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Splitting Up and Seeking Refuge

When Madam Yang heard Liu Changmins angry shout, she suddenly felt that although she had chased away Madam Li, she had caused her son to lose his heart.

Madam Yang looked at Liu Changmin and persuaded in a soft voice, “Son! Its all because of you. Look, youre already in your thirties and you dont even have a son. The Li clan hasnt had a child for nearly ten years. Seeing that your eldest branchs lineage is about to end, how are you going to carry on the family line in the future”

Liu Changming knelt down in front of Madam Yang with a thud and kowtowed as he begged, “Mother, Third Brother already has two sons. Our Liu family already has a descendant. Mother, I beg you. Please let me and Ah Mei live a good life! At most, Ill let Laidi recruit a son-in-law in the future.”

Madam Yang looked at her son who was kneeling on the ground and kowtowing. She sighed coldly and said, “Forget it, forget it. Youve been bewitched by that bitch. I wont care about you anymore in the future. But let me tell you, if you dont have a son to carry on the family line, you can only move out and give the old residence to your brothers family in the future.

Liu Changmin heaved a sigh of relief when he heard this. He thought to himself, Ah Mei often said that she would rather move out than be bullied at home. This outcome was for the best.

After thinking about it, Liu Changmin looked at Madam Yang and said, “Mother, just give it to Third Brother!”

Seeing Liu Changmings relaxed expression, Madam Yang was furious. “Alright, then Ill get your third brother to look for the elders. Lets make it clear first that you dont have a son to carry on the family line, and you dont have anything at home either. Dont blame me for being ruthless in the future.”

When Liu Changmin saw that the Madam Yang was going to chase him out, he was also a little angry. He straightened his neck and looked at Madam Yang. “Mother, let Third Brother do it. I wont regret it even if I have to leave with nothing.”

Madam Yang pointed at Liu Changmins nose. “Sure! So youre thinking of splitting up with me!”

Liu Changmin twisted his head and looked at Madam Yang. “Mom, please be reasonable. You were the one who said that you wanted to invite the elders. Why are you blaming me again”

“You, you unfilial son.” Madam Yang rushed out angrily and shouted, “Changsheng, go and call your uncle, the Patriarch over. I want to split up the family.”

When Liu Changsheng heard this, he rushed out of the house. “Mother, do you really agree to splitting up the family I told you! We should have split up the house long ago. Its only so big. The children are already so big, so its not a good idea to squeeze together!” Liu Changmin looked at Madam Yangs darkening expression and pointed at the entrance of the courtyard with an embarrassed smile. “Then Ill go get them”

When Madam Yang saw Liu Changmins anxious expression, she suddenly felt that her insistence was meaningless. She waved her hand dejectedly and said, “Hurry up and get lost.”

Madam Yang felt that it was Liu Changmin who forced her to split up the family. As expected, she only gave Liu Changmin two stones of grain with the excuse that he had no sons. She even gave him 800 copper coins for his retirement every year before kicking him out.

The Patriarch felt that this separation was unheard of. He wanted to help Liu Changmin, so he said to him, “Changmin, your mother said that you have no children and wont give you a house and fields. What do you say”

“I…” Liu Changmin hesitated. However, when he thought of how incompatible Madam Yang and Li Mei were, he thought about it again. If he really didnt have any children in the future, his family assets would be eaten up by his clansmen in a hundred years. He might as well not have anything now.

Liu Changmin gritted his teeth. “Great Elder, Ive already left the family with nothing. Its fine if I have a son in the future. If I dont have a son, Ill get Laidi to recruit a son-in-law. After a hundred years, the clansmen are not allowed to come to my house to eat and divide my food.”

The Patriarch looked at Liu Changmins uncle. “Uncle, what do you think of what Changmin said”

Liu Changmins uncle nodded and said, “Changmin is right. Lets do as he says!”

The patriarch wrote a letter and got the Yang familys mother and children to place their thumbprints on it before handing it to Liu Changmin and his children.

Liu Changmin took the letter and kowtowed to Madam Yang. “Mother, Ill pack up and look for Ah Mei and the two children. Ill send the retirement money to you on time.”

Madam Yang raised her head and did not even look at Liu Changmin. Liu Changmin could only go home to pack his bedding and clothes before heading to West Mountain Village.

Li Yu, Li Mei, and the others were sunbathing at home when they heard a knock on the door. Li Mei ran to open the courtyard door and was stunned when she saw Liu Changmin standing at the door with a blanket and a sack.

Liu Changmin looked at Li Mei and smiled honestly. “Ah Mei, my mother has separated us. Now, I only have two grains and nothing else. Do you still want me”

Li Mei was stunned. She did not understand what Liu Changmin meant.

Li Yu laughed when she heard that. “Aunt, let Uncle in first. Its hard to explain even if you stand at the door!”

“Dad, Mom, lets go in and talk.” Zhaodi and Laidi quickly led Liu Changmin and Li Meera into the house.

Liu Changmin looked at Li Yu with a red face. “Xiaoyu, I also request that you take in your aunt and the others for a few more days. Ill come back to pick up your aunt and cousin after I earn some money to repair two houses.”

Li Yu looked at him and smiled. “Uncle, I cant wait for Aunt and Cousin to stay at my house!”

After saying that, Li Yu pulled Zhaodi and Lai Di to the backyard to collect the seedlings, leaving the place for Li Mei and her husband to talk.

Liu Changmin told Li Mei about the separation. Li Mei was furious. “We worked so hard to plant rice at home and we were about to harvest it. Why is your mother so heartless She only gave us two stones of rice, but not a cent of it.”

Liu Changmin comforted her in a low voice, “Ah Mei, we have hands and feet. When I go to work to earn some money and come back to repair two thatched cottages, Ill open a few acres of wasteland. Life will slowly get better.”

Li Mei rolled her eyes at Liu Changmin. “Since weve already split the family, we can only do this. Sigh! Its good that weve split. No one will torture the two children anymore.”

Li Mei asked Liu Changmin to put the things in the room while she went to the backyard to tell Li Yu and Zhaodi about the separation.

Li Mei looked at Li Yu in embarrassment. “Yuer, it looks like Aunts family is going to disturb you and Ah Qing for a while. Were about to be busy with farming. When your uncle goes out to help earn some money, well go back to the village to buy land and repair the house.”

“Aunt, how much can you earn by waiting for Uncle to work and earn money Im afraid it wont even be enough to buy land.” Li Yu pointed at the goji berries in the sun pad. “Look at these goji berries. If you sell them, youll have money to repair the house.”

Li Mei waved her hands. “No, no, Yuer. How can I take your money Its only right that the three of us earn our keep here.”

Li Yu pulled Li Mei and smiled. “Aunt, were family! We cant be estranged like this. How much would I need to get by I originally planned to give half to you.”

Li Mei pulled Li Yu gratefully. “Then lets just say that Aunt borrowed it from you. Didnt you say that you wanted to develop the wasteland at the back Well help you open the wasteland and work to pay back the money first.”

When Li Yu heard this, she thought to herself, Ill agree to it first and then pay them in the future.

After thinking about it, Li Yu nodded and said, “Aunt, well do as you say. I also want Uncle to go to the village and help me collect some red peppers, beans, and soybeans. Well make spicy sauce, meat sauce, bean paste, and soybean paste to sell.”

“Okay. Every family has chili. You can buy two or three pounds for a penny. I know how to make soy sauce too. Well get your uncle to collect those things. Its just not easy to buy salt. Go ask the salt seller how much you can buy first.”

When Li Yu heard Li Mei mention it, she remembered that this was ancient times. Salt was a controlled commodity. It seemed like she had to buy salt back first before making sauce.

“Aunt, Ill take some lettuce and go to the town pharmacy to ask. Ill also go and sell salt and ask around.”

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Li Mei nodded. “Go! Its not too late to find out.”



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