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2062 Little Spideys Debut, Training the New Generation

As Luke gradually entered the most enjoyable stage of being an alien boss, December 2015 rolled around.

His attention was finally pulled back by something that happened on Earth.

Sitting on the couch in his New York nest, Luke watched Selina zoom in on the virtual screen.

The image was of a thin and short figure.

He was wearing a red helmet that wasnt complicated and was comparable to a high-quality cosplay prop, and a red and blue high-resilience suit.

Smacking his lips, Luke could only sigh.

“This kid has a lot of pocket money.”

Selina rolled her eyes.

“Your brother sponsored the raw materials.”

Luke was surprised.

“Peter shared his secret with Joseph”

Selina said, “How is that possible However, your brother isnt short of money.

Hes been very interested in that special formula which Peter has been researching for the past few years.

He even personally sponsored 50,000 dollars.”

Luke: “What”

In fact, Gwen Stacy had joined Mindys self-defense club at Lukes recommendation.

Gwen had inadvertently mentioned that Peter was working on a special material.

Joseph, who had gone over to play the role of acriminal, heard that, and asked a few questions.

Gwen didnt know the details of Peters research, so she simply gave him Peters Messenger ID.

After Joseph talked to Peter twice, they gradually started to get along.

In Josephs words, Peter at least had some idea when it came to R&D.

He was an interesting kid.

As for most ordinary American students in their teens or twenties, Josephs conclusion was simple: They were either bad or stupid, or both.

After listening to Selinas explanation, Luke zoomed in on Peters helmet and observed it carefully for a few seconds.

He nodded.

“Indeed, the make of the helmet is clearly linked to our last generation armor.

Its also a little like the learning helmet I gave Peter.”

Selina, who was lying on the side, pinched his thigh.

“Whos talking about workmanship”

Protected by his Taffy ability, Luke was unperturbed by the sting on his thigh.

“Let Mindy deal with it”

As soon as he said that, he shook his head.

“Forget it.

Actually, there are no longer any high school students in Ursa Minor.

Also, Peter is a chatterbox… Tsk, tsk.

Will Mindy hit him”

Selina snorted.

“Peter doesnt look like he wants to be a superhero now.

Hes more like a super officer of the law.”

As she spoke, she swiped through several images.

“This guy caught 21 thieves, 13 purse snatchers, eight molesters and three assailants with knives in the last ten days.

Hes active mostly in Queens, and then Brooklyn.”

Pausing for a moment, Selina then pointed at the screen.

“Even dressed like this, it was easy for our system to come up with a match.

Using this to hide his identity as a superhero is too risky.

Its safer for him to stick to this neighborhood.”

Luke was amused.

After all, a Peter Parker who wasnt a friendly New York neighbor wasnt a good Spiderman!

When Luke discovered that Tony Stark existed in this world at the very beginning, he couldnt help but look forward to little Spidey.

He even fantasized that they might become classmates if he ever came to live in New York.

In the end, reality proved to him that the universe didnt revolve around transmigrators – not for him, at least.

The first time he saw Peter, who had been a little over three years old, Luke knew that he was destined to not be little Spideys friend, and could only be an uncle.

Who the hell knew that Spiderman would only be born in 2001!

However, that wasnt a bad thing for Peter.

Because of Uncle Bens kind nature, he was still shot on the streets in that fateful incident.

However, Luke saved Uncle Bens life.

For Peter, even if he lost the chance to become Spiderman, he would rather that Uncle Ben live.

As for turning from a poor single-parent family into a middle class family that didnt need to worry about money, that wasnt too important.

Peter was optimistic and cheerful by nature, and could still be happy even in the middle of catching thieves and robbers.

Luke had no intention of interfering too much in Peters life.

In any case, he was too busy to watch the kid grow day by day.

It didnt matter if Peter became Spiderman or not.

Being a superhero wasnt an enviable profession.

Most shut-ins who fantasized about becoming a superhero only wanted the superpowers, and not to uphold justice.

Lukes experiences over the past decade flashed through his mind.

In the end, his gaze fell on Peter, who was sitting on a roof and eating a sandwich.

“Ill have Joseph give Peter a reminder.

Just pretend that you didnt see him.”

There actually wasnt any harm in becoming a superhero a little later, Luke murmured inwardly.

The main force of the Justice League would gradually phase out in five to ten years.

Ursa Minor, as its successor, would have had at least 20 years of experience by then.

Only in the last two years had Luke started searching for new kids to train.

With two groups before them, they would be able to carry on the torch after another decade.

Peter could wander around as New Yorks friendly neighborhood Spiderman for a few years before deciding his future path.

For Luke, it wasnt hard to groom backup teams in bulk.

There might not be any extraordinary talents among them, but… who said that the retired old fellows would no longer be able to fight

The reason they retired would mostly have to do with their own endurance.

Being on the front line meant being prepared to deal with all sorts of extraordinary events at any time, which was very stressful.

From Phils hairline alone, which even Life 1 couldnt protect, it was clear that this was a problem that couldnt be solved with extraordinary items.

Taking action only when it was really necessary, however, wouldnt be a problem for the retired members.

It was just like how fitness training was a completely different thing for an athlete and a rich person.

The first was about performance and results, while it was a hobby for the second.

With Life 1 and proper daily training, the combat ability of the main team members wouldnt drop even if they were 80 years old.

Secondly, Luke himself was the Justice Leagues realinsurance.

Other people might be weary after protecting Earth for 20 to 30 years.

Luke, on the other hand, already had a plan to earn 200 to 300 years worth of experience and credit points.

Otherwise, who knew when he would be able to accumulate the trillions of experience and credit points that was themax cap.

In any case, after his Strength broke the 140 threshold, Luke had made some progress with his research on Advanced Self-Healing.

Even so, after Osiris, the medical A.I., analyzed his physical data, the conclusion it reached was that — it was impossible to give an accurate estimate.

Based on previous calculations, Luke might currently have an infinite lifespan.

But according to the information Luke had gathered, existences that could attain infinite life werent as weak as he was.

In the end, Osiris produced a conservative estimate that Luke would be able to live at least two Asgardian lifetimes.

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