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Teaching Mrs. Zhao a Lesson

Li Yu chose a fat hare and pheasant and handed them to Steward Huang. “Uncle Huang, my name is Xiaoyu. Please take care of me in the future.”

Seeing that Li Yu was so polite, Steward Huang laughed and said, “Alright, Uncle will accept it.”

Li Yu took out the wild goat, mule, and must deer from her backpack and handed them to Steward Huang. After Steward Huang paid the money, he sent Li Yu to the back door and said to Li Yu with a smile, “Xiaoyu, theres still a day to the banquet tomorrow. After you deliver them tomorrow, you can rest for two days.”

Li Yu smiled and bowed. “Thank you, Uncle Huang. Ill come back tomorrow.”

“Alright.” Steward Huang smiled as he watched Li Yu leave. Thinking that his wife would definitely be satisfied with the wild game today, and that his reward would be quite good, he went back happily to arrange the dishes.

Li Yu carried her backpack and went to the pharmacy. When she saw the sign saying Ji Shi Hall, Li Yu walked in. The shop assistant went forward and asked politely, “Miss, are you here to get medicine or to see a doctor”

“Brother, do you accept medicinal herbs” Li Yu took out the musk wrapped in vegetable leaves, opened them, and placed them in front of the waiter.

When the waiter saw the musk wrapped in the vegetable leaves, he smiled and said politely, “Yes, please wait a moment. Ill go to the inner hall to invite the shopkeeper over.”

Li Yu nodded and saw the waiter go to the inner hall. After a while, he walked out with a thin and kind-looking old man.

“Little girl, are you the one who wants to sell fennel Give it to me quickly. You cant carry it with you for a long time.” The old man took the fennel from Li Yu and reminded her again, “This thing is harmful to women. Dont hold it for too long in the future.”

Li Yu smiled and bowed to the shopkeeper. “Thank you for your advice.”

The shopkeeper examined the fennel in his hand and nodded. “Not bad. Its top-grade. Will you sell it to me for eight taels of silver”

Li Yu nodded readily. “Yes, shopkeeper. Please give me some more Golden Injury Medicine and medicine for snake and insect bites.”

“Okay.” The shopkeeper went in to get two jars and handed them to Li Yu. He pointed at the brown porcelain jar. “In here is the Gold Injury Medicine. In the white porcelain jar are pills to treat snake and insect bites. In case someone is bitten by a snake or insect, you must cut open the wound and squeeze out the poisonous blood until the bleeding turns red.”

Li Yu took the porcelain jar and bowed. “Thank you for your guidance.”

The shopkeeper glanced at Li Yu and said with a smile, “I didnt expect a young lady like you to know etiquette. Take this. Its to make up for your three taels of silver.”

Li Yu took the silver and thought of the goji berries at home. She looked at the shopkeeper and asked, “Uncle Shopkeeper, would you buy goji berries”

“Yes, it depends on the color. The price is high if the quality is good. Therere not many goji berries here! How much weight do you have”

Li Yu smiled. “I just started picking. Im not sure how much it weighs.”

The shopkeeper smiled. “Oh! Send it to me when you get it back!”

“Alright, thank you.” Li Yu bowed and said goodbye. She came out of the medicine shop and went to the cloth shop to buy a mosquito net. After buying the mosquito net, she went to the grain shop to buy 15 kilograms of white flour. She bought more than ten buns at the bun shop before carrying the backpack and walking towards West Mountain Village.

Just as she reached the entrance of the village, she encountered a tall woman and a girl in her teens walking over. The two of them were facing Li Yu.

The woman turned her head and spat at Li Yu. She even shook her hand in disdain. “Aiyo! I didnt look at the time when I went out. Its so damn unlucky to meet an abandoned woman.”

Li Yu looked at the woman carefully and remembered that she was Zhang Decais wife, Zhao Shi, and her daughter, Zhang Guihong. In the Hosts memories, these people had bullied the Host and her brother.

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Li Yu turned around and stood in front of the two of them. She pinched her nose with one hand and fanned herself with the other. Her eyes were filled with mockery. “Yo! I thought some mad dog forgot to tie the rope! So its two smelly maggots that crawled out of the latrine. Aiyaya! Why didnt these two smelly maggots die from the sun! They even came out to disgust people.”

“You bitch.” After hearing this, Mrs. Zhao spread her five claws and grabbed Li Yus face from above. Li Yu grabbed Mrs. Zhaos hand and pulled it back forcefully. She raised her leg and kicked Mrs. Zhaos calf. Mrs. Zhao screamed in pain.

Mrs. Zhao felt a piercing pain in her fingers and calves. She couldnt care less about making things difficult for Li Yu. She just wanted to reach out and pry Li Yus hand away.

When Zhang Guihong saw that Mrs. Zhao had suffered a loss, she lowered her head and charged at Li Yu. Li Yu pulled Mrs. Zhao over to block her. With a bang, the mother and daughter collided and staggered to the ground, crying in pain.

Li Yu walked over and looked down at Mrs. Zhao and her daughter. “You bunch of cowards. Behave yourself in the future. Otherwise, Ill beat you up every time I see you.”

Mrs. Zhao and her daughter lowered their heads and did not dare to respond. They only dared to look up after Li Yu left. They watched helplessly as Li Yu walked towards the village.

After Li Yu left, the mother and daughter helped each other up and limped home.

Seeing the mother and daughter limping and covered in dirt, Zhang Decai frowned and scolded, “Werent you two going to town How did you end up like this”

“Father, that bitch Li Yu blocked the entrance of the village and hit Mother and me,” Zhang Guihong cried out.

Mrs. Zhao groaned in pain and raised her hand to show Zhang Dacai. “Father, look at that bitch Li Yu. She broke my hand. Find her to get compensation for the medicine.”

Zhang Guixiu frowned and looked at her parents and sister. “Father, she cant hit someone for no reason! You must have scolded her again.”

“You traitor, why are you being so sarcastic when Im in so much pain” Mrs. Zhao scolded her.

“Up to you. Youll know whats good for you when you suffer.” Zhang Guixiu pursed her lips and went back into the house with his needlework.

Zhang Decai also felt suspicious in his heart. His wife was a tall and strong womanl, and she was not small either. No matter what, the mother and daughter would not be the ones to be beaten up. However, when he saw Mrs. Zhaos pale face and swollen hands, he felt that it should be true.

Zhang Decai picked up a wooden stick and said to Mrs. Zhao, “Lets go find her.” Zhang Guihong also wanted to follow, but Zhang Decai shouted, “What are you going to do Dont you care about your reputation” The couple went out and walked towards Li Yus house.

When Li Yu arrived home, Li Qing had already eaten and left. Li Mei pulled Li Yu to see the goji berries that she had steamed and dried in the bamboo. “Yuer, do you think Aunt did it right”

Li Yu took a look and nodded with a smile. “Yes, Aunt. Is Ah Qing back”

“Ah Qing went to school after eating.” Li Mei looked at Li Yu lovingly. “You must be hungry! Lets go eat first.”

Li Yu took out the mosquito net from her backpack and handed it to Li Mei. He pointed at the flour and buns in the backpack. “Alright, lets eat first. I also bought buns and white flour. In the future, itll be convenient to dry some noodles and eat them.”

“Okay, Aunt will make noodles when you come back from the mountain later.” Li Mei carried the mosquito net into the room and went to the kitchen to eat.

Li Yu handed the buns to the sisters. “You two come and eat the buns too.”

Zhaodi took one and took a bite. She smiled and nodded at Li Yu. “Cousin, you eat too.”

Li Yu pointed at the buns. “I bought more than ten! Eat more.”

Laidi smiled at Li Yu. “Cousin, we eat delicious food at your house every day. If no one scolds us, Ill follow you from now on.”

“Greedy girl, arent you afraid that your cousin will laugh at you for saying such things” Li Mei went up and patted Laidi when she heard this.

Li Yu smiled and said, “Its fine, Aunt. I can still slack off here!”

After dinner, Li Yu said to Li Mei and her daughters, “Aunt, Cousin, be careful when you meet the Zhang family in the future. I was at the village entrance…”

Li Yu told Li Mei about her confrontation with Mrs. Zhao and her mother. Li Mei was furious. “A family of scoundrels. Fortunately, youre strong. Otherwise, you would have been bullied by those two bastards again.”

Li Mei was still cursing the Zhang family when she suddenly heard someone banging the courtyard door. A man shouted outside, “Li Yu, you vicious bitch, come out.”




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