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He is the President of Sheng Yuan (5)

Meng Qingcheng was a little surprised. To Tang Yu, that place wasnt just a meaningless condo.

He didnt comment and merely nodded before he left.

After he closed the door behind him, Meng Qingcheng looked over to lawyer Li and smiled, “I hope Mr. Li can keep this whole ordeal a secret. This cannot be found out by those people… especially the old man. I am sure you are aware!”

Lawyer Li was very close to the Tang family and he watched Tang Yu grow up…

“Naturally I wont tell!” Lawyer Li laughed along. He truly couldnt tell that Tang Yu was someone who would purchase a woman.

After they left, Pei Qiqi began to feel somewhat nervous.

Tang Yu glanced at her and seemed to have guessed how she felt. “If theres nothing else, you should go sleep first. I still have a conference call with people in the US.”

She acknowledged it and her body relaxed. Just then, her little stomach disappointingly grumbled twice.

He stopped in his track and the corner of his lips curled up, “Hungry”

Pei Qiqi lowered her gaze. Her long lashes tapped against the area beneath her face like two thick fans.

Pretty and cute.

Tang Yu watched her without a word for a bit and thought that there were two reasons why he bought her. First of all, she truly has been the only girl he was able to have a man to woman relationship with. Second of all, it was because of her beauty.

He picked up the phone and dialed an internal number for room service.

After he hung up, he stared at her for another while, “You can open the door and grab the food yourself. You dont need to clean up after youre done. People will take care of it tomorrow.”

He was probably really busy. After he said this, he walked back to the study room and shut the door.

After around two minutes, there was a knock at the door. Pei Qiqi went to open the door and it was a server with a selection of western delicacies.

She hasnt eaten all day and her stomach felt empty. However, after she took a few bites, she couldnt eat anymore.

She didnt like western food.

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After dining, she carefully walked to the bedroom and stared at the luxurious, large bed for a long time before she crawled in. Then, she carefully placed the blanket on top of herself…

She felt like a sheep that would soon be butchered and enjoyed by the big grey wolf. And that big grey wolf was currently in the study room…

She was a little nervous and thought she wouldnt be able to sleep. However, as she was far too tired, she couldnt resist the temptation of sleep and eventually drifted off.

When Tang Yu returned to the bedroom, she still hadnt awakened from her deep sleep. Her black hair blanketed the pillow and made the uncovered side of her face look appealing and elegant.

A cool and chilly fragrance also pulsed by his nostrils – that was the scent that belonged specifically to this young woman.

The quilt was kicked away and it revealed the black dress she wore that stopped right above her knees. The silky material stuck onto her and curled up a bit on the edges. The vagueness of it all was truly flirtatious.

Tang Yu extended his hand and his lean fingers slowly unbuttoned his shirt. His gaze, however, was fixated on her… then, he walked into the bathroom.

By the time he came out, he felt completely refreshed. He changed into a clean bathrobe, lied down beside her, and then pulled in the girl who was deep asleep.

After a while, he suddenly sat up straight and slowly threw the pretty little dress onto the ground near the foot of the bed.

This way, the hug felt far more comfortable… Soft and fragrant; he felt more fulfilled than ever before.

He didnt do anything and merely hugged onto her. Mindlessly and subconsciously, he touched and felt her young body.

He didnt hate this. On the contrary, he had a rather strong impulse. Last night, he truly had taken it too far.

The corner of his lips curled up happily… The decision to let her stay was a smart one.



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