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Buying Seeds

“Alright, well do as you say,” Zhang Guisheng agreed with a nod. Zhang Guixiang cheered up. “Watch her.”

Zhang Guisheng looked over, expecting to see an even more cowering and dispirited Li Yu. Unexpectedly, a beautiful and refined woman walked over from behind. She passed the ox cart with light steps and walked straight over without even looking at him.

“Is this her She doesnt look like her!” Thinking that he had seen wrongly, Zhang Guisheng stuck his head out and looked around. He realized that there was only the woman who had just walked past.

Zhang Guisheng realized that he was a little disappointed. He turned his head to look at Li Yus back and began to speculate how beautiful Li Yu would be after two more years.

Zhang Guixiang also stared at Li Yu and realized that it had only been a short month, but Li Yus skin had become fair and rosy. Even her height had increased, and she looked even more beautiful and refined.

Zhang Guixiang looked at Li Yu with jealousy and shouted, “Li Yu, my brother is here. Where are you going”

When Li Yu heard the cry, she thought that someone was calling her. She turned around and saw that it was the Zhang siblings.

Zhang Guixiang panicked and hurriedly jumped out of the car to run in front of Li Yu. She opened her arms and stopped Li Yu. She raised her eyebrows and looked at her. “My brother is here to see you. Dont you want to see him”

Li Yu sneered. “Your brother is not God. Get lost. Im busy! I dont have time.”

Zhang Guisheng chased Zhang Guixiang out of the car and walked behind Li Yu. He blurted out, “Xiaoyu, although weve broken off the engagement, I still treat you like a sister. Dont hate my family like this. Ill make it up to you when I get an honorary title in the future.”

Li Yu had goosebumps all over her body when she heard that. She turned around and looked at Zhang Guisheng with a disdainful smile. “Compensation Sure! You dont have to wait until then. Letting Zhang Guixiang die immediately is compensation for Li Yu.”

“Arent you alright” Zhang Guisheng looked at Li Yu and pretended to be heartbroken. “Xiaoyu, how did you become like this”

“Do you think that Li Yu should be a pitiful worm who can allow you to come and go as you please That she should be at your beck and call!” Li Yu pointed at him and said coldly, “Zhang Guisheng, put away your hypocritical face. I wont fall for your tricks.”

At this moment, a mule cart approached from the west. Zhang Guisheng retreated towards the back of the carriage with a red face.

After saying that, Li Yu turned around and left. Zhang Guixiang was unwilling to let Li Yu go just like that. She suddenly pounced over and wanted to grab Li Yus braid. Ji Xiang, who was driving the carriage, widened his eyes and was about to remind Li Yu when Li Yu seemed to have eyes behind his back. She grabbed Zhang Guixiangs outstretched hand and threw her over his shoulder. With a muffled thud, Zhang Guixiang fell to the ground.

“Good, your movements are really neat.” Ji Xiang looked at Li Yu with glowing eyes and shouted. Li Yu turned to look at Ji Xiang and left without caring if Zhang Guixiang was dead or alive.

Zhou Jia shouted in the car, “Hurry up and leave.”

“Yes, young master.” Ji Xiang sheepishly drove the mule cart away.

Zhang Guixiang lay on the ground in pain. She covered her face and even wanted to die.

Seeing that the mule was gone, Zhang Guisheng hurriedly ran over from behind the car and helped Zhang Guixiang up. “Little sister, are you alright”

“Brother.” Zhang Guixiang cried on Zhang Guishengs shoulder. Zhang Guisheng looked around nervously. “Lets go quickly. More people will see this if we stay here longer.”

When the siblings returned to the car, Zhang Guixiang looked at Zhang Guisheng and cried, “Brother, you have to avenge me. I want to sell that bitch Li Yu to the most despicable place.”

Zhang Guisheng replied absent-mindedly. He thought about Li Yus look of disgust and determination towards him just now. Then, he recalled how she used to ask about him and fawn on him. His heart felt like it was stabbed by a thorn.

Li Yu quickly walked to the Zhouji grocery store. Moneymaker smiled and welcomed her. “Miss, what are you buying today”

Li Yu looked at the clerks smiling face and smiled. “Brother, tell your shopkeeper to lower the price of the vegetable oil. Look, Ive already bought more than 50 kilograms these days. If you dont give me a discount, Ill have to find a new place to buy my stuff.”

The clerk looked at Li Yu with a troubled expression. “Miss, Ive already given you a discount.”

When Li Yu heard this, she pretended to leave. The clerk hurriedly shouted, “Miss, wait. Coincidentally, the shopkeeper is here. Ill help you ask.”

“Okay.” Li Yu stopped in his tracks. She thought that if this went on for a long time, she would have to buy some rapeseed seeds to extract oil.

The clerk went to the courtyard behind the shop and said to Zhou Jia, “Young Master, the girl who bought the salt is here. She wants us to lower the price of the oil.”

Zhou Jia looked at the account book and did not even look up. “Two copper coins less per catty.”

“Yes.” the clerk bowed and retreated into the shop. Ji Xiang pulled him from behind. ” Ill go with you to see that Hercules girl.”

The clerk glanced at him with a smile. The two of them went to the shop and looked at Li Yu. They said in surprise, “Arent you the girl who threw someone just now”

Li Yu glanced at Ji Xiang noncommittally and ignored him. “Brother, how is it”

“The shopkeeper said one pound is two pennies less.” the clerk looked like he had lost money.

Li Yu pursed her lips. “Your shopkeeper is really stingy. He only lost two copper coins after buying so much. Forget it, give me 50 kilograms!”

“Alright, Ill get it for you.” the clerk turned around and walked towards the storeroom. Lucky scurried to Li Yus side and gave her a thumbs up. “Miss, that throw of yours was really cool and neat!”

Li Yu looked at the happy Ji Xiang and thought to herself, Where did this child come from He even looks so festive.

Li Yu pursed her lips and smiled. “Thank you for the compliment.”

Ji Xiang asked Li Yu, “Miss, did you buy so much oil and salt to make something delicious I love delicious food.”

So he was a foodie. Li Yu smiled and said, “I didnt have much to eat, so I made some pickled vegetables to sell. Theyre sold at Shun Feng Inn at the crossroads.”

Lucky nodded with a smile. “Oh, Ill buy it and try it when I get back.”

The clerk raised the oil barrel to the door and shouted, “Girl, the oil is out. Ill lend you a backpack. You can return it next time.”

“Brother youre too stingy. She bought so many things from us. You can just give her the backpack.” Lucky ran over and picked up a backpack for Li Yu. “Miss, this is for you.”

Li Yu glanced at the silent clerk and took the backpack with a smile. “Thank you, Little Brother. Ill treat you to pickled vegetables when I have the chance.”

“Alright! Then Ill wait!” Li Yu nodded, picked up the wooden bucket, and placed it in her backpack. She paid and carried the oil out of the shop.

Li Yu looked at the shops on both sides of the street and saw a seed shop. The shopkeeper smiled and asked, “Miss, what seeds are you buying”

“Rapeseed and winter wheat.”

The shopkeeper replied with a smile, “Thirty copper coins for a catty of rapeseed and fifty copper coins for winter wheat.”

“I want 20 catties of rapeseed and four catties of wheat,” Li Yu said to the shopkeeper.

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When the shopkeeper heard that Li Yu wanted so much, his smile became even more sincere. “Miss, the wheat seed costs 45 copper coins per catty. 28 copper coins for rapeseed.”

Li Yu did not know the price of the seeds here, so she could only nod in agreement. “Alright, my house is in West Mountain Village. You have to send me home.”

“Alright, give me a moment,” the shopkeeper agreed with a smile. He shouted for the assistant and the two of them neatly weighed the wheat and rapeseed, loaded them into the sacks, and loaded them onto the mule cart. Li Yu paid and boarded the mule cart. When they passed by the winery, they went to buy a vat of wine and placed it on the cart before returning to West Mountain Village.

Zhaodi looked at Li Yu and said, “Cousin, youre finally back. You sent over a lot of peas and vegetables today. The money you left at home has been used up. Also, Uncle Liu said that he wants a hundred jars of pickled vegetables for you to prepare tomorrow afternoon. Send them over early.”

Li Yu smiled and praised her. “Our Zhaodi is really capable.”


Zhaodi blushed. “No, Ah Qing helped me settle the bill today.” She pointed at the sack. “What did you buy this time”

Li Yu carried the sack into the house. “Wheat seeds and rapeseed seeds. I plan to plant all of them in the wastelands at the back.”

“Oh!” Zhaodi helped Li Yu carry the rapeseed into the house and went to choose the vegetables.



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