with combat capabilities comparable to armor.

It was specifically used to escort the Imperial Star Express goods worth over 100,000 Star coins.

The packaging of the courier was also more golden than the last one Zhu Qingan received.

The entire body was wrapped in a golden substance, and a shining Imperial Star Express logo was printed in the middle.

It was the planet that was only allowed to be inhabited by the big shots of the empire and was inaccessible to ordinary people.

The side of the logo also had the name of Zhu Qingan printed on it.

The hot gold font was golden and incomparably overflowing with money and status.

The mark of a wealthy person.

Li Tianqiu looked at the said very poor Zhu Qingan holding such a thing, and was fiercely stunned.

The live pop-up screen exploded.


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