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“This would mean whatever catastrophe they have in mind is potentially hazadous enough to cause immense destruction… theyre planning something big,” Gustav explained.

Their faces went from expressions of surprise to understanding then contemplative.

“So we just have to make sure we strike first before they can implement whatever plans they already have in motion” Falco questioned.

“Thats our plan… Since we might not be able to unravel their plots before its too late we hope this operation is damaging enough to ruin everything and who knows we might get more information in the process,” Gustav responded.

“What exactly is the plan and which location are we implementing it” Aildris proceeded to ask.

“The operation is beginning next week in Aribia city,” Gustav revealed this first.

“Aribia City” E.E expression noticeable turned disturbed as he voiced out.

“Yes Aribia city according to intelligence is the location where theyve managed to create a large underground network,” Gustav stated.

“Shit… thats my home,” E.E voiced with a low tone.

“What” Everyone exclaimed with a looks of surprise upon hearing that.

“Yeah….” E.E could understand their disbelieving expressions.

“We all know Capital City is notorious for having mixedbloods gang Lords and slums where people with lower privileges reside so it makes sense that one of their hideouts is located here despite the being an organisation based on hate for mixexbloods…” Gustav voiced out with a logical tone.

Aribia city was amongst three poorest cities in the world with slum dwellers.

This city was void of resources like the others so it had not prospered as much as other cities on earth.

“Since its where I grew up… Ill be sure to give proper guide,” E.E said with a nod.

Everyone could sense a faint feeling of melancholy from E.E after he voiced out.

“E.E you should definitely introduce us to your family when we get there,” Angy worded with a warm expression.

“Oh… sure.

Ill introduce you guys to my little sister and mom,” E.E nodded with a smile.

“And we should most likely get them out of there as well since it would literally turn into a war with the Genxodus,” Aildris suggested.

“That will be taken care of when we get there.

Dont forget well be sniffing out the Genxodus in the city as a team and wed have to play our part by covering specific areas.

Since we want to also gather information about other major hideouts that may exist, killing members of the Genxodus should be avoided except that is the only option available…” Gustav continued briefing them.


The group spent about three hours flying before they arrived at the border  a slightly run down city.

From high heights in the sky one could see broken down buildings and small rough structures ones in disastrous looking areas.

The bad areas seemed to be populated by a large number of people who were poorly dressed.

However, there were still areas that looked very good and such areas were less populated.

This view reminded Gustav of Leoluch city where he completed his first ever mission.

The different was, there wasnt a civil war here so this city always looked this way.

‘This is where E.E grew up Most of them were still surprised.

Memories were playing out in E.Es head as he stared down at the city.

‘See you soon mom, Sarah… E.E said internally.

The aircraft made a swift turn and headed towards a particular forest area on the far left of the border.

They were currently in camouflage mode so the aircraft couldnt be tracked or spotted by any device.

Few Minutes Later, they touched down at an unknown part of the forest.

“Theres nothing here,” Matilda looked around the forestry area with a confused expression.

“There is,” Gustav answered while turning toward the left.

Everyone followed his movement but could only see tall trees up ahead along with leaves of the ground.

Gustav kept moving forward and suddenly disappeared.

“A discognitive barrier,” Falco instantly understood what had just happened.

“Lets go guys,” He added.

Everyone moved forward as well and upon reaching the same position where Gustav disappeared, they could feel a field opening up for them.

On the outside it looked like they disappeared but on the inside, they were still in the same location which originally looked different from what was portrayed outside.

They found themselves in a secluded spot within the forest void of trees and filled with bungalow like structures.

MBO officers could be seen moving back and forth within this area.please visit panda(-)N0ve1.co)m

Some spotted Gustav and the others and continued on with whatever they were initially doing.

“You have finally arrived officer Crimson,” One of the officers in brownish uniform voiced out upon spotting them.

pAn,Da-n0v e1,c,m “Officer Sin,” Gustav nodded at him.

“Ill show your team to their temporary quarters, officer Darmark asked for you to show up at the temporary base upon your arrival,” Officer Sin informed.

The officer proceeded to take Aildris, E.E and the others in a particular direction.

Gustav kept walking forward on his own at this point.

He stepped into the largest tent like building within the vicinity and spotted a trio positioned around a square shared floating holographic projection.

Just like a regular base there were other officers around dealing with computerised works but it was obvious these three were the main leaders in charge of the operation.

“Officers Darmark, Shuri and Colt,” Gustav greeted upon his arrival within.

These three faces were familiars ones as the men and woman already had a sort of banter with Gustav weeks back when he was trying to become a part of this operation… especially Officer Colt who was against the idea of having Gustav.

“You have finally decided to join us,” Officer Colt crunched his nose as he stated with a distasteful tone.

“Yes officer Colt, my team is here with me,” Gustav answered with an unbothered expression.

“Officer Crimson, we expect total compliance when the operation begins as every team would be assigned specific locations,” Officer Shuri voiced with a tone of caution.

“I and my team shall do our best on this mission in handling the Genxodus,” Gustav responded.

“No stepping out of line will be tolerated,” Officer Colt warned.

“If handling or capturing the Genxodus members is considered stepping out of lines then officer Colt can be sure I and my teammates will be not just stepping but running out of line,” Gustav announced before smirking.

“You…” Officer Colt gritted his teeth and was about to speak when Officer Darmark interrupted.

“Im sure Officer Crimson means he will do the job assigned to him and his squad.

There is no need for unnecessary bickering,” Officer Darmark stated.

The place turned silent for a bit as Gustav remained unfazed despite the glare from officer Colt.

“The operation will begin in the next two days… in the meantime weve been sending spies into Aribia City to gather info and make sure there are no changes to any info weve gathered so far.

We have a list of places well be specifically swarming on that day,”  Officer Shuri revealed.

“Interesting… An officer from my squad is native of this city.

Since he most likely knows this city better than anyone he could also infiltrate and spy to gather info,” Gustav suggested.

“That is not necessary officer Crimson.

We have it covered,” Officer Colt instantly turned down the proposal.

“Hmm I am practically giving you the perfect man for such a job but youre turning it down.

I thought you wanted the operation to be flawless” Gustav expression remained unbothered as he responded despite the rejection.

“The operation will be flawless without the insertion of your man,” Officer Colt stated.

“Fine,” Gustav shrugged.

“Anyways I need to get his family out of there so I will have to visit the city earlier than intended,” He added.

“We cannot allow that Officer Crimson,” Officer Shuri stated.

“When the operation begins, there is a high chance of civilians getting harmed.

I must make sure my teammate family is far from such danger,” Gustav responded with a strong tone.

“Im sorry but we truly cannot allow that Officer Crimson,” Officer Darmark shook his head.


-“It jeopardises the mission for you to take care of such a task,”

“Then I shall send someone else to do so,”

-“We cant let any officer do such.

Anything that jeopardises the mission cannot be allowed.

If it was revealed that people were suddenly leaving the city it could raise flags for the Genxodus,”

“Its just one family, no big deal,”

-“From one family to friends who they may also care for and others find out as well and get compelled to leave which might trigger a chain of effects.

We cannot risk it,”

“So if it was your own family there, youd leave them to be endangered”


There were a few seconds of silence after Gustav asked this question.


“Since thats all I shall take my leave now,” Gustav proceeded to add before turning around.

“Officer Crimson,” Officer Darkmark suddenly called out to him.

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