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Furiously Punishing Zhang Guixiang

“Its all up to you. Hurry up and go back. Nothing good will happen if my eyelids keep twitching,” Zhang Defa urged Chen Zhaodi.

Chen Zhaodi recalled that she hadnt seen Li Yu since she woke up this morning and felt a little flustered. She hurriedly walked towards the nunnery and called Madam Wang to rush home.

Granny Wang was panting as she walked. She stopped and called out to Chen Zhaodi, “Lady Boss, are those siblings really your servants I seem to have heard someone say that one of them is your future daughter-in-law Lady Boss, you have to know that if youre caught buying and selling good people, youll be sentenced to be exiled!”

Chen Zhaodi said to Madam Wang, “Thats slandering my family. Why would my son marry such a person” When Chen Zhaodi saw that Madam Wang stopped in her tracks, she panicked. “Aiya! Can I give them to you for free You just have to help me sell them far away into the mountains. Who would come looking for you”

Madam Wang hesitated for a moment before following Chen Zhaodi home.

As soon as Chen Zhaodi arrived at the house, she saw that the courtyard door was wide open. She walked in quickly and saw that even Zhang Guixiangs room door was open. She hurriedly ran into the house and saw that Zhang Guixiangs hair was tied to the chair in a mess. Her face was swollen like a pigs head and there were a few scratches on her face.

Chen Zhaodi was shocked and shouted with heartache, “God, what happened What happened Wheres that b*tch Li Yu”

Zhang Guixiang looked at Chen Zhaodi and whimpered as she shook her head. Tears of grievance and sadness flowed down her face uncontrollably.

“Good girl, youve suffered.” Chen Zhaodis heart ached when she saw Zhang Guixiangs terrible appearance. She quickly took the sock out of her mouth.

“Mother, wa wa…” Zhang Guixiang looked at Chen Zhaodi and cried loudly.

Chen Zhaodi quickly hugged her and comforted her. After a while, Zhang Guixiang cried to Chen Zhaodi, “Mother, that b*tch Li Yu. She hit me. She said that our family is heartless and that Father is ungrateful. She even said that she doesnt want to be our daughter-in-law. She wants to end the engagement and ask Father to go to West Mountain Village to look for her. She even said that if you dare to play any tricks and anger her, she will let me be a peddler for the rest of my life.”

Granny Wang pricked up her ears and thought to herself,

That girl is indeed the fiancée of the Zhang family. Youre about to break the engagement and even asked me to sell her. There must be something wrong. The Zhang family is really something.

Granny Wang spat secretly and turned to leave.

Chen Zhaodi looked at her daughters pig-like face and was so angry that her heart ached. She muttered to herself, “B*tch, how dare she How dare she do this”

She suddenly remembered that Granny Wang was still in the courtyard. She quickly walked to the door and stuck his head out to take a look, only to realize that Granny Wang was already gone.

“Mother, what are you waiting for! Hurry up and untie me. I want to change my pants. My pants are wet. Boohoo.” Zhang Guixiang cursed as she cried. “Li Yu, you bitch. When I caught you, watch how I deal with you.”

Chen Zhaodi chased after her, but after running out for a few steps, she didnt see Granny Wang. She couldnt care less and decided to give up.

Chen Zhaodi turned around and ran back into the house. She looked at Zhang Guixiang with heartache and helped her unbuckle her pants. She comforted her gently, “I was so angry that I forgot that you were still tied up! My dear daughter, dont be afraid.”

After Zhang Guixiang came out of the shower, Chen Zhaodi said to her, “Good girl, wait at home for me to go to the shop to find your father.”

Zhang Guixiang held her belly and felt that it kept hurting. She nodded gloomily and shouted at Chen Zhaodi, “Mother, my belly hurts a little.”

“Ill get you a doctor.” Chen Zhaodi turned to leave.

Zhang Guixiang screamed, “No, my face is swollen like this and I dont want to see anyone. Go and capture that bitch and sell her to the brothel first.”

Seeing that she was shouting so loudly, Chen Zhaodi quickly went over to cover Zhang Guixiangs mouth and coaxed her softly, “Good girl, lower your voice. If others hear this, you wont be able to get married, understand”

Zhang Guixiang covered her ears and screamed willfully, “I want to say it loudly! Sell her to a brothel. Ah… How can I go out and meet people in this state”

Zhang Guixiang threw herself into Chen Zhaodis arms and cried loudly.

Chen Zhaodi felt like her heart was about to break when she looked at her daughter. She turned around and closed the door. She patted her daughters vest and said, “Stop crying. Ill go look for your father and get him to capture that bitch to exact vengeance.”

Zhang Guixiang looked up at Chen Zhaodi and said, “Yes! Lets disfigure her face first before selling her to the brothel.”

“Alright, Ill call your father back and ask him to help you catch them.” Chen Zhaodi gently comforted Zhang Guixiang before walking towards the shop.

When Chen Zhaodi arrived at the entrance of the shop, Zhang Defa saw the hatred on Chen Zhaodis face. His heart skipped a beat and he thought to himself that, as expected, something must have happened.

Zhang Defa went up to her and asked softly, “Is it done”

Chen Zhaodis eyes were red. She glanced at Zhang Defa and said timidly, “Something happened. Lets go home first.”

“Wait a moment. Ill go talk to the staff.” Zhang Defa glanced at Chen Zhaodi and thought to himself,

What a useless woman.

The couple quickly returned home. As soon as they entered the courtyard, Chen Zhaodi went straight to Zhang Guixiangs house. Zhang Defa followed her into the house and saw Zhang Guixiang standing there in a daze.

Zhang Guixiang looked at Zhang Defa and cried aggrievedly. “Father, it was all that bitch Li Yus doing. Father, how can I go out and meet people”

“Tell me, what did you do How dare Li Yu treat you like this” Zhang Defa looked at Zhang Guixiang and said angrily.

When Zhang Guixiang saw that Zhang Defa was angry, she shrank her neck and argued, “Father, I didnt do anything! Just last night, when she poured me my bath water, she made me angry, so I pushed her into the bathtub. But after I was angry, I dragged her up!”

“Then why did you become like this” Zhang Des face darkened as he asked in a deep voice.

Zhang Guixiang trembled in fear and pulled Chen Zhaodis hand. She sobbed and said, “I, I was still sleeping when Li Yu dragged me out of bed and hit me… She said that she was waiting for you in the West Mountain. She even said that she wanted to break off the engagement with us. She even said… that you guys better not play any tricks. Otherwise, shell make me a peddler for the rest of my life.”

Zhang Defa didnt believe it when he heard that. It wasnt something that Li Yu could do. He looked at Zhang Guixiang with a livid expression. “You must have hit her again. She only fought back because she was anxious. No, I have to go back to the village to take a look. If someone finds out and it affects your future, youll be in big trouble.”

Zhang Guixiang looked up at Zhang Defa. “Father, believe me. That b*tch Li Yu is so fierce! She said that she wants to end the engagement. I think shes telling the truth. Hurry up and go back and catch her.”

“Its none of your business.” Zhang Defa felt that Guixiang must have hit Li Yu hard. Li Yu had said it in a fit of anger. It would be strange if that girl was willing to break off the engagement since she liked Guisheng so much. Forget it! He should go back and take a look first.

Zhang Defa said to Chen Zhaodi, “Ill go back to the village to take a look first. Ill also go to the mountains to buy some fur from the hunters before settling the debt.”

Chen Zhaodi nodded. “Got it. Be careful on the way.”

Zhang Defa returned to the house to pick up the money. After thinking about it, he packed the marriage contract and silver. He returned to the shop and instructed the shop assistant before driving the ox cart towards West Mountain Village.



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