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15 Pushed Down

June thought that Crystal didnt want her son to know about her condition, so she left with Wallace after giving her daughter-in-law instructions.

“I heard you made a bet with Nicole. If Wallace doesnt win the Sullivan Groups project, you two will get a divorce, and you will kowtow to Nicole in public” The doctor helped Crystal with her physical examination as she looked at Sharon-who was standing at the side in a daze-and continued, “Wallace stayed with me in the ward last night. Hes not feeling well today, so I want him to rest for a while.”

“Sure,” Sharon calmly replied as if she didnt take it to heart. After all, she saw her husband leave Crystals ward and the hospital with her own eyes last night. Crystal only said these words to provoke her.

“If it werent for your stupid bet, I wouldve found a way to make Wallace win.”

Hearing this, Sharon couldnt help but ask with interest, “Crystal, Im a little curious. What can you do to help Wallace The Sullivan Groups position is known by everyone, so they wont be easily manipulated by others. Since you have a way to make the Sullivan Group collaborate with the Harris Group, Im looking forward to it.”

Crystal turned her eyes slightly and sneered disdainfully. “What do you know The four casinos owned by my family were all built by the Sullivan Group. You can say that we have a deep connection. This time, the Sullivan Group forked out two billion dollars easily. If our family wants to, we can get at least half of it. When the time comes, I can get my father to transfer half of it to Wallace. This will help him achieve his goal of collaborating with them.”

Sharon nodded. “I didnt expect the Sullivan Group to have such a deep relationship with the York Group.”

Crystal stared at Sharon and said proudly, “This is an innate advantage. In New York, who doesnt know the relationship between the York Group and the Sullivan Group”

After she finished having her blood drawn, she looked at Sharon and said, “Sharon, let me tell you this: a person like you will never know what kind of life Im living. If you still want your face, take the initiative to leave Wallace. A woman like you doesnt deserve to stand beside him.”

“Then, how did you know that Wallace needed your help” Sharon then realized that this lady had another motive for wanting to be with her alone.

“That was my original plan, but now, I think the priority is for you both to get a divorce than for him to get the project.”

Sharon was too lazy to talk nonsense with her. “Ill wait and see then. Ill see what capabilities you have to convince your father to help. After all, didnt the gambling king not even give you a permit to operate the casino”

Once she said that, Crystals face instantly turned pale.

Everyone knew that this was the pain in her heart. She had two elder brothers, one younger brother, and two younger sisters. Her father had five wives, and two were still alive.

She didnt know whether the casino management permit would end up in her hands, but her pride wouldnt allow someone like Sharon to mock her!

Accompanied by a tragic scream, Crystal directly fell from the wheelchair.

Sharon hurriedly reached out to help her up, but she didnt expect to be seen by June and Wallace, who had just entered the room.

In Junes eyes, what occurred was Sharon pushing Crystal down. Without asking in detail, June grabbed her daughter-in-law and raised her hand. “You b*tch!”

Wallace rushed up and protected Sharon in his arms.

June raised her hand and hit him on the back.

“What happened just now” Wallace looked at his spouse and asked in a low voice.

Crystal, on the other hand, was dumbfounded. She didnt expect Wallace to ignore her lying on the ground and turn to look at that b*tch, Sharon!

June was infuriated by her sons actions. “Crystal helped you so much, yet you still want to side with that b*tch Did she drug you to make you do such a thing”

When the doctor heard the sound, he hurriedly ran out from behind the curtain and helped Crystal up along with June.

Wallace turned around. “Mom, shes my wife, your daughter-in-law. Shes not a b*tch.”

June clenched her fists, her face flushed red. She glared at Sharon with hatred in her eyes and said angrily, “Fine! Since you have such thoughts, Im looking forward to seeing if you can win the Sullivan Groups project with your own abilities. If you dont win the bid, you will settle the divorce procedures on the same day.”

After saying that, June looked at Crystal with eyes full of love and tenderness. Her tone became much gentler as she said, “Crystal, let Auntie see if you are hurt anywhere. That vicious woman actually dared to push you.”



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