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12 A Bet

Although Madam Harris didnt like Sharon, she still treated Wallace quite well. “Oh right, I remember that Crystal has a deep relationship with the Sullivan Group. If they vouch for you, you could do more with less! I believe you wont disappoint me like some other people.”

As she said this, the old lady glanced at the people around her. She was reprimanding them, saying that they would only create trouble for her. This was especially so for Zachary, who she had thought highly of in the beginning. But now, it seemed like he was really useless!

Madam Harris coughed lightly. “Go ahead and do it then. Dont listen to those who dont dare to answer. This time, well let Wallace handle our collaboration with the Sullivan Group.”

Wallace nodded and said calmly, “Dont worry, Grandma. Ill do my best; I wont embarrass the Harris family.”

Zachary glanced at Wallaces father, who was silent, and cursed him in his heart. The latter was a matrilocal son-in-law and didnt have much status in the Harris family. However, his sister was too strong, and he couldnt shake her position even after so many years.

“How about we give it our all If we fail, our family will lose face.”

Sharon hated it when people from the Harris family acted like this. They are all hypocritical and dont seem to be family at all. They are even worse than enemies. Its rare that Wallace didnt get led astray!

“Zachary, what do you mean Do you think we arent qualified to work with the Sullivan Group”

Zachary didnt expect Sharon to dare speak up at such an important meeting, and she even questioned him rudely.

Seeing that Madam Harriss expression wasnt good, Zachary quickly explained, “Thats not what I meant! Im just worried that Wallace is a junior who cant control the situation!”

Surprisingly, Sharon smiled. “I believe that Wallace will definitely be able to negotiate successfully, and he doesnt need Crystals help.”

“Interesting. I say-you cheap b*stard, you actually used your inexperience to command Wallace.” Nicole couldnt help but laugh. “If you really believe in Wallace that much, why dont you make a bet with me”

“Nicole, what are you doing now” Wallace frowned. He could tell at a glance that Nicole was definitely trying to make things difficult for his wife.

“Okay, what do you want to bet”

Sharons words shocked everyone present. When did this piece of trash become so bold to speak to us like this

“If my brother doesnt manage to get the contract with his own capabilities, then you should kneel on the ground and kowtow to me three times in front of the whole family, loudly proclaiming that youre nothing. After that, divorce my brother and leave the Harris family with nothing! If my brother gets the contract, Ill kneel and kowtow to you. From then on, Ill follow your every command! What do you think!”

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“Its settled then! The whole family will bear witness here. If anyone goes back on their word, their parents will die, their children will be unfilial, their husbands will be disloyal, and their elders will die early,” Sharon said calmly.

Hearing the bet between the two, Louis couldnt help but laugh out loud. “You trash, you are courting death. I didnt expect you to trust my brother so much.”

Everyone was happy to see this at first, but after Sharon spoke, everyone glanced at Madam Harris.

Astonishingly, Madam Harris didnt seem angry at all. In her opinion, it would be great if she could use this matter to break them up.

On the other hand, Nicole was surprised. Sharon has made such a serious vow, and I dont know how to resolve it.

“In any case, we definitely cant go back on our word.” Nicole was afraid that her grandmother would take her anger out on her because she was the one who proposed the bet, making it seem like she was cursing her.

“Okay.” Sharon looked at Nicoles smug expression. She didnt seem to realize that she had dug a hole for herself since she felt that she wouldnt lose.

Nicole didnt expect her sister-in-law to be so straightforward, and she was even more pleased with herself. “Then, Ill wait for my whole family to bear witness to your divorce and for you to kowtow to me.”

Wallace was also a little shocked. Even if Sharon believes in me, she shouldnt make such a bet!

He frowned slightly at the woman beside him, but he didnt expect that when their eyes met, Sharon actually ignored the doubt in his eyes.

Currently, Madam Harris didnt care about the bet. The only thing she cared about was whether she could enter a collaboration with the Sullivan Group. If they could successfully do so, she wouldnt care even if Wallace and Sharon couldnt get a divorce this time.



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