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Chapter 2173: White whale of the snowy sea (2)

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However, not long after she left the underground city, she realized that there was a tail behind her.

That tail was one of the two guards.

When the guard realized that he had been discovered, he coyly walked towards Leng ruoxue and the rest.

He laughed awkwardly and whispered,””Miss, Im afraid that youre not familiar with black fog City, so Im here to be your guide.” In other words, he was determined to follow them.

“Why are you alone” Leng ruoxue was helpless.

Ever since Dongfang Lin had given the two of them to her, she seemed to be unable to get rid of them.

Furthermore, these two guards were brothers and had always been of one mind.

Hence, she was very curious about the fact that she had only seen one person.

“Qin Dong went to deliver a letter to his Lord.

He will follow us later.” The guard replied honestly, but there was still a hint of resentment on his face.

This was because when Leng ruoxue and the rest left the underground city, they had left the two of them behind.

Sob … They were so sad!

“I see.

Since youve already come out, then follow me!” Leng ruoxue sighed softly, as though she had accepted her fate.

“Yes!” When the guard heard this, his face immediately bloomed into a smile.

In fact, he knew very well that he couldnt outrun these people.

However, he wasnt afraid of being discovered.

In short, he was following them.

The sea of snow was about three hours away from black fog City.

Although it was very close to black fog City, it did not belong to black fog City.

Of course, no human would be willing to occupy the place.

When Dongfang Lin found out that Leng ruoxue and the rest had left, they had already arrived at the snow sea that Cang had mentioned.

Looking at the vast expanse of white in front of her, Leng ruoxues forehead was filled with black lines.

This was a sea of snow Where was the sea She only saw a tall Snow Mountain and a thick layer of ice that was as smooth as a mirror.

Other than that, she didnt see any living thing.

Leng ruoxue shifted her gaze towards Qin Nan and asked,””Are you sure you didnt lead me the wrong way”

Qin Nan, who was the guard following them, immediately volunteered to lead the way when he heard that they were going to the sea of snow.

He even said that he knew a shortcut, and that was why he brought them here.

And here, she couldnt tell that this was the sea.

“Absolutely! Ive been here once, and its still fresh in my memory.

Although we dont call this place the snow sea, its indeed the snow sea youre looking for! Trust me!” Qin Nan made a solemn vow.

However, Leng ruoxue was still skeptical of his words.

“Girl, this is indeed the sea of snow.

He didnt take the wrong way.” After Cang spoke some fair words, it received a grateful gaze from Qin Nan.

“Then where is the sea” This was Leng ruoxues biggest question.

“Its under that thick layer of ice.

” Azure stretched out his little claw and pointed.

When she heard this, Leng ruoxue deliberately walked to the nearby ice layer and even jumped a few times on it.

However, the thick ice layer did not move at all.

However, the ice was really bright enough to shine on people!

Leng ruoxue pondered to herself before looking at Cang,””The sea of snow is under the layer of ice.

How are we going to get down”

“Why are we going down” Azure blinked and asked in confusion.

“If we dont go down, how are we going to catch the snow fish” Leng ruoxue was taken aback by Cangs exceptionally innocent eyes.

Then, she asked as a matter of course.

“Uh! I should be the one going down!” Uncle long took the initiative to speak.

Among the few of them, he was the most knowledgeable about the sea.

Moreover, Azure had said that it would be easier to catch the fish with him around, so he felt that it was better to take the initiative.

“You dont need to go down!” Azure said with a smile.

“Then how do we catch fish” Uncle long was also confused.

“You just need to release a little pressure.

Theres a white whale living in the snow sea, so this is its territory, understand” Azure said with a smile.

“Understood!” Uncle long was sweating like a waterfall.

Cang was really too bad.

He made him release his pressure.

This was clearly to provoke him! At that time, the other party would definitely think that he was here to snatch his territory.

In order to defend his sovereignty, that person would definitely rush up from the bottom of the sea in anger.

At that time, that poor fellow would probably let them do whatever they wanted!

“Quickly start! Were not in a hurry to eat Snowfish!” Azure urged.

“Alright then!” Uncle long replied.

Immediately after, he released his pressure.

Cang reminded Leng ruoxue and the others to stand further away so that they wouldnt be splashed by the sea water.

Leng ruoxue and the rest retreated to the foot of the tall snowy mountain.

Then, Qin Nan took the initiative to start a fire.

Cangs words earlier had scared him silly.

At the same time, it strengthened his belief that he must not offend that rabbit.

Cang was the worst rabbit he had ever seen.

Suddenly, the wind and clouds surged!

In an instant, the thick layer of ice scattered in all directions as a snow-white figure broke out of the ice.

Following that, Leng ruoxue and the rest saw a beautiful white whale floating in the air, its large, beautiful Azure eyes staring at them in an unfriendly manner.

The white whale was unbelievably beautiful.

In her previous life, Leng ruoxue had also observed the cute white whale up close.

However, those that she had seen in her previous life were nothing compared to the white whale in front of her.

After all, it was only a divine beast, and this white whale actually had the power of a reverent God.

No wonder it had rushed out of the sea without hesitation when it was provoked by uncle long.

“Damn it, you actually dare to come to my snow sea and cause trouble.

I think you are really tired of living!” White whale, who had been staring at uncle long for a long time, said angrily.

His beautiful blue eyes looked like they were about to shoot out flames, and two small flames flickered.

However, they werent surprised that the white whale was angry.

They just didnt expect that the white whale was actually a female, and its voice was so gentle and pleasant to hear! It gave off a very comfortable and refreshing feeling.

When Leng ruoxue heard it speak, she had no doubt that it was also a Beastie that was not what it looked like!

Uncle long didnt expect the white whale to be a female.

After all, the beasts in the sea could only tell others their gender by their words.

After knowing that the other party was a female, he was a little overwhelmed.

This … He rarely attacked the mother beast, especially this time when he was the one who provoked it first, so he couldnt do it.

For a moment, uncle long was in a dilemma.

However, the white whale wasnt as gentlemanly as he was.

After seeing that uncle long was a little distracted, the white whale was furious!

That damned stinky man! He actually dared to look down on him This was preposterous!

The white whale was quite angry with uncle Longs reaction after he found out about his gender!

It must be known that it was also a Beastie with a backbone.

After working very hard to cultivate its strength to reverent-god level, its self-esteem had also swelled even more.

Especially when facing the opposite sex, the other partys performance would usually directly affect its mood, because it had always felt that it was not inferior to men!

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