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The Android Chronicles Chapter 3: Pick and choose

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As the berserk mana tore apart the fabric of spacetime in and around the planet Noth resulting in the imminent explosion of its core, a small 30 cm, blue orb-like energy, seamlessly and stealthily entered one of the newly-formed holes.

As the small blue orb entered the chaotic cosmic soup awaiting beyond the boundaries of spacetime it shook endlessly, and moved faster than light itself, crossing light years in microseconds.

The orb travelled the seemingly boundless cosmic expanse for a time before rapidly stopping as it got stuck on something.

The orb could not move from its position despite being in the middle of the red expanse, with good ol nothing surrounding it for miles on end.

Suddenly, the space around the orb seemed to distort as it found itself in a pitch black region of an unfamiliar cosmos. The surprise didn end there as the orb was quickly grabbed by the hand of some unknown being.

"MANIFEST" an ancient, deep voice resounded around the orb.

The orb started cracking under the pressure of the words said by the entity currently holding it in its grasp. It tried resisting but the strength of the words was too potent.

As the orb broke apart it released a blue, mist-like gas, that quickly formed the silhouette of a black haired middle aged, who upon opening his eyes felt tired of all the shocks he was receiving recently.

"Ah, so this miracle of creation is actually a young cub, still learning to ditch mamas tit." The owner of the voice seemed to be evaluating the man. "How you managed to traverse the True Void spanning distances between universes is a mystery that will take many years to deduce, but if anything it will be amusing."

Out of nowhere, space around them seemed to shake for the briefest of moments, before the man found himself in an empty grass expanse.

"The surprise never end huh" The middle aged man looked like he hadn ate or showered in months, and his body was aching all over.

"The first thing I wake up to after a mysterious voice teleports me to some unknown corner of the universe is another mysterious voice teleporting me to some other unknown universe. Yeesh" The middle aged man exclaimed as he remembered his experience with ZIMA.

The unknown man that came from the blue orb was indeed the android Delvin Mayes.

His strong mind had somehow managed to overcome the chaotic expanse waiting beyond spacetime, despite him not have the slightest memory or clue as to why. But this didn serve as comfort because he couldn access his System again, his mana core felt funny and his soul was damaged.

He remembered being sent to one of the other two planets in his local system, but he instead woke up to some insane being capable of manipulating reality as easy as breathing.

Delvin thought the owner of the voice would dissect or experiment on him, perhaps use his as its slave. As if sensing his worries, the mysterious voice assured him.

"Your fears are misplaced young one. If you so choose I can send you on your way, back into the True Void or just erase you considering the enormous grief, anger and helplessness you are in." The voice seemed to have the ability to look into the true emotions of others, a frightening ability to say the least.

"I don know what you experienced, but what I can tell you, is that traversing all of that chaos messed with the structure of your body, mind, mana core and soul. If you leave now without addressing these issues, you will be in for a rough awakening in the near future." The voice seemed to be strapping itself in for a monologue, much to Dels dismay as he had a gazillion questions.

"Speaking of the future, you seem to be from it…" The voice paused slightly. "The temporal threads around you are jumbled up kid, this only happens when someone inexperienced tries to travel to the past. I know you didn do it on purpose, so the real question you

e gonna have to ask yourself is: how did you do it?"

"This answer may come to you with time, but considering you deteriorating state it would be best if I sent you on your way somewhere near my place so you don die immediately. You will not be able to exert your full strength for quite some time as the damage you have accumulated are not easy to heal." The voice added

"And yes, I could send you back where you came from, but seeing your state I would assume it wasn in the best of conditions when you left?" The voice asked, to which Delvin quietly nodded.

Suddenly a green aura materialized out of nowhere around Delvin causing him to feel itching all over him and the hairs on his body stood up.

"TRULY! A case like yours hasn been seen since the 10th Convergence! Carbonizing you here would do more harm than good. Alright little one, I shall give you three choices!" The sudden shift of tone caught Del off guard, but giving him zero time to process anything it just said, the voice continued.

"Option 1 is death, plain and simple. One second you

e here and the next you

e not, simple right? Option 2 is where it gets interesting, and the option you will likely choose. If you choose number 2 I will send you somewhere near my place." The voice paused before smirking ever so slightly.

"When I say my place, spatially, I mean one of the Universes me and my buddies protect, or at least one near to them. You will have your freedom to do whatever you want, but you will be a being from totally undocumented universe. Youll be a misfit, a symbolical fish out of water, a man in uncharted territory…" The voice paused again and muttered some words that were too silent for Del to hear before continuing with its explanation.

"When I say my place, temporally, I mean you will be sent to my place in time, which is some 200 years behind yours looking at your temporal threads." The voice said


e 200 years in the past???!!!" Delvin screamed but shut his mouth the next second as the voice released a bit of its presence, freezing him in place before continuing with its chat.

"Question later." The voice, a bit of anger behind its words. "The final option is that you stay with me. We will try to figure out the damage you received together before fixing it, we would then exchange information and cultures. You would have, as the youth would say a chill life."

"I know you want to return to your world to make things right, but the journey isn possible in your current state. Choosing the 2nd option will give you time to figure things out, and prepare as best as possible." The voice said cunningly, leading Del to red flag option 2.

"Ill give you a moment to consider before listening to your answer little one." Del heard the voice saying, before being able to move his body again.

"The owner of that voice is even more terriffying than those two **ers that destroyed Noth" His blood boiled when he remembered the bastards that destroyed his home.

"I have no time to think about that now, I can only figure out whats the option that ends with me saving all of them." Del pondered about the choices he was presented with

"Option 1 is definitely out, option 2 is what the voice wants me to pick, but the third option will leave me here stuck him, unable to achieve the needed strength to get back to my family" Yes, his family. As Del remembered his companions, he could truly call them a family, well one of the 3 was his family but still.

"Screw it, if this godly being wants me to pick the second option, Ill go for it. Nothing wrong with that, right?" Del reassured himself

"Hey, loud voice guy. Ill go with option number 2 thank you very much." He exclaimed to the green emptiness in front of him.

"GOOD" He heard the reverberating voice.

"Youll be in a weaker state than you were expecting, but I think youll get the hang of it soon enough, he he." The voice added before a colourful and swirling 5m tall portal materialized in front of Delvin.

"Hop on in little one, though you may not know the destination I can assure you it will feel just like home. I should also mention I will keep my eye on you from time to time, can have a rogue guy from another universe running amok, you feel me?" The voice seemed to be speaking in a more relaxed manner as time went by, comforting the still shocked Del.

"Okay big one. By the way, my name is Delvin Mayes and I promise you that in time, I will come back here and shock the ever living ** out of you, like you did to me today. Thats the Mayes guarantee." Delvin added almost arrogantly.

"HAHAHAHAHAHA! THATS EXACTLY WHAT I WAS HOPING TO HEAR!" The voice sounded even more excited, and the present portal shrunk to 50 cm before rapidly multiplying into 50 different 10m tall portals.

"Behind these many portals lie worlds that are only just beginning their evolutionary journeys. They hold dangers and death aplenty, but also opportunities and potential rewards. Unlike the original world I wanted to send you which has already passed its Fifth Awakening, you will be experiencing a First Awakening of a world, a rare and monumental event. Now choose! Ruin or Triumph! Death or Glory! Choose Delvin Mayes!" The voice echoed, urging Del to enter one of the portals.

"Okay big guy, Ill remember your words and achieve Triumph and Glory no matter where I end up. Youll be seeing me shortly" Del said his goodbyes to the voice as he prepared to step into the furthermost portal.

His body was slowly liquified as he stepped foot into the swirling portal when he heard the voice echo one more time.

"You will soon realize there are a lot of differences between our two universes, differences you will tackle on your own since you chose option number two. Choose one of the portals and never forget that you promised to surprise me one day." After making sure Del heard what it had to say, all of the portals started disappearing at the will of the voice


The bright red portal Delvin entered wibbled and wobbled around a bit before fading out of existence.

Behind the portal stood a man whose beauty was unparalleled, enough even to question the straightest of men. His eyes were pure milky white with small swirling galaxies in the centre. Adorning his gold coloured hair was a small crown decorated with various precious stones engraved throughout.

His body apparently chiselled by the gods. With no imperfections, and bulging muscles. He wore a black vest and baggy grey pants that, despite their ordinary looks, radiated enough power to melt stars.

The man looked in front of him where the portal stood before and sighed before waving his hand and forming a miniature portal.

"Heh, its been too long since one of your kind has shown up in my backdoor. I am looking forward too hearing from you again." The man said as he slowly entered the portal.

"Bye bye Delvin Mayes, I will be seeing you around." The voice looked back one more time before saying. "You will come to resent me but someday youll appreciate why I didn tell you the full truth now"

The portal slowly faded out until there was nothing but the eternal silence where the two men stood before

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