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Picking Goji Berries and Selling Wild Meat

The few of them chatted and laughed as they carried their wicker baskets up the mountain. Just as they crossed the wooden bridge, Li Yu caught a few pheasants. Li Yu brought Li Mei and her two daughters to the mountain ridge. She pointed at the bed and said to Li Mei, “Aunt, you guys pick the goji berries here. Only the red ones should be picked. Be careful that there are thin thorns on them that can easily sting your hands.”

Li Mei smiled.This little burr wont hurt. Dont go far. Be careful and come back early.

After getting familiar with Li Yu, Laidi became much more lively and cheerful. Seeing Li Yu go hunting, she was envious. “Cousin, youre too amazing. I also want to learn how to hunt from you. When I learn how to hunt and earn money, I wont be afraid that my grandmother will chase my mother away in the future.”

Li Yu watched as Laidi handed her the bow. “If you can draw the bow, I will take you there.”

Laidi took the bow and despite trying her best, could not draw it. Li Yu took the bow back and pulled it easily. Laidi looked at Li Yu dejectedly. “Cousin, when can I be like you”

Li Mei pulled Laidi along. “Silly child. Your cousin is born with divine strength, just like your uncle. Alright, dont delay your cousin. Come and pluck the lice quickly.”

Li Yu pointed at the dumpling and smiled at Laidi. “This can also make money. When I take it home and sell it to the pharmacy, Ill split the money with you.”

Laidi nodded happily. “Cousin, I work the fastest. Hurry up and come back.”

After Li Yu nodded in agreement, she left behind a machete and some medicine for snake bites before walking into the forest.

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Li Yu walked towards the pool that she had gone to yesterday. Just as she reached the foot of the mountain, he saw a mule stretching its neck and drinking water at the pool. Li Yu hid behind a tree and shot an arrow. It hit the mules neck. The mule fell to the ground and twitched a few times before falling silent.

Li Yu quickly ran to the pool and picked up the mule to put it in the space. She walked up the ditch and captured a few more hares and a goat.

Li Yu was a little worried about Li Mei and her two daughters. She turned around and walked back. Just as she was about to go up the mountain, she saw a few deer-like prey in the forest. Li Yu quickly nocked an arrow, drew the bow, aimed at the head of one of them, and shot an arrow. It hit its head. The animals were frightened and fled in all directions. The one that was shot fled desperately, but because its head was injured and it could not escape quickly, Li Yu chased after it and shot another arrow. The prey fell to the ground.

Li Yu quickly walked over and pulled out the arrow to put it back into her quiver. She placed the prey into her space and turned around to speed up towards the mountain ridge.

When she were almost at the ridge, Li Yu took the mule and the prey that she couldnt quite distinguish out of the space and climbed up the ridge with it over her shoulder.

Li Yu heaved a sigh of relief when she saw Li Mei and Laidi. Laidi turned around and shouted happily, “Mother, Cousin is back.”

Li Mei and Zhaodi turned around and smiled happily when they saw Li Yu. “Its good that youre back. It saves me from being on edge all the time.”

Li Yu put down the prey. “Aunt, Ive made you worry. Look at whats on this end.”

Li Mei shouted happily, “Ah! This is a musk deer. Let me see if its male or female.” Li Mei pulled the musk deer away and smiled happily. “Yuer, youre in luck. This is a male musk deer. When we get home, we can sell it to Minister Huang.” She pointed at the musk deer again. “This one is a musk deer. The meat of the musk deer is the best. In the past, your father got a good price in Green Mountain City. This time, we should be able to sell it for a good price.”

Seeing that Li Mei knew how to pick fennel, Li Yu was relieved. “Okay, Aunt.” Li Yu saw that Li Mei and the others had already picked two baskets full. “You guys are so fast! Youve already picked two baskets full.”

Li Yu also picked them up. Seeing Li Yus clumsy appearance, Lidi smiled. “Cousin, youre good at hunting. Youre much slower at picking goji berries.”

Li Yu saw their fingers flying around as if they had only used it a few times. She plucked a handful and looked at the one in her hand. She also smiled. “Yes! My hand seems to be stuck. I cant move fast no matter what. It seems that Im a rough person.”

Li Mei said angrily, “Silly girl, everyone has his merits. Youre just not used to it.”

The four of them picked for another hour. Seeing that Li Qing was going home for dinner, they carried the wicker basket down the mountain.

When they got home, Li Mei wanted to lay the sun pad in the courtyard dam to dry the goji berries. Li Yu recalled the method of drying the goji berries at her comrades house and quickly stopped her. “Aunt, the fresh crucible has to be placed in a steamer. After steaming it for a while, it will be taken out and dried in the ventilation area. When the water dries, it can be carried out to be exposed to the sun

“Zhaodi and Laidi will wash the rice and cook. Mother and cousin will steam it.” Li Mei made arrangements to walk toward the kitchen.

“Okay.” The two of them started a fire and began to steam. After they put the steamers in the firewood stove, steam came out in a short while.

Li Yu felt that it was about time, so he asked Li Mei to pour the goji berries into the bamboo and spread them out to dry in the central room.

Li Mei took out the goji berries and fennel, wrapped them in vegetable leaves, and placed them in her backpack. She then placed a few pheasants in and said to Li Yu, “Yuer, Ive learned how to distill. Hurry up and go to town. If youre hungry, buy a few buns to fill your stomach.”

After Li Yu nodded in agreement, she placed the deer and musk deer on her back and walked towards the town. When she reached a secluded place, Li Yu took out the goats from her space and placed them in her back. She carried the pheasant and rabbit with both hands and walked towards Minister Huangs residence.

When Li Yu arrived at the backyard of Steward Huangs residence, the same servant from yesterday was guarding there. When the servant saw Li Yu, he quickly said, “Miss, wait for me.”

He turned around and ran towards the courtyard. After a while, Steward Huang and the servant walked out quickly.

Steward Huang smiled when he saw Li Yu. “Miss Li, let me see what good things you hunted today.”

“Steward Huang, look at the wild game today.” Li Yu put down the pheasant and hare in his hand and put down the pack. Steward Huang looked at the deer, musk deer, and goat in Li Yus pack and opened his mouth in surprise. “I couldnt tell! A little girl like you can carry such heavy things. Todays wild game is good.” Steward Huang looked at the wild game with a smile and thought to himself, We have another distinguished guest today. This wild game came at the right time.

“Lady, please carry it in for me!”

“Okay.” Li Yu carried the hoe on his back. Steward Huang hurriedly helped lift the pheasant and hare and led Li Yu to the kitchen.

When they reached the kitchen, Steward Huang said to Li Yu, “Young lady, Ill give you 15 taels for the musk deer, 10 taels for the wild goat and deer, and 100 copper coins for the pheasant and rabbit! What do you think”

Li Yu nodded readily. “No problem, well do as you say.”

Seeing that Li Yu was decisive, Steward Huang was satisfied. “Alright, young lady, youre a decisive person. If you have any wild animals in the future, send them to the residence. Just look for me.”



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