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I ask for Loyalty (4)

“Thank you!” She had to thank him. Meng Qingcheng was friendly towards her after all.

Meng Qingcheng smiled and left after a little while.

After his departure, Pei Qiqi looked around. The renovation here was very modern but not exactly brand new. There were signs that people stayed here before.

Finally, she arrived at the walk-in closet adjoined to the master bedroom, and carefully pulled open the door…

Inside were rows of suits, indicating that Tang Yu lived here…

Pei Qiqi was a little startled. If she remembered correctly, he had said that he would come Fridays and Saturdays… that means, normally…

She felt a little flustered inside…

Just then, her cellphone rang. It was a call from her classmate and good friend, Chen Xinjie. There was excitement in her voice, “Qiqi, come to campus quickly. I have great news!”

Pei Qiqi looked around this space that was full of Tang Yus presence. Though he wasnt physically here, she felt pressured.

In a low voice, she said, “What is it”

“Youll know once you come!” Chen Xinjie said lightheartedly, “Dont forget you have an elective class to attend this morning!”

Then, Chen Xinjie hung up on Pei Qiqi. She hesitated for a bit but decided to make a trip to school.

Though she had been bought, she had no plans of being Tang Yus woman for life. Even if she wanted to, a man like him would only find her new and exciting for at most two to three years. She wasnt that nave.

Under Zhou Meilins influence, she was well adjusted to being treated hot then cold. Compared to Pei Huans personality, Pei Qiqi did feel like she was sometimes too worldly which made her not that likable.

She took a bus to University B and found the classroom for her elective. Chen Xinjie had already gotten a seat on her behalf. When she saw Pei Qiqi, she waved her hand, “Pei Qiqi, come here!”

Her voice attracted many students attention, for Pei Qiqi was a known beauty in University B and many male classmates liked her in secret.

Pei Qiqi walked over and sat down. Chen Xinjies gaze landed on her face and she checked her out left and right.

“Whats wrong” Pei Qiqi couldnt help but feel a little guilty. She blinked a little and took over the textbook and notebook Chen Xinjie brought for her.

Chen Xinjies gaze remained on her face. In a long and slow voice, she gently coughed up, “You look very different today!”

Then she paused and her voice got quieter and her tone got mischievous, “Pei Qiqi, do you not know that your lips are swollen”

Pei Qiqi responded with an “oh” and touched her lips. Then, she slowly said, “Last night I got bitten by a mosquito.”

“Then it must be a male mosquito!” Chen Xinjie joked.

Pei Qiqi was about to say something more, but just then, she caught sight of something she shouldnt have.

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Pei Huan and Lin Jinrong.

Lin Jinrong was in his fourth year yet he was attending a class for second years. This surprised everyone as it meant he has repeated the same year twice. However, there was a well-known rumor at University B that he had done this to be close to Pei Qiqi and that he had always sat by her these past two years.

Pei Huan didnt have this elective class but came anyway.

Lin Jinrong walked in the front and had one hand in his pocket while he held on to his bag with his other hand. Calmly, he headed towards the classroom.

Pei Huan walked behind him and looked like a princess. Her long hair was down to her shoulders and she wore a simple white shirt and a matching black pleated skirt.The skirt stopped 10 centimeters above her knees and greatly accented her long and pale legs.

Though they didnt walk side by side, they looked intimate enough for everyone to notice that they were now a couple.

Lin Jinrong lifted his gaze and looked straight into Pei Qiqis eyes. His gaze was a little complex.



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