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Chapter 1089 Pot Lid Piece of Rag and Bone

“Meow Why the sky suddenly darkens… Hey, thats not right.

What is this place” Evil Moons exclamation came from the clay jar.

Obviously, it had not yet realized what had happened.

Ding Hao and the others came to their senses from shock and believed that the Demon King had indeed been put into this black pot like a urine pot.

This was too surprising.

A small black pot was like poor-quality porcelain made by an apprentice.

Unexpectedly, it had the ability to subdue an expert.

It should be noted that Evil Moon was close to a five-apertured Martial Demigod and a master of the middle-level God Realm.

Although it didnt possess certain magical powers or martial arts skills, it couldnt be underestimated.

How could it be instantly subdued by the black pot

The moment they reacted, Ding Hao and the other three showed surprise on their faces.

“We found a treasure!”

This thought emerged in everyones mind.

“Meow What the hell is going on Where am I Let me out now! Who is plotting against me Im going to bite him to death…” The black clay jar vibrated, and Evil Moon reacted a little and roared in shock and anger.

Ding Hao walked over to pick up the jar and observed it carefully.

He wanted to reach into the jar and pull out the Demon King but found that it was empty.

There was nothing in it at all.

It was just an ordinary jar.

He touched every corner of the jar, but he did not find Evil Moon.

He turned over the ceramic tube and shook it.

It was still impossible to pour out the Demon King.

“What a magical jar.”

Ding Hao observed the patterns on it and couldnt figure it out.

He asked the Saber Master and the Sword Master, and the two old monsters carefully sensed it.

Finally, the Sword Master said in surprise, “I didnt expect that.

Its a little strange.

Ive never seen this kind of thing before.

It should not be a famous weapon from the Ancient Era.

However, its function reminds me of a very famous Semi-Immortal Artifact from the Immortal Period, the Infinite Demon Jar.

It is said that it can collect everything in the world, including demons, humans, immortals, suns, and stars…”

“It may be an imitation.

Its unusual for it to be able to survive until now,” the Saber Master added.

“This young hunter is very lucky.

Although its an imitation, he can use it to collect that stupid cat.

At least, he can kill all the masters in the middle stage of the God Realm.”

The two old monsters made a guess and thought that only the young hunter could use the jar because when he found it before, he might have accidentally triggered the divine runes on the jar and become the owner of it.

Ding Hao handed the black ceramic jar to Zhang Fan to see if he could release the Fat Cat.

Zhang Fan looked embarrassed and took the jar.

After thinking for a while, he turned it over and shook it with its top facing the ground.

With a swoosh, Evil Moon was poured out of the jar.


The Demon King landed on Ding Haos shoulder in horror.

Its white hair stood on end as if it were facing a formidable enemy.

It looked around and said, “What the hell What happened just now”

Fang Tianyi looked greatly amused.

He laughed and told Evil Moon what had just happened.

“Meow” Evil Moon was immediately furious.

It stared at Zhang Fan angrily and said discontentedly, “I used to think that you were a simple and honest good person, and I didnt have much impression of you.

I didnt expect you to be so cunning.

Have you always had complaints about me How dare you plot against me”

Zhang Fan waved his hand repeatedly.

“Its not like that.

I didnt know…”

Evil Moons eyes fell on the black clay jar, and its front paws rested on its fat chin.

It rolled its eyes and said with a smile, “How will you compensate me Well, although I am fierce and inhuman, we are friends.

I will suffer a little loss.

How about giving me this urine pot”

The Fat Cat began to covet the clay jar.

“Holy **.

This jar is so powerful.

If I meet an expert whom I cant defeat in the future, Ill just need to call his name and I can put him into the jar before I slowly deal with him.

And those delicious dragons and phoenixes.

I can collect them and make a pot of mixed food.

It must be delicious.”

Zhang Fan was indeed a simple-minded man.

Upon hearing Evil Moons words, he hurriedly handed over the black jar.

He had no concept of such a powerful treasure at all.

Or in his opinion, there wouldnt be any difference whether he, Ding Hao, Fang Tianyi, or the Fat Cat had it.

“Meow Youre so generous” The Fat Cat, who was so thick-skinned, also felt a little embarrassed.

It hurriedly smiled and said, “Ill give it to you after playing with it for a few days.”

Ding Hao looked speechless at the Fat Cats shamelessness.

However, he did not stop it because Saber Master and Sword Master had said that the black jar had become Zhang Fans possession.

Even if the Fat Cat got it by deceiving him, it would not be able to use it.

After the twists and turns of the black jar, Ding Hao and the others finally got excited.

There were still some incredible fortunes in this decaying ruins city.

Even Ding Hao changed his previous absent-minded attitude and began to search everywhere.

As long as they passed by some stone halls, towers, and other buildings that had not completely collapsed, they would get in and search.

As expected, Evil Moon quickly lost interest in the black jar.

Because it found that it couldnt control the black jar at all.

Only in Zhang Fans hand could it exert terrible power.

As long as the hunter boy pointed the mouth of the black pot at the enemy and shouted the name, and as long as the enemy responded, they would be instantly put into the jar.

Evil Moon was well aware of that.

Because it already had more than ten experiences of being stored in that jar.

Time ticked by.

About 20 hours later, it was close to the meeting time with Ding Honglei and others.

Ding Hao and his teammates finished their search and rushed to the eastern wall of this ancient ruins city.

In the previous search, they had some strange discoveries.

Fang Tianyi found something like a straw-knitted pot lid or a small round shield.

The edges were a little worn out, and the surface was covered with all kinds of scars.

The repair traces could also be seen.

No one knew how long it had existed.

At first, Fang Tianyi didnt pay much attention to the tattered lid, but he soon found that it was ridiculously hard.

No matter how hard he tried, he couldnt break it.

Later, Ding Hao tried, but even the ultimate Saber Intent and Sword Intent couldnt leave the slightest trace on the surface of the straw-knitted pot lid.

Did it have the ability of absolute defense

“Ill just take it as a shield.” Fang Tianyi put away the straw-knitted pot lid.

Xie Jieyu found a gray embroidered cloak.

The cloak was a little worn out like a large piece of rotten cloth, and the patterns on it were basically difficult to recognize.

The patterns should be some kind of flower that had been extinct, but this piece of rag had an amazing effect.

When Xie Jieyu put it on her body, she immediately became completely invisible.

Both her aura and image completely disappeared into the void.

She was still standing there, but when Ding Hao reached out his hand, it was like passing through the air.

Was it a cloak of invisibility

For the time being, it seemed so.

Other than that, they found nothing else.

Ding Hao and Evil Moon were a little depressed.

Both of them didnt find anything.

Although this ancient city was large, it was really empty.

There were very few things except collapsed buildings.


Human Pet, did your bad luck infect me” Evil Moon was very dissatisfied.

“Why didnt I find anything”

“Maybe your bad luck infected me,” Ding Hao said resentfully.

“Thats not right.

Since I time-traveled to this era, I have always been lucky.

Even Ren Xiaoyao, a super lucky cultivator, cant compare with me.

Why didnt I get anything this time”

At that moment, Xie Jieyu seemed to suddenly find something.

She pointed ahead and said, “There seems to be something shining there.”

Sure enough, in the sand ahead, something was shining with a faint fluorescence under the morning light, which was extremely eye-catching.

“Its mine, mine… Whoever dares to fight it over with me will be beaten up!”

The Demon King rushed over like an arrow leaving the bowstring.

It was excited and laughed loudly.

It couldnt wait to dig out the shiny thing in the sand, but in the next moment, its excited expression froze, because the thing it dug out was-

“Holy **! How could it be a bone”

Evil Moon grabbed the white bone, which was only half an inch long and looked a little small.

It roared angrily as if it had been poured with a basin of cold water.

It was extremely disappointed.

The thing it got was not a treasure but a broken bone.

What was the use of it And it was unknown whether it was something left by a dead creature.

Ding Hao and the others couldnt help laughing.

Having such a funny companion on the journey could really liven things up.

“What are you laughing at You stupid humans!” Evil Moon stared back and said, “Even a bone has its use.

It can be used for… it can be used for… humph, it can grind my teeth.”

The Demon King flashed his shiny canines and bit into the bone to comfort itself.

After this setback, there was not much time left.

Ding Hao no longer searched.

They sped up all the way to the eastern city wall.

About an hour later, they finally arrived near the eastern city wall.

From a distance, they saw Ding Honglei, wearing a red cloak, standing on a tower at the city gate like a javelin, and four Demigod Realm masters of the Holy Palace of Mysterious Frost were guarding her.

In addition, more than half of the experts from the Blue Cloud Sect, Extermination Swordsmanship Sect, and other super sects had arrived.

Ding Hao and his teammates landed on the city wall and greeted everyone.

Compared with the past few days, there was excitement on everyones faces.

Obviously, they had gained something in this ancient city although those things might be strange.

This was really a strange trip.

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