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Chapter 1: Humiliation at the Banquet

In the luxurious courtyard of the Harris Estate, all the guests present were well-known in the political and business world. The atmosphere was extremely lively.

Madam Harriss 70th birthday celebration was held tonight.

A group of juniors came forward to offer their gifts; it was an eye-opening experience for the grandchildren.

“Grandma, this is a Graff pink diamond tiara, I bought it from a private collector, and its worth 46.2 million dollars. The price of one carat is 1.85 million dollars. It symbolizes that you will forever be the queen of the Harris family.”

“Grandma, this is a Roy 925 tequila; a bottle costs 3.5 million dollars. In addition, Ive modified your car and put 300,000 Schwarzenegger crystals on it.”

Madam Harris looked at the gifts from the juniors and nodded in satisfaction, the smile on her face gradually deepening.

Everyone was immersed in the atmosphere of extravagance and joy.

At this moment, Madam Harriss eldest granddaughter-in-law, Sharon, came forward with a slightly shabby gift box. She suddenly said, “Grandma, please lend me a million dollars! Uncle Smith, the old butler who has been taking care of me, has leukemia. He needs a huge sum of money for treatment...”

All of a sudden, the hall of the Harris residence fell into silence. Everyones eyes were filled with shock.

Everyone found what Sharon said unbelievable. This granddaughter-in-law is too bold. Not only did she not bring any valuable gifts to Madam Harris birthday banquet, but she even asked her for money in public

Its even an astronomical figure. This is simply crazy!

Five years ago, Sharons mother-Lynn, who was still alive-suddenly came to visit. At that time, Mr. Harris was still alive, and she insisted that Sharon marry their most outstanding eldest grandson, Wallace. He said that Sharons father had arranged a marriage with Mr. Harris years ago!

At that time, Sharon was poor and didnt have a stellar family background. She was no different from a homeless person begging on the streets.

Lynn had passed away a month after they got married, and in less than half a year, Mr. Harris had also passed away. Ever since that day, the Harris family had racked their brains to get the two of them to divorce and chase Sharon away.

However, Sharon was indifferent to this. Even when she was insulted, she kept it to herself. Her husband, Wallace, never touched her, as if she were just a decoration or a servant that the Harris family hired.

She had no choice but to borrow money from Madam Harris today.

Before Lynn died, she had entrusted Sharon to Uncle Smith. The reason why she could persevere until now was that Uncle Smith cared for her meticulously.

However, Uncle Smith had suddenly contracted leukemia, and because his liver was damaged, he couldnt receive treatment. Repairing his liver function and using the hospitals most advanced equipment required at least a million dollars.

She was at her wits end and could only beg the Madam who could be in a charitable mood during her birthday banquet.

Surprisingly, Madam Harris smile suddenly changed. She threw the teacup in her hand directly at Sharons head and shouted angrily, “You little b*tch! Today is my birthday, and this is how you celebrate my birthday I think that shabby little gift in your hand is just a stepping stone for you to borrow money!”

Wallace quickly walked up and pulled Sharon behind him. “Grandma, Sharon was too insensitive and offended you.”

He looked down at Sharon and pulled her aside.

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Nicole, Wallaces younger sister, suddenly laughed. Her tone was full of disdain and mockery. “Brother, look at what kind of trash you married. Louis is only engaged to the daughter of the racing team honcho, yet they gifted grandma a million-dollar bottle of wine and a crystal-studded car. Your wife, on the other hand, is holding that stupid gift box that costs a few bucks and still dares to ask for money.”

“Thats right, Sharon. Were both daughters-in-law of the Harris family. Its really too pitiful for you to be the eldest daughter-in-law.” The person who spoke was the fiancée of Wallaces younger brother, Louis. She was Cynthia, the daughter of a prestigious family.

Although she was about to get engaged to Louis, in her eyes, Louiss talent, looks, and business value were worlds apart from those of Wallace!

Back then, Wallace was an internationally renowned male god. Seeing her male god marry a useless b*stard, Cynthia was very unhappy.

“You worthless thing, get the hell out! My daughter-in-law was supposed to be a lady from a prestigious family like Crystal. I didnt expect to be taken advantage of by a poor thing like you!” Wallaces mother instantly stood up, pointed at Sharons face, and scolded her fiercely.



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